For the Motherland!

You know, after reading the forums, looking at the minis and the general playstyle, and the fluff, I cannot help it. I am going Khador. I thank all of you who have voted thus far in regards to which faction I should select. Merc’s were ahead I will admit, but in the end my decision reigns supreme!

The next thing I am going to do is grab me the Khador faction book, and start figuring out a 15 point list to run in Vassal. I am wanting to use either Starkhov or pButcher as my caster, and I know I want a Spriggan, but beyond that I have no idea what to do. Maybe a destroyer or a juggernaut? Something with a gun? Who knows. Kodiaks look pretty cool.

Any of you Khador guys out there feel like helping a brother out? I am basically treating myself like a total newbie (which in regards to Khador I really am) and want to start super small. And no, I have no intention of getting the battle box, mainly because I don’t want Sorsha.

Let the madness begin AGAIN (and yes, I intend later down the road to get ACTUAL dudes and paint them, but this is just starting out again)


16 thoughts on “For the Motherland!

  1. The UA for the IFP gives them a mini feat that lets them make an advance move and for a shield wall.

    If you activate that then run them you get an 18″ move with them.


    1. Khador Red

      Aye ’tis true…

      Spd 6 x 2 (for the run) + a further 6″ advance from the “mini feat” = 18″ total move.

      This is a great way to get things tied up early game, alternativly use them to charge and kill some stuff then advance to engage other stuff or just move to get in shield wall.

      Another thing to point out however is that it is now the Officer, not the Standard, that has the “mini feat” and hence can’t move.

      Let me add a little something to the mix though, for an extra point you can get min Winter Guard Infantry with their UA, add Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich for another 2 points, and you have the makings of the famed Winter Guard “Death Star”


  2. Chris

    “Min unit of Iron fangs plus the UA, the ability to get them 18″ across the table in one turn ”

    Please explain. It sounds like you’re doing something wrong. When the standard pops his minifeat, he stays where he’s at, and the rest of the unit moves to form a shieldwall around him. At best, this is 12inches. What am I missing? : )


  3. Michael Plummer

    Here’s my pick for a 15 pt. pButcher list:

    Minimum Man-O-War Shocktroopers

    The War Dog is great, but I think it’s better suited to 25 pt. games or higher. Just to get more models on the table.


  4. The Devastator is my favourite ‘jack. He might be a bit pricey along side the Spriggan for 15pts. War Dog is worth getting for any ‘caster, but particularly pButcher.



      1. Devastator is the one that shares a chasse with the spriggan but is even more heavily armoured.

        I would echo the sentiment of getting on, I recently started Khador and I love it. Was playing around with a list using both a spriggan and a devastator, it’s awesome fun to use.

        One of the best things about Khador is there are no rubbish units, everything in the book is good and as they are mostly self sufficient you can make and army out most of it.

        Unit wise Doom Reveres + UA, I can’t think of a reason not to include them.

        Also I never leave home with out at least a Min unit of Iron fangs plus the UA, the ability to get them 18″ across the table in one turn to tie stuff up is really useful.


      2. Waltz

        pVlad is the one I have been using, P Butcher is arguably more of a club that just kills everything where as since vlad is immune to parry I normally use the big jacks (especially bulldoze to jsut open up a wee gap for him to runt hrough and beat the crap out the enemy caster.

        One game pVlad tanked a whole menoth army for two turns, they only just managed to get him.

        I tend to use signs and portents at first then break out blood of kings and throw him into the fight once there numbers have been thinned a bit


      3. Waltz

        Aye I think is good for starting out with, as long as you remember to cast blood of kings at the right time he is very forgiving


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