Khador vs Mercs: The Debate still Rages!

Well I say the debate rages but in reality its not much of a debate for you all. Looking at the 12 votes I have gotten thus far, the Mercs are sitting at 8 and Khador at 4. Hilariously, the release date for the Merc book has been announced (hint, its July 7th) and that means there are 2 more weeks to vote.

For those curious, here is the poll again:

Now, if I recall correctly, this poll is mostly an opinion thing. In the end the choice will be mine, and I am really leaning towards the Khador stuff (Oh Butcher of Khardov and Starkov, you guys look so awesome) and the new plastic kit is pretty cool.

Honestly though, the prices for the Plastic Battleboxes are not different from the original counterparts (which is strange). $50 for a box of pewter made sense to me. The same price however for a box of plastic does not. And that bothers me. It doesn’t help that regardless of the Army if and when I do go back to little dudes and not just Vassal, I won’t be getting the Battle box. I intended in fact to just get a 15 point starter and go from there.

So in a few weeks (prolly the end of next week, July 2nd when I get paid) I will make my decision on which army to go with and I will get the book, or in the case of the Merc book preorder it. Anyone out there willing to setup a match with me via Vassal once I get the book so I can test out a 15 point Mangled Metal list? If so just comment here with your availability and we will work something out :)

In other news – New Trollblood Warlock Green was shown! He looks actually pretty awesome (and the gun is HUGE).

Check him out! (Click the picture to read the article about him)

His name is “Captain Gunnbjorn” which just oozes awesome. And the gun…jeebus that gun is scary. Wonder what he can do. Ranged is an obvious thing. I am assuming that gun is prolly an AOE 4 or so (its just so farking large) but I wonder how he will mesh with the standard Trollblood tricks.

Well guys thats all for today! For blood, coin, and the Motherland!


3 thoughts on “Khador vs Mercs: The Debate still Rages!

  1. Old Chickenlegs

    I’m really pondering the same dilemma, as well as the dark horse choice of Skorne. I have Ashlynn and Gorten figures, an Old Witch, and am tempted by the pButcher. Arrgh, the buy-in expense is so daunting.


    1. Yea it is. I am going to be bloody careful and play a bit online before I comment cash to it (beyond the army book that is).

      I am really starting to lean towards the Motherland myself. I know a few guys who play Khador so they could give me starting tips, and I have always (since the beginning of looking at Warmachine) been wanting to play the big axe to face guys.

      Hopefully you wont have many problems deciding :)


      1. Rforgione

        Dunno if you’ve decided but thought I’d throw my $.02. I run mercs abd roommate khador. Mercs are fun and the tier lists aren’t too shabby, plus mcbain is a really fun caster. Personally I enjoy the searforge, an they are similar to khador, slow heavy hit and armor.
        Khador are bricks through and through, and having to plow through high arm and hit boxes is a challenge any army will face.
        Mercs have a lot of versatility and rely on solos a lot, so your ability to adapt to any army is easier imo.
        If you decide to run mercs let me know, I’ll gladly give tips if I’m able to help.

        Also, same price for plastic over pewter is because you actually get more models in the plastic as opposed to pewter. Say a pewter gives you the standard 6 models, or small unit, a plastic will give you a full unit of 10.


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