2 Games, 1 Choice: Pulp City vs Malifaux

Thinking and thinking.  Thats what I have been doing lately.  Beyond playing Mass Effect 2 for the 3rd time running and school work, I have been thinking about miniature gaming.  Since quitting Warmachine, I have had the urge to play those games, as I have detailed greatly in my “Love/Hate” post.  My birthday was Thursday, and for it my wife let me grab a copy of the Malifaux Rulebook, which was really awesome to be honest.  Then I looked up Pulp City, and now I have a quandry!

Which game?!

Both are small scale (Pulp City actually has a much smaller mini requirement then Malifaux) and they both have themes that interest me.  The Malifaux system of using a deck of cards sounds interesting, but Pulp City is straight up super hero / super villains, which is just awesome.  So I am stuck researching  both.  Thankfully the Pulp City rules are available for download, but I need to find a way to get the stat cards so I can proxy and try out the games without purchasing anything.

So anyone out there have experience with either of these games?  What can you tell me about them?


7 thoughts on “2 Games, 1 Choice: Pulp City vs Malifaux

  1. Well, Pulp City would be my choice, but I’ve been helping with things since the beginning.

    I have a Malifaux starter, but the constant “uhh, what does this rule mean” while reading the rules turned me off. Love the minis…the game, meh.

    If you have any questions about Pulp City, the new rulebook that came out late in 2010 is your choice for answers. It’s got a great new scenario system and a lot of things have been streamlined. It’s sort of like Pulp City MKII.

    Hope that helps some!


  2. Grot 6

    I play Pulp city. AND am getting into Malfaux.

    You want a serious no BS recommend?

    Get them both.

    If you remember how Warmachine was before they started getting too big for thier pond, then Malfaux is for you.

    If you are a comicbook fan, with a perchent for a good no mess abotu skirmish game, Pulp City is for you.

    I have quite a few, and have been adding in my own reaper heros, along with the Superfigs line, and Pulp city is never to me a boring game.

    You can play out comic book situations, and with just a little bit more work can add in stuff like, “Save the Dr. Dill, Snatch Dr. Dill”, ” A Bridge too Few”, and everyones favorite- “Doomsday Machine”.

    These are just a few of my own home made adventure hooks, but if you so desired, Pulp city plays easily enough that you can make up your own.

    As for Malifaux, I’m getting the Pandora set, baby Cade and a couple of those teddy bears for the laughs.

    we have a couple of up and starting guys playing at the local store.

    Biggest issue with Malfaux is that it is so new that we have an issue with making that wacky scenery that makes that game really cool.

    Both of the games don’t need more then 2-4 guys to start, and you can play with up to about 12 or more if you want to.


  3. Pulp City is a good time. You can see the stat cards in their forum so that you can give the game a try. There are lots of options depending on how you make your team and changing one model can make for a very different feel.


    1. Meh, I play Pulp City so it’s OK to be on the IABN! :P

      I enjoy Pulp City but haven’t had much time since last summer to play it. It’s always seemed like a very casual game to me, but it’s very story driven and can play very quickly. The creator (Maciej a.k.a. Morf) loves him some comics. If you’re going to GenCon check out the booth!



  4. I don’t have experience of Pulp City and I must be the only gamer with no interest in comics, so it didn’t grab my attention.

    I am (as you know from my blog) a keen painter and the Malifaux miniatures are stunning. I’ve only played one game (which I enjoyed), but it’s too early to tell how much I like it. The mechanics are detailed enough to keep me interested. I’ve no idea how balanced the game is, but I don’t think I care. It’s heavily scenario driven (moreso than Warmachine where every scenario is a glorified Mosh Pit), so I think campaign play could suit it.

    I’ll write up my thoughts on my first game of Malifaux soon.

    My two questions to you are – do you like the people who play Malifaux and Pulp City in your area? Do you like how they play those game?



    1. Owen has the right of it. If it’s the local gamers that put you off Warmahordes, and not the game, they’re what you need to do research on and establish whether you can stand or not.


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