Building on a Budget – The Grinning Storm

Hey guys, its time for another budget deck! This one takes the mechanic Storm and makes people cry by using it. Now, its pretty easy to build an infinite storm deck now a days using expensive cards like Cloud Curio and the Kobolds (Seriously, with those you could storm out on turn 2) but I prefer my decks to be cheap.

And cheap this is, both in play and in cost!

Now a bit of background. When I build a true “combo” deck I consider it to be 2 parts: The Engine, and the Cogs. The Engine is what drives the combo, usually the combo itself. The Cogs are what I use WITH the Combo to either speed it up or kill with it. I mean, just having an infinite mana combo is great, but what the hell do you do with the mana?

So, lets go over the decklist. This is actually version 1 of the deck (I have a second version that is in testing but I have not tried yet)

4 Brighthearth Banneret
4 Cinder Pyromancer
4 Flamekin Harbinger
4 Grinning Ignus
4 Storm Entity

4 Empty the Warrens
4 Grapeshot
2 Goblin Bombardment
1 Fanning the Flames
3 Paradise Mantle
2 Lightning Bolt

24 Mountain

Now, since this is an actual COMBO deck, lets break it up into the two parts: The Engine, and the Cogs.

The Engine:

The Engine for this deck is used to build a huge Storm count. Three cards make it up: Cinder Pyromancer, Grinning Ignus, and Paradise Mantle. The basic way the engine works is as follows:

1. Have a Pyromancer and Mantle in Play already.
2. Equip the Mantle to the Pyromancer.
3. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red mana, tap 2 lands for 2 more, and play Grinning Ignus. Untap the Pyromancer because you played a Red Spell.
4. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red Mana, and then Return the Ignus, generating (2R), and recast the Ignus again untapping the Pyromancer.
5. Repeat as long as you want.

Storm works based on the number of spells cast prior to the casting of the Storm spell itself. So if you cast the Ignus 1,000,000 times, then when you cast something with Storm you instantly get 1,000,000 copies that must each be responded to. Storm is kinda broken in the sense that its as you play the spell, not as the spell resolves, so countering the Original just stops that one copy.

So now we have the engine but what can we do with it? Thats where the Cogs come in as I call them. Each Cog works by itself with the Engine or together.

The Cogs:

1. Storm Entity – This Cog is straightfoward. Its a haste creature for 2 that gets a +1/+1 counter for each spell cast prior to it. So you storm off for a million, cast him, and then ram him down someones throat. The only issue is he can be easily chump blocked. But hey, its a huge threat.

2. Brightheart Banneret – This is used to make everything in the deck cheaper. If you notice, all creatures are Elementals (which I did unconciously!) and thus he makes it all faster. Furthermore, he, combined with the engine, gives you Infinit mana!
– 2A. Fanning the Flames – This is considered a sub combo, as it only reaches prime power when combined with the Infinite mana. Lets explain. If you have a Banneret out in play, the Ignus costs 1R to play, but gives 2R when bounced. Thus, you generate infinite colorless mana. When I realized this, I decided to include the single Fanning the Flames so I could use that if needed to blast someone into submission.

3. Flamekin Harbinger – Remember, everything in this deck thats a creature is an Elemental. This fetches those. Tada! You missing a Pyromancer? Here is your answer.

4. Grapeshot – The primary win condition. Storm as big as you want, cast this single spell, and kill everyone. Plain and simple.

5. Empty the Warrens – Secondary Win Condition. This bad boy lets you get as many Goblins as you want. I call this a secondary because they are still 1/1’s and a Pyroclasm will end them.
– 5A. Goblin Bombardment – This is a sub combo with the Empty. If you have this on the Board then your Empty the Warrens becomes 3R for 2 damage. You create as many goblins as you need, and then sac em all to ping people to death.

So there you have it. Now lets get into costs. The total cost of this deck on CoolStuffInc comes out to…. $18.03! The reason? Most of the creatures are Buy 1 get 3 free, thus letting you only pay for 1 but getting 4. Its a perfect setup. Without that, we would prolly be in the $30 range. The most expensive cards? Lightning Bolt and Paradise Mantle.

So there you have it. A deck that can win on turn 4 (I have done it several times) that is cheap on the wallet and fun to play.

Stay Frugal my friends!


Another Day, Another New Blogger

So I am keeping up with the Introduction threads on the PP Forums, mainly because I am bored at work. Hehe. Anyway, by doing this I also find new an interesting Warmahordes / Miniature gaming blogs, like the one I found today. It just got started back on July 15th from the look of it, and its called The Caen Chronicles

The gent running this blog calls himself “The Hammer” (Really dude?) and seems to be both a Warmachine and 40k Player, based on his tag list. He is a Retribution player. I say you all should take a look and see what you think. Its not a bad little blog!

Once again, its The Caen Chronicles!

I will walk 5000 Miles!

You know whats cool? Going to conventions. Its always fun to read about peoples experiences in going to the big cons, like Adepticon, Gencon, ect. I know I find it fascinating as I cannot go to them currently (too costly!)

But you know whats AWESOME? Coming from flipping SOUTH AFRICA to go to a con. Thats what the guy who runs Vir Triumphalis is doing. Apparently he works for the US Embassy and thus travels the world. Sadly, due to this he doesn’t get to play against real people most of the time, he generally only plays oN Vassal (and I would challenge him there if we both didn’t play Khador) hehe.

I think you all should totally go read this guys blog and follow his travels, which include visiting his family and his wife who is due to have his first baby, And his adventures in Gen Con.

Again, the link is Vir Triumphalis.

pSorscha vs pKaya and pButcher vs Kromac!

So this saturday I got to play 3 games against my friend Dan and his Circle Battlebox, using my new and shiny Khador Battlebox, and I had a blast! I went 2 – 0, with the 2 wins being straight battlebox vs battlebox, and the one loss having taken place when we proxied our casters out for different ones. So lets go over some highlights of the 3 games.

Game 1:

So in this game, I setup with my Destroyer to the right, my Juggernaut to my life, and Sorscha in the center of the group. We had 4 houses setup on the field kinda in a square around the center, so it looked like a town square. He ran his Warpwolf, which had Occulation on it so it had Stealth, right up the center. He kept Kaya back and had one Argus with the Warpwolf and the other Argus to the side near my Destroyer.

His Warpwolf proved its strength by taking out my Juggernaut in 2 turns. I burned my feat trying to kill his Warpwolf but it did not work, so I ended up having to play avoid the Wolf. The game ended when I was able to walk 6 inches, cast Wind Rush, and get another 6 inchs around the back of a building to catch Kaya at the edge of my 2 inch reach. First hit was a critical so she was stationary, and the rest auto hit causing her death.

Game 2:

We took out 2 houses and left 2 in the center of the board. He advanced straight up, keeping his Warpwolf to the right and 1 Argus to the left, which ended up at the end of turn one out of his Control Area. It had to make a frenzy check, failed, and could only see Kaya so walked towards her. I setup dead center and just ran everything.

On turn 2 I realized I may have a straight shot to his caster with Sorscha, so I walked up, feated, caught her in my control area, along with the left Argus, and then Wind Rushed up to her, catching her again at the edge of my reach. This time I rolled poorly and after burning all my Focus she had 1 HP left.

Thats right. 1 freakin HP. On his turn he leached, spirit doored away, and then feated using all his fury to heal up to 10. My Destroyer however walked around, got a shot off, boosted hit and damage, and smeared Kaya on turn 3.

Game 3:

This game, we decided to switch things up. I proxied in pButcher, and he went with Kromac. And I discovered what its like to be on the business end of an axe to face hehe. He actually kept Kromac in Human form for a good chunk of the game, and I tried to explain to him why Wild Aggression is such an awesome spell (seriously, its freakin awesome). He ended up using his “No Spells in my Ctrl Area” spell on me, forcing me to keep Butcher back if I wanted to use Fury or Full Throttle, which annoyed me.

Yet again, in this game his Warpwolf and 1 Argus tore my Juggernaut apart in a frenzy of blows. However, I was determined to use Butcher on the front line, so I cast Fury on Butcher, feated, and charged the Warpwolf. 5d6 + 21 on the charge is AWESOME. I slammed into the Warpwolf and did 20 damage on the first blow, and 15 on the second, ending the Wolf. And then I did something stupid with the 3 Focus I had left…

I cast Full Throttle so the Destoryer could charge.

DOH! I realized after the game, I should have cast Iron Flesh on myself, giving me 1 focus left so I would have been DEF 17 / ARM 19 on the next turn. Instead, I left the DEF debuffing Fury on myself and tried to get the Destroyer into melee.

This proved to be my error as he simply had Kromac go Beast Form on his maintenence, decided not to move, used his jump to get to Butcher, and then burned through 5 fury killing me. And if the first 7 fury would not have been enough, he had his feat to use.

In the end, Dan decided he loved Kromac. He felt it was a much more IN YOUR FACE caster, with a few fun tricks. I found that despite losing (STUPID MISTAKE) I like Butcher. Butcher is freakin awesome.

Based on these games, me and him are both talking about bumping it up to actual 15 point lists.

I had this in mind:

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak (I like this guy, and 2 PS 19 attacks while under Fury are AWESOME)
– War Dog (Def 20 vs Melee Butcher with Iron Flesh. How awesome is that?)

I am not sure what I could suggest to Dan for a 15 point Kromac list that includes a Feral Warpwolf and possibly 1 Argus. Anyone got some ideas you can throw him?

Cracking the Box: War Hog (via Lost Hemisphere)

An awesome breakdown of the contents of the WAR HOG

Cracking the Box: War Hog Gotta say, could there be any figure that's stirred up as much as excitement and discussion as the War Hog? I mean, is he Baconstein or Frankenpiggy? With a Juggernaut arm is he partial to Khadoran politics, or does he lean to his other arm and prefer Cygnaran diplomacy? One way or another… let's crack the box! [caption … Read More

via Lost Hemisphere


So, I have not been this excited about something in a long while. You see, I have been lax in my paying attention to Hordes news. I know that there is stuff constantly getting announced but I only notice it if I catch it on the blogs. I also know that Minions are becoming the Horde “Mercs” faction, and I kept hearing about this “Lord Carver” farrow but I didn’t really care.

Then, a few days ago, I sat down to look to see if a new Circle Warlock had been announced for my friend, and I saw the following creature.

Now that, I said to myself, is AWESOME.

You see, I have this fascination with two animals: Pigs and Moose. I really have no idea why, I just find em cool. The Farrow interested me, but their rules were not up to par back in Mk1. In Mk2 I didn’t pay alot of attention to em simply because I was focused on my trolls.

So I did some digging and ran into Lord Carver himself, and once again I went “SQUEEEEEEEEEE”.

I mean, look at him! All violence and manly and PIGGISH. He says “This sword will cut you son. And then, I will stomp on your broken corpse with my metal shod hooves. You are doomed.”


He screams “DOOM”.

So after viewing these guys, I no longer care about their rules. They can be the most horrid army in existence for all I care.

I am going to pick them up.

I am going to play them.

I am going to rule the world with my Pig army.


This will happen, and there is no stopping the porcine tide. The Farrow are coming..

And the world will OINK in fear.


It appears that Lord Carver has 6 Warbeast Points.  So to build a Battlebox style force, here is what I came up with.  You actually have 2 options.   You see, the other Battleboxes are for the most part 11 points.  So you gotta come up with something about that level.

Option 1:
Lord Carver
– War Hog
– Gun Boar
– Gun Boar
12 Points Total, just above the 11.

Option 2:
Lord Carver
– War Hog
– War Hog
10 Points Total, just under the 11.

Which do you think would be more like a Battlebox? Option 1 or 2?

I hate you Blizzard.

So, about 4 months ago my WoW Account got hacked, and my character Bludsnausage was turned into a Mining bot.  Thankfully I caught it I would say 2-3 days after the hack occured as I went to download Diablo 2 from my battle net account so I could play it, and found that an Authenticator had been added to my Battlenet account (which I did not own).

So, like a good little player I reported the issue to Blizzard, which took 2 more days AND 40+ minutes of phone time.  You see, Blizzard had decided to cap their hold que, meaning that if they filled up you would never even make it to holding.  I would have been perfectly fine holding for 40 minutes or more (and I did when I finally got thru).

I get through, and they take down the info, remove the Authenticator, and let me back in.

Then a few days later I GET Permabanned!  My licence keys get revocked and everything!  I don’t worry about at the time though, because I am not playing.  I only found out cause I was checking on Beta Stuff.

Fast forward to mid June.  I finally decide I want to get my account back.  I play phone tag again, spending 30 minutes dialing the number before finally getting on hold, then another 40 waiting.  I get a fairly nice guy, who tells me that his department cannot reactivate the account because its an In Game issue ban.  So I have to talk to the GM Team.  But they only work via email >.<

He sends me the forms I need, and like a good little monkey I fill them out and send them in along with a copy of my drivers license like they ask.  A few days later I get an email saying “The license is too blurry and to resubmit”.  Florida licenses have a coating on em that makes photocoping difficult.  So I decide to send em a copy of my Birth Certificate which according to the form is another acceptable form of ID.

I have to get that from my mother though, and that is a 2 hour drive.

So I put it off till this last weekend.  I drive up, get it, and then yesterday (Monday the 19th) send it, along with a clearer copy of my License to them again.

What do they do?

THEY REMOVE THE AUTHENTICATOR FROM MY NEW ACCOUNT!!!  They dont even acknowledge that an email was sent till today, and they just remove the authenticator from my new temp account that I got (by reactivating our spare account that me and my wife have).

What the hell is wrong with these people?!  DO THEY NOT READ THEIR OWN FORMS!  The form flipping says ACCOUNT RECOVERY not AUTHENTICATOR REMOVAL.  No where does it say I want to remove the authenticator.  NO WHERE.


Also the form DOESNT EVEN LIST MY NEW ACCOUNT ON IT.  They had to find that somehow, prolly from the email I sent them (I had to put contact info in it) and then go through all the fucking trouble to deactivate it.

This just infuriates me to no end.  So now I have to respond to that email, hope I get an answer, and see where things go.  How much you guys wanna bet that I will not get my account back, losing all my collectors ed stuff, my level 80s, everything.  This pisses me off.


/rant off

EDIT – So it appears that Blizzard may not be completely inept (we shall see).  They have already responded to my email questioning the autheticator removal, and are saying that they will reinstate it as well as reinstate my old account.  Here is hoping guys, cause I would love to level my Warlock and play with my wife and stuff.