New “Review Segment” Coming!

I am not sure what to call it to be honest. Review segment? Feature? Weekly post? Anyway! There is something new coming on the horizon, and it has to do with something that has always fascinated me as a child.

And that is the old Choose Your Own Adventure books of my youth. When I was growing up, my family didn’t have alot of money for video games and the like. When everyone had an SNES and Genesis, I had a Sega Master System and an NES. When everyone had the N64 and Playstation, I still had the NES and a cheap All In One Compaq Presario 520 (still remember that thing).

So to get my gaming fix back then, I read Choose your Own Adventure Books (along with Goosebumps, but thats another story). As I grew older, I was still fascinated with the CYOA Concept, and I started to dig deeper. Eventually I discovered the Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf series of “Gamebooks” as they had come to be known. Sadly, I only own 1 of these books anymore, the Legend of Zagor book (which is where my Ill Fated Youtube Your Own Adventure idea came from)

However, rather then go through and try to do an interactive experience, I have decided instead to just do straight reviews of these books, much like one would review an RPG. Because that is what these are: Single Player RPGs. Straight up. For example, the Fighting Fantasy system uses dice rolls, character generation, and combat in addition to choosing which page to progress to.

So, once I get through (or die trying) the Legend of Zagor, I will then buy and review more of the various “Gamebooks” that I can find. Thus expanding my collection AND providing entertaining content to all of you. Hopefully I might inspire some of you to even get your OWN copies, thus making it worthwhile for the makers to produce more and and thus giving us all something to do.

So keep an eye out folks. ITS COMING!


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