So, I have not been this excited about something in a long while. You see, I have been lax in my paying attention to Hordes news. I know that there is stuff constantly getting announced but I only notice it if I catch it on the blogs. I also know that Minions are becoming the Horde “Mercs” faction, and I kept hearing about this “Lord Carver” farrow but I didn’t really care.

Then, a few days ago, I sat down to look to see if a new Circle Warlock had been announced for my friend, and I saw the following creature.

Now that, I said to myself, is AWESOME.

You see, I have this fascination with two animals: Pigs and Moose. I really have no idea why, I just find em cool. The Farrow interested me, but their rules were not up to par back in Mk1. In Mk2 I didn’t pay alot of attention to em simply because I was focused on my trolls.

So I did some digging and ran into Lord Carver himself, and once again I went “SQUEEEEEEEEEE”.

I mean, look at him! All violence and manly and PIGGISH. He says “This sword will cut you son. And then, I will stomp on your broken corpse with my metal shod hooves. You are doomed.”


He screams “DOOM”.

So after viewing these guys, I no longer care about their rules. They can be the most horrid army in existence for all I care.

I am going to pick them up.

I am going to play them.

I am going to rule the world with my Pig army.


This will happen, and there is no stopping the porcine tide. The Farrow are coming..

And the world will OINK in fear.


It appears that Lord Carver has 6 Warbeast Points.  So to build a Battlebox style force, here is what I came up with.  You actually have 2 options.   You see, the other Battleboxes are for the most part 11 points.  So you gotta come up with something about that level.

Option 1:
Lord Carver
– War Hog
– Gun Boar
– Gun Boar
12 Points Total, just above the 11.

Option 2:
Lord Carver
– War Hog
– War Hog
10 Points Total, just under the 11.

Which do you think would be more like a Battlebox? Option 1 or 2?


3 thoughts on “Oink!

  1. seraphsong

    I would say that the Warhog and two gunboars is most like a Battle Box, but the two Warhogs is SO tempting. God they’re grossly powerful…..


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