My Deck: Let me Show You It

Scary title eh? Yea I thought so too. Anyway, the point of this post is to start showing the world my Magic the Gathering thoughts, and to start things off I am going to post one of the decks I have recently designed and have actually played. For those who are curious: I play Casual MTG, and generally ignore formats (Although I follow banned/restricted stuff). Having gotten back into the game from a 8 year hiatus, and having to rebuild my collection, I am doing pretty good. I have talked about a few decks previously, but to be honest they have not been up to snuff. This one, however, has done me well and could in a duel be just as dangerous.

Its called “Da Bearz!” and its a Bear Tribal deck. Thats right. Bears.


This was based on (and the first version I have built) my friend Christian’s Da Bearz deck.

So without further ado, here is the list (and you can find the deck on TappedOut HERE

Land (22)
22x Forest

Enchantment (7)
4x Beastmaster Ascension
3x Primal Rage

Sorcery (7)
2x Grizzly Fate
3x Overrun
2x Savage Conception

Instant (4)
4x Naturalize

Creature (20)
4x Ashcoat Bear
4x Grizzly Bears
4x Runeclaw Bear
4x Striped Bears
4x Werebear

The creatures themselves are not the big part of the deck. Matter of fact, they are all very plain. You have your standard Grizzly Bears and Runeclaw Bears. The Striped Bears net you a card, so its a 1 for 1. The Ashcoat’s have flash so can be played whenever you feel like it, and the Werebear’s accelerate things and also when you have Threshold become 4/4.

Its the rest of the deck that is so much fun. Firstly, the highest casting cost card in the deck is 7, and thats for the Flashback for Grizzly Fate. Everything else is dirt cheap. Once you have 6-7 lands in play you don’t need anymore. Well, in most decks that means your lands are useless, dead top decks right? Well, with Savage conception you can turn those lands into 3/3 Beast Tokens! Ahh Retrace, how I love you.

As we all know, Bears themselves are for the most part 2/2’s. How do we fix that? A judicious application of Beastmaster Ascension and Primal Rage (for Trample!) and when needed, a dash of Overrun. Stir until tasty.

Now the first version of this deck did VERY well, and blew a couple of other people out of the water. Nothing like swinging with 7 2/2 bears that suddenly become 7/7 with Trample. Sexy right there. Toss Overrun in the mix and hell you got a bunch of 10/10’s!

Issues that the deck has? Fliers for one. I have no way to deal with em. I was tempted to take out 2 Naturalize and add in 2 Gravity Well or Spidersilk Armor. I may end up doing that in the future, I guess it depends on whether or not I can keep the heat on my opponents.

So there you have it. Tribal Deck built with Bears. Oh and the best part? Cost me about $12 to build. That was IT.


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