pSorscha vs pKaya and pButcher vs Kromac!

So this saturday I got to play 3 games against my friend Dan and his Circle Battlebox, using my new and shiny Khador Battlebox, and I had a blast! I went 2 – 0, with the 2 wins being straight battlebox vs battlebox, and the one loss having taken place when we proxied our casters out for different ones. So lets go over some highlights of the 3 games.

Game 1:

So in this game, I setup with my Destroyer to the right, my Juggernaut to my life, and Sorscha in the center of the group. We had 4 houses setup on the field kinda in a square around the center, so it looked like a town square. He ran his Warpwolf, which had Occulation on it so it had Stealth, right up the center. He kept Kaya back and had one Argus with the Warpwolf and the other Argus to the side near my Destroyer.

His Warpwolf proved its strength by taking out my Juggernaut in 2 turns. I burned my feat trying to kill his Warpwolf but it did not work, so I ended up having to play avoid the Wolf. The game ended when I was able to walk 6 inches, cast Wind Rush, and get another 6 inchs around the back of a building to catch Kaya at the edge of my 2 inch reach. First hit was a critical so she was stationary, and the rest auto hit causing her death.

Game 2:

We took out 2 houses and left 2 in the center of the board. He advanced straight up, keeping his Warpwolf to the right and 1 Argus to the left, which ended up at the end of turn one out of his Control Area. It had to make a frenzy check, failed, and could only see Kaya so walked towards her. I setup dead center and just ran everything.

On turn 2 I realized I may have a straight shot to his caster with Sorscha, so I walked up, feated, caught her in my control area, along with the left Argus, and then Wind Rushed up to her, catching her again at the edge of my reach. This time I rolled poorly and after burning all my Focus she had 1 HP left.

Thats right. 1 freakin HP. On his turn he leached, spirit doored away, and then feated using all his fury to heal up to 10. My Destroyer however walked around, got a shot off, boosted hit and damage, and smeared Kaya on turn 3.

Game 3:

This game, we decided to switch things up. I proxied in pButcher, and he went with Kromac. And I discovered what its like to be on the business end of an axe to face hehe. He actually kept Kromac in Human form for a good chunk of the game, and I tried to explain to him why Wild Aggression is such an awesome spell (seriously, its freakin awesome). He ended up using his “No Spells in my Ctrl Area” spell on me, forcing me to keep Butcher back if I wanted to use Fury or Full Throttle, which annoyed me.

Yet again, in this game his Warpwolf and 1 Argus tore my Juggernaut apart in a frenzy of blows. However, I was determined to use Butcher on the front line, so I cast Fury on Butcher, feated, and charged the Warpwolf. 5d6 + 21 on the charge is AWESOME. I slammed into the Warpwolf and did 20 damage on the first blow, and 15 on the second, ending the Wolf. And then I did something stupid with the 3 Focus I had left…

I cast Full Throttle so the Destoryer could charge.

DOH! I realized after the game, I should have cast Iron Flesh on myself, giving me 1 focus left so I would have been DEF 17 / ARM 19 on the next turn. Instead, I left the DEF debuffing Fury on myself and tried to get the Destroyer into melee.

This proved to be my error as he simply had Kromac go Beast Form on his maintenence, decided not to move, used his jump to get to Butcher, and then burned through 5 fury killing me. And if the first 7 fury would not have been enough, he had his feat to use.

In the end, Dan decided he loved Kromac. He felt it was a much more IN YOUR FACE caster, with a few fun tricks. I found that despite losing (STUPID MISTAKE) I like Butcher. Butcher is freakin awesome.

Based on these games, me and him are both talking about bumping it up to actual 15 point lists.

I had this in mind:

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak (I like this guy, and 2 PS 19 attacks while under Fury are AWESOME)
– War Dog (Def 20 vs Melee Butcher with Iron Flesh. How awesome is that?)

I am not sure what I could suggest to Dan for a 15 point Kromac list that includes a Feral Warpwolf and possibly 1 Argus. Anyone got some ideas you can throw him?


8 thoughts on “pSorscha vs pKaya and pButcher vs Kromac!

  1. Dan

    I lost D:

    But I made some silly mistakes and overestimated the widowmakers’ damage, thus being too shy on the offensive with my warpwolf stalker. I also spent too mush time in Kromac’s beast form.


  2. My mate Ben’s been having some good times running Kromac, the Feral, the Stalker and a Gnarlhorn Satyr at 23 – presumably you could drop one of those for 15? I’d be tempted to go for the Stalker and Gnarlhorn myself, unless the Gnarlhorn can’t Throw…


    1. Kromac, Stalker, Feral is 15 exactly. My friend Dan is planning apparently on getting both Kromac and a Stalker today if he can.

      I decided to stick with a Destroyer instead of a Kodiak for now on my 15, simply because it saves me cash. Now to see if I can find the Widowmakers :P


  3. That seems like a perfectly solid 15 point list in my opinion. I wish I had started off with the same approach you took, instead of impulsively shooting up into the 100s of points within a couple of months O_o I really couldn’t afford all that either! No real criticism for your list actually, I think those are all good solid models, not only within this list, but core stuff you’ll want down the road.

    As for your friend’s Circle list, I hear the Gorax is a good starting point. If he intends to stay with pKaya, the shifting stones might be good as well for more movement shenanigans.


    1. Dan is actually going with Kromac instead of pKaya. He found he preferred Kromac’s toolbox of abilities.

      Also, I have my 25 point army list now too, which is basically those 15 points and then adding the Winter Guard Deathstar (Full Winterguard, UA, Joe, and 1 Rocketeer)

      So I think I got a good starting point!


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