Building on a Budget – The Grinning Storm

Hey guys, its time for another budget deck! This one takes the mechanic Storm and makes people cry by using it. Now, its pretty easy to build an infinite storm deck now a days using expensive cards like Cloud Curio and the Kobolds (Seriously, with those you could storm out on turn 2) but I prefer my decks to be cheap.

And cheap this is, both in play and in cost!

Now a bit of background. When I build a true “combo” deck I consider it to be 2 parts: The Engine, and the Cogs. The Engine is what drives the combo, usually the combo itself. The Cogs are what I use WITH the Combo to either speed it up or kill with it. I mean, just having an infinite mana combo is great, but what the hell do you do with the mana?

So, lets go over the decklist. This is actually version 1 of the deck (I have a second version that is in testing but I have not tried yet)

4 Brighthearth Banneret
4 Cinder Pyromancer
4 Flamekin Harbinger
4 Grinning Ignus
4 Storm Entity

4 Empty the Warrens
4 Grapeshot
2 Goblin Bombardment
1 Fanning the Flames
3 Paradise Mantle
2 Lightning Bolt

24 Mountain

Now, since this is an actual COMBO deck, lets break it up into the two parts: The Engine, and the Cogs.

The Engine:

The Engine for this deck is used to build a huge Storm count. Three cards make it up: Cinder Pyromancer, Grinning Ignus, and Paradise Mantle. The basic way the engine works is as follows:

1. Have a Pyromancer and Mantle in Play already.
2. Equip the Mantle to the Pyromancer.
3. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red mana, tap 2 lands for 2 more, and play Grinning Ignus. Untap the Pyromancer because you played a Red Spell.
4. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red Mana, and then Return the Ignus, generating (2R), and recast the Ignus again untapping the Pyromancer.
5. Repeat as long as you want.

Storm works based on the number of spells cast prior to the casting of the Storm spell itself. So if you cast the Ignus 1,000,000 times, then when you cast something with Storm you instantly get 1,000,000 copies that must each be responded to. Storm is kinda broken in the sense that its as you play the spell, not as the spell resolves, so countering the Original just stops that one copy.

So now we have the engine but what can we do with it? Thats where the Cogs come in as I call them. Each Cog works by itself with the Engine or together.

The Cogs:

1. Storm Entity – This Cog is straightfoward. Its a haste creature for 2 that gets a +1/+1 counter for each spell cast prior to it. So you storm off for a million, cast him, and then ram him down someones throat. The only issue is he can be easily chump blocked. But hey, its a huge threat.

2. Brightheart Banneret – This is used to make everything in the deck cheaper. If you notice, all creatures are Elementals (which I did unconciously!) and thus he makes it all faster. Furthermore, he, combined with the engine, gives you Infinit mana!
– 2A. Fanning the Flames – This is considered a sub combo, as it only reaches prime power when combined with the Infinite mana. Lets explain. If you have a Banneret out in play, the Ignus costs 1R to play, but gives 2R when bounced. Thus, you generate infinite colorless mana. When I realized this, I decided to include the single Fanning the Flames so I could use that if needed to blast someone into submission.

3. Flamekin Harbinger – Remember, everything in this deck thats a creature is an Elemental. This fetches those. Tada! You missing a Pyromancer? Here is your answer.

4. Grapeshot – The primary win condition. Storm as big as you want, cast this single spell, and kill everyone. Plain and simple.

5. Empty the Warrens – Secondary Win Condition. This bad boy lets you get as many Goblins as you want. I call this a secondary because they are still 1/1’s and a Pyroclasm will end them.
– 5A. Goblin Bombardment – This is a sub combo with the Empty. If you have this on the Board then your Empty the Warrens becomes 3R for 2 damage. You create as many goblins as you need, and then sac em all to ping people to death.

So there you have it. Now lets get into costs. The total cost of this deck on CoolStuffInc comes out to…. $18.03! The reason? Most of the creatures are Buy 1 get 3 free, thus letting you only pay for 1 but getting 4. Its a perfect setup. Without that, we would prolly be in the $30 range. The most expensive cards? Lightning Bolt and Paradise Mantle.

So there you have it. A deck that can win on turn 4 (I have done it several times) that is cheap on the wallet and fun to play.

Stay Frugal my friends!


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