Vassal Warmachine Module Updated!

Despite me not playing Warmachine right this minute, I have been considering playing it on Vassal again.  Just Vassal though.

So lo and behold, I go looking, just for fun mind you, to see if the Module has been updated and it has been.  So for those of us who are interested in playing on Vassal (or currently do) here is a link to the new update:

Here is the list of updates and changes (which are awesome by the way):

Change Log 4.0.0

All models through to Forces of Mercenaries as well as previewed models up until 29/05/10 now have sprites.
Status effect overlays added to models – Knockdown, Promote
Mouse over pop-up labels added to all models.
Updated control areas of Warcasters and Warlocks to Mark II values.
Added areas of effect for Mark II abilities.

All damage grids updated to Hordes_Final_Online_Update.pdf

Mark II Deployment overlay added with support for SR2010 and Tier Lists.
Lots of new and exciting new pre-made maps available.

Lots of new terrain options, including a new dirt board, cryxian necrotite rigs, cygnaran voltaic generators, jungle forests, logs, trenches, lava, barbed wire, orgoth ruins and much more.

Spray templates updated – SP6 and SP10 Templates added
Wall template updated to Mark II dimensions
A range of tokens for all Factions.
Added overlays for all Mark II scenarios.

Added a randomized scenario button
Added a window for Deployment and Scenario overlays
Added a private army setup area
Added a Guide including how to play, shortcut keys, etiquette and helpful tips. (Accessible in game, Help > Guide)

And all the stuff I have forgotten.


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