Selling the Trollbloods

So I am gonna post here for you all. I am getting rid of the Trollbloods, and getting out of Warmahordes. There are 2 reasons: Financial, and the bigger reason of the game being not so much fun anymore. I havent played since January, and truth be told my interest has finally waned, as I expected it would. You may say “No don’t sell em” but I could use the money for other things (like bills, saving to buy a house, ect) and really I just don’t have the time to devot to this hobby anymore.

So, here is the deal:

This is a “Lot Purchase” roughly 65% off MSRP. You get the following in the lot:


Champions (Full)
Fennblades (Full)
Kriel Stone Bearer
2 Extra Bearers (Full Unit of KSB)
Stone Scribe Elder
Swamp Gobbers
Brun and Lug

Fell Caller

Earthborn Dire Troll
Dire Troll Mauler

Sabol Army Case + Foam

Now everything in this army but Borka, the EBDT, and the Fennblades has either been painted or Primed in Black.

The total cost of this Army at MSRP (Suggested Retail) is $512.82. I am looking to sell it for $180 plus shipping and handling, which would be via UPS most likely or FedEx (whichever is easier for you).

This is a deal, and if you were looking to start Trolls, you do have a solid core here.

If you guys have any questions or are interested you can post em on my BarterTown thread:

So that way I can keep the Trades there.


4 thoughts on “Selling the Trollbloods

    1. Oh I will still be talking to you and others dude (though I dont talk to you MUCH as it is!)

      And hey, when you got some late bills and could use the money and have something you are no longer using, and really, honestly, have little urge to play with cause you feel like you got nowhere TO play, why not sell em off. Who knows? Maybe no one will bite, and I will end up keeping em?

      Ya never know sir. Sorry that I am making ya sad though :(


      1. damian


        I am interested in your lot for sale and I had a question. Are all of the models painted? If some are not, which ones? Thanks for your help.



        1. pMadrak – Painted
          Borka – Bare Metal
          Calandra – Primed Black

          Champions (Full) – Painted
          Fennblades (Full) – Bare Plastic
          Kriel Stone Bearer Unit – Painted
          2 Extra Bearers (Full Unit of KSB) – Painted
          Stone Scribe Elder – Painted
          Swamp Gobbers – Bare Metal
          Brun and Lug – Primed Black

          Fell Caller – Painted
          Chronicler – Painted
          Horthol – Primed Black

          Earthborn Dire Troll – Bare Metal
          Dire Troll Mauler – Painted
          Impaler – Painted
          Impaler – Painted
          Axer – Painted


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