Starting School Again

So another day, another post. I am on a roll here! This one is completely not gaming related, but I figured I should say something about this and put my thoughts down. Recently (as of Friday, May 7th) I started going back to school Online. I am attending Penn Foster College, and I am now a part of their Industrial Engineering Technician 2 year degree program.

You are probably wondering what the devil an Industrial Engineering Technician is. Well, here is the offical description from

Studies and records time, motion, methods, and speed involved in performance of maintenance, production, clerical, and other worker operations to establish standard production rate and to improve efficiency: Prepares charts, graphs, and diagrams to illustrate workflow, routing, floor layouts, material handling, and machine utilization.

Observes workers operating equipment or performing tasks to determine time involved and fatigue rate, using stop watch, motion-picture camera, electrical recorder, and similar equipment. Recommends revision of methods of operation or material handling, alterations in equipment layout, or other changes to increase production or improve standards. Aids in planning work assignments in accordance with worker performance, machine capacity, production schedules, and anticipated delays. May be designated according to type of studies analyzed as Methods-Study Analyst (profess. & kin.); Motion-Study Analyst (profess. & kin.); Pace Analyst (profess. & kin.); Time-Study Analyst (profess. & kin.).

Basically they are the guys who, along with the more Theoretically driven Indstrial Engineers, come up with policy and procedures for your jobs, design and build layouts for factory machines and stores, and do quality control stuff.

Seems like an odd job right? Well, I decided on it after taking a career assessment quiz. This came up as my top job, with a 97% compatibility rating, which means I have a 96% chance to really mesh with it, and after reading about what the job entails I would have to agree.

So I am now enrolled at Penn Foster, just started taking classes. My aim is to finish in 4 years, and I can do that very easily at this school.

Wish me luck folks!


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