“Brushfire – Historia Rodentia” A Miniatures Wargame

So, I know its been a LONG time since I last posted.  Alot has been going on, honestly, in my life.  Work has been changing, I sold my Trollblood army (and I hope the gent who bought it has been enjoying it) and I have been playing Magic the Gathering more frequently as of late.  However, there is something I want to talk about and it is Miniwargaming related.

Despite having sold my Trollbloods, I am still very much interested in Wargaming as a hobby (just not Warmahordes anymore, THANKS LOCAL PLAYGROUP!).  I have not really bothered hunting around for a game to play, but I have been keeping an eye on one on occasion that is being created by some people right here in Florida, and its called Brushfire: Historia Rodentia. Now you are probably asking yourself what the devil am I talking about? Well, its a miniatures Wargame duh!

The biggest thing about it is the style. It uses an Alternate Earth, where Animals have become like humans. The site can give you more of a background on it. It also uses as best I can tell its own proprietary system for combat resolution. Its built to be a skirmish based game, talking about how you only need a dozen or so models per side to play.

One of my all time favorite things is a book series written by a man named Brian Jacques. The series is usually called the Redwall Series. In that book series the main characters are Mice, Weasels, Voles, Badgers, and the like. Its one of the book series I have always enjoyed, ever since I read Martin the Warrior and Salamandastron back when I was in 6th grade. And this Miniwargame seems to follow that very type of setting. There is something about using a unit called Badger-At-Claw to beat the crap outta my enemies. So, when I finally do get back into Miniwargaming (and I very well might) this may be the way to do it. For those who are interested and like the sound of it there are some Demo Rules out to get a practice game in. That way you can find out how the system works. Since I am friends with the primary concept artist I hope I can get a demo game sometime (HINT HINT JOHNNY BOY!)

They also have a “Kickstarter Program” which is more of a Preorder program. The more you put in, the more stuff you get. Sounds like a good deal to get started (I don’t have the money to invest sadly, otherwise I might do the $60 level, which gets me a Squad box and Rulebook). I strongly urge all you enthusiast out there to take a look, maybe comment here so that way those who make the game can see how you feel about it, and maybe even preorder some of it.

And no, I am not affiliated in any way with these guys. I just happen to think it could be a breath of fresh air in the miniwargaming community!


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