I will walk 5000 Miles!

You know whats cool? Going to conventions. Its always fun to read about peoples experiences in going to the big cons, like Adepticon, Gencon, ect. I know I find it fascinating as I cannot go to them currently (too costly!)

But you know whats AWESOME? Coming from flipping SOUTH AFRICA to go to a con. Thats what the guy who runs Vir Triumphalis is doing. Apparently he works for the US Embassy and thus travels the world. Sadly, due to this he doesn’t get to play against real people most of the time, he generally only plays oN Vassal (and I would challenge him there if we both didn’t play Khador) hehe.

I think you all should totally go read this guys blog and follow his travels, which include visiting his family and his wife who is due to have his first baby, And his adventures in Gen Con.

Again, the link is Vir Triumphalis.


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