The Issue with Champions Online

So I recently started playing Champions Online again. I dusted off my old Munitions character “Enforcer”, changed him to Might with a Free Respec I had gained while gone, and started leveling again. I was 22 when I had stopped, and I am now 31. Not bad for about 2 weeks of playing.

But my problem with the game lies with its variety, or lack thereof. Let me explain.

For the first 27-30 levels, you have 3 zones. The Desert, Millenium City, and Canada. Thats it, 3 zones for roughly 30 levels. The Tutorial for example is Millenium City. Then, after you leave you can choose between the Desert or Canada. You will stay there till roughly level 14/15, and then you can go BACK to Millenium City to level till about 21/22. Then, its back to Canada or the Desert. Finally, when you reach 27 you can do the Monster Island Crisis (which is designed for level 30s so good luck).

Now the hilarity begins when you realize that from 30-40, the last 10 levels, you have 4 zones! Monster Island is open starting at 27, and at 31 you can do Lemuria. Then at 34 you can do the newly created Vibora Bay! Also, Canada has stuff for levels 37 and up! So for 3/4 of your characters life you have 3 zones, and then for the last 1/4 you have 4 zones! My friend who is level 40 barely touched Lemuria, and hasn’t even finish Monster Island or Vibora. I on the other hand have completely drained the Desert, Millenium City, and almost all of Canada. It has taken me lots of work to GET to 31 and now all of a sudden I have more stuff then I know what to do with!

This is the flaw in Champions. Lack of low level content. Sure, in the coming patch they are putting in this “Adventure Pack” that you can do at any level and is apparently repeateable, but who would want to keep doing the same stuff over and over and over again? Eventually they hope to have multiple “Adventure Packs” available which is good and all, I guess.

I am just hoping that eventually they add some more variety in leveling and some more questing options. The prospect of having to do this “Serpents Call” or whatever its called over and over to fill gaps is just sad.


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