Upcoming Friday Night Magic: I am Going?

So this Thursday my wife is going out of town to visit her brother for a week, which means for a change that I can go to Friday Night Magic.  Now, I am usually not the competative type, but for some reason the thought of going to this FNM has interested me.

So I sat down and read a few budget building articles, and came up with the following deck.  I call it “Gnarly Aura’s”.

4 Aura Gnarlid
4 Kor Spiritdancer
4 Mesa Enchantress

4 Hyena Umbra
4 Oblivion Ring
3 Pacifism
2 Bear Umbra
4 Boar Umbra
3 Canopy Cover
4 Crystallization
2 Sigil of the Empty Throne

5 Forest
4 Graypelt Refuge
9 Plains
4 Terramorphic Expanse

The whole point of the deck is to use Enchantments and Aura’s to control things, and make the Aura Gnarlid or the Kor Spiritdancer bigger and bigger.  Will this be a super competative deck?  I dunno.  There was a guy last week who went to FNM (I went and did a draft) and he told me that he ran a Aura Gnarlid deck built out of commons and uncommons and made Top 8.  I however have never played competative magic so this will be a new thing for me.

Am I crazy for doing this?  Who knows!  I am gonna trade in a Sarkhan the Mad I picked up though to make up for most of the cost of this deck so that way I can keep it budget style.

Wish me luck folks, and if you have any suggestions for the Sideboard I will take em.  I considered putting in some Islands, Ponder, and Spreading Seas so I could screw with things like Jund that have shaky mana bases.

If you want to run the deck through some tests and have Chrome or Safari, you can visit this site: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/gnarly-auras-1/


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