Reports of my Death are Greatly Exaggerated!

Yes, yes they are. I know I have not blogged much lately, but I have been busy with some more fun medical issues in regards to my wife. I also have been a bit more busy socially with my Magic the Gathering playing, including playing in a few booster drafts last week (lost in the Round 1 but had a blast otherwise!)

I also have rented FF13 (dear god help me) and I am going to do a 10 hour review on that game. Right now, 4 hours in, its actually ALOT of fun. Much better then 12 was. Ugh FF12…it never happened I SWEAR IT. My only issue with 13 is a pair of characters: Hope and Vanille. Those 2 can DIAF.

I hope to be more active in the coming weeks, but I give no promises. I was going to do a Lets Play of a game, but for some reason FRAPS plus that game are causing all sorts of wierd issues. Go figure eh? Maybe I should try using the native video recording abilities in the software and just record my audio seperate. It worked before.

Some of my fellow Warmahordes bloggers might have been wondering where I disappeared to, but I doubt it hehe.

Anyway, I am still alive and still working on stuff. So hopefully you all will see it soon! :D


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