The Motherland has come Home

The Motherland says "Perkins Rules!"

Check out the pic. Yea, thats right, I am back baby!  Soon you will get all sorts of articles about Khador, you will get battle reports, ect.  Next weekend in fact me and my friend Dan are gonna go up and play a few games, his circle vs my khador.  We might even proxy our casters for fun and profit!

Yup.  Its begun again.  And I am loving it already.


4 thoughts on “The Motherland has come Home

    1. Norbert Brunhuber

      I find it’s not that so much, as in the need to fill every box to completely kill our jacks. Now we have armor and durability going for us.



      1. That is true. I rarely get to play against Khador (I’m the main Khador player around here!), but recently in a 15pt game I had Shay, a Freebooter and a load of pirates and solos in my force. I had nothing that could really dent the ‘jacks though so I had to get Shay to do all of the heavy demolishing! Next time I’ll bring the Commodore (and maybe a Nomad).



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