Another Weekend, more Stuff

Another weekend has passed us by, and I am yet again trapped in the clutches of the dreaded WORKBEAST 09. This thing has MAT 15 and PS 25 vs my Sanity! It is a character beast you see, from the WORK Faction. I think we have all faced it from time to time. Its pretty brutal.

But during the weekend you are protected from WORKBEAST 09, and I think thats why I love it so.

This Saturday would be what I call a bust. I spent most of it just sitting in Phoenix Games, watching a TCGPlayer Qualifier MTG Tourney going on, and watching Dan paint. It was fine really, but kinda hot and boring. I did however get myself 4 Man o War Shocktroopers and a Kovnick from a friend of mine (using the Kovnick as the leader of the Shocktroopers), along with a Manhunter. So I have 25 points of Khador now. My friend is getting out of the game, so he gave me a solid price on the MoW. He also let me borrow Behemoth to decide if I like him. I am not sure yet as I have not had a chance to run him. He is offering it to me though for $25… and I got him I could run the following 35 point force with what I got:

– Juggernaut
– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Min MoW Shocktroopers

Not the best 35 point list by far, but Full Throttle could alleviate some of the issues.

So as I said, I watche Dan paint his 15 point Circle list. Here are some pics of what he crafted!

Scary Circle!
The Stalker is a Tall Man
Quick, hide from the Flashing Thing!
Rawr. Yea...Rawr.

Tonight I am also going to be running DND Encounters: Dark Sun. I got about 6-7 people who are claiming they are gonna show, I know for sure 4 will be there (Dan, Kenny, Aaron, and Jenn). The other 3 are iffy. We shall see. Hopefully JR and Trotsky will show up for sure.

Aaron and Jenn are very into DND Rping so I hope they understand that Encounters is designed to be RP lite, as it is more of a showcase of the way 4th Ed Combat works and the way Darksun works. I wont stifle RPing though of course.

Finally, I am thinking of getting of finally jumping into Malifaux as both me and Dan are curious. I own the Rulebook but I have not actually done anything with it. I am considering Sonia Crid’s crew with the Witch Hunters as it looks fun and Sonia is an interesting character. That and I have a thing for Redheads :3

Stay tuned for more wackiness to come in the future folks!


Total Awesomeness from Owen of FarFarAway

I had to share this with all you guys. You see, as I mentioned previously, Owen from Far Far Away is coming down here to Orlando FL in November, and Me, him, and Dan are all gonna get together and do a FLGS Gaming Crawl, playing a game at each of the following stores (and probably in this order)

Phoenix Games
Amorous Armadillo
Sci Fi City

Now Owen had this awesome idea to make each game part of a mini campaign for the three of us, and with his mad fluff writing skills and planning he has written the following as a “first draft” for the Khadorian portion of the campaign.

Just a few quick facts for you guys: We are doing 15 point lists, sticking to a single caster each. Dan will of course be using Circle with Kromac, and I will be using pButcher with Khador. I honestly have no idea what Owen is gonna be packing as the man has like 4+ factions :P

Anyway, here is Owen’s really awesome fluff:

First draft of the campaign fluff –

Orsus Zoktavir did not consider himself as having a single place he considered home. He spent most of his time in or near battle. That was his home; the sound of slaughter and the smell of ionised air. That was what he longed for. The only place he had ever come close to sensing those homely and familiar things was in the black towered city of Khardov. The choking fumes from its mines and the unmistakable dark aura of the Orgoth were comforting to him.

It was there two weeks ago that he met Great Prince Aeniv Rolonovik. Orsus did not usually have any time for nobility. Their incessant pleasantries, lofty notions of Empire and misplaced ideas of duty were of no interest to him, but Aeniv was different. He was as dedicated, albeit in a very different way, to battle and slaughter as Orsus. In the Orgoth Keep of Khardov Aeniv had mastered the manufacture of the dreaded Fell Blades, the weapons that drove the Doom Reavers to feats of glorious carnage. It was in the Keep amongst those moaning weapons that the Great Prince told the story that set Orsus on the path he was now following.

The northerly wind began to scream louder as the Vescheneg Headlands reared up from the horizon. That was where he would find it, the Scourge Bringer, a mystical axe so uncontrollable the Orgoth had sought to destroy it. All they could manage was to divide the weapon and scatter the pieces. In the four hundred years since the Orgoth quit Western Immoren the axe had slowly manages to pull its pieces closer and closer together. Aeniv believed the weapon now lay in three pieces somewhere in the Veschenegs. With his recent exposure to the Fell Blades Orsus was certain he could find and reunite this most reviled of relics. Wielding it in one hand and Lola in the other his unchecked fury would wreak havoc amongst Khador’s enemies. It wasn’t through duty; it wasn’t to protect his home; Orsus was driven to bring destruction to all those who stood against him.

Reading that just gets me AMPED man. I cannot WAIT for November!

Wednesday Night Warmahordes!

Last night was another Wednesday night, which means Warmachine night up at Phoenix games! Sadly, since the community is so small only me and Dan were up there to play. Kenny was there, but he was working so he was not able to participate.

Me and Dan played 2 games, one Scenario, and one Caster kill. I won the scenario match, by Scenario no less, and he won the caster kill.

The scenario game was Break the Line, where you had to hold 2 squares of territory on your side of the table, and 1 of your opponents, without being contested. You could win starting on turn 3 and had to be holding the locations at the end of your opponents turn.

Turn 4 is where I won. My Wardog, who has a command score, could hold an objective, so in a last ditch effort to win (since Dan was hiding in the bushes where I could not reach!) I ran my Dog into one of his territories far away from him where he could not reach, then ran my Destoryer into another one (of mine), and then my Juggernaut into one of my other ones. So I had one unit in each location of mine, and one in one of his. He had to kill me on this turn or he would lose.

So, he only has his Stalker and Kromac left, having lost his Feral in an attempt to kill my Widowmakers (only to be left hanging with a Juggernaut right next to the Feral, and I critted with my Ice Axe!). So he casts Wild Aggression on the Stalker, feats, goes Beast Mode, and charges all in.

Butcher is wide open, with Iron Flesh up and 3 Focus, leaving myself at DEF 17/ARM 21. He hits consistently, and slowly builds up damage. Finally, Kromac is totally spent, and his Stalker has one single attack left, and Butcher is sitting at 7 HP. He needs an 11 to hit…

Rolls 6 6 5! Kenny looks at me and smirks, saying “How does it feel to get nailed with that roll?”

He needs to roll 10 damage to kill me, as I am sitting at 7 and its Dice -3.

He rolls…. 6 and 3.

Leaving the almighty Butcher at 1hp! Win by Scenario!

The second game was a bit more straightforward. I actually decided to try something else out, knowing that Dan always goes for my Widowmakers (he hates leaving them alone because they roll Dice -4 on his caster, and can reliably hit Kromac), so on the first turn after I moved them, I had Butcher Iron Flesh THEM, putting them at Def 17. This game was a slugfest. He got up in my grill fairly fast with his Stalker, but only managed to take down 2 of my Widowmakers, who passed their CMD Check. I got a few shots on his Caster, and did a fair bit of damage (some of which was transferred)

His Feral got a charge off on my Juggernaut, and took out my Cortex in 2 hits, and then did some spread out damage, leaving my weapons with 1 box each. I ended up having to use Full Throttle and my Feat to actually get boosts on the Juggernaut (thank god) and then on my feat turn I charged the Feral with pButcher. I did 21 damage in a single swing, and had I done 25, I would have killed the Feral right there. Alas, I did not :( The Juggernaut had to finish it off, which left me stuck in where I was.

Now at this point Dan was trying to figure out how to kill me, so I decided to help him. You see, I play this game for fun. Win or lose, as long as I am having a good time I could care less! Dan doesn’t have the same experience as me, having for the most part ONLY played against me, and has played maybe about 13 games. I have played about 35ish games, using 2 different factions, and have won a fair share of em (and I am used to playing Dan) so I gave him some tips.

First I advised him to move Kromac up behind the building, but on the corner so he could see his Stalker. Then I suggested he cast Wild Aggression on it. I pointed out that if he charged his Stalker into melee with Butcher and my Juggernaut, I would HAVe to deal with it, because otherwise I would take freestrikes. I then said even if I killed the Stalker he still had Kromac and his feat.

He does as I suggested, and then I explain to him that boosting damage on when its dice -3 may not be the best idea. By taking my advice, he brings Butcher down to 7 boxes.

I then take my turn, and spend it trying to kill the Stalker, and I make a fatal error. One of my Widowmakers was standing behind Butcher, in a spot that would prevent someone from reaching me from behind. I moved it, and this proved to be my undoing. I was also NOT able to kill the damn Stalker.

Dan takes his turn, and ends up jumping RIGHT where that Widowmaker was, enabling him to reach my Wardog, and due to reach, engaged him preventing a Countercharge. He then killed my dog in 1 swing, bringing Butcher down to DEF 17 (I had Iron Flesh up). He then proceeds to buy and boost attacks, and brings Butcher down in 4 swings (may have been only 3, I forget!)

During our time playing a few folks came over and expressed a real interest in the game, one of them asking me how the mechanics worked and really getting into it. Apparently he used to play Mechwarrior, and I explained that this game is not collectable in the same way Mechwarrior is and was. Later on I found them talking with Kenny over in the product section and they seemed genuinley interested, and Kenny told me they were interested in Cygnar, Cryx, and Menoth. Also, another guy who I will be playing DND With on Mondays is apparently interested in Khador.

Oh yea, the plan is working! People soon will be playing Warmachine. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES!

I did get a few pictures of the store, and one of our second battle showing the turn before my death, and I will get them up when I get home later.

Weekend in Review – 8/23/10

Another weekend in review post! Man I do alot of these, but then again I tend to do alot on the weekends. Lets dive right into it with Friday night (And yes, this post will have Warmachine stuff in it, so don’t worry!)

Friday night me and Dan decide to go see a movie, but we are both fairly broke, so we decide to check out the local “dollar theater”. Its actually $1.75 for a ticket but one cannot be too picky at those prices. We show up and go see Knight and Day. That movie was…boring. However we were happy with the experience on the sole count that the total cost of our trip, including our drinks and food was about $2-$3 less then a single ticket at a NORMAL Theater. Around here, our tickets are $10.50 for a normal theater. I spent $6 total, getting a large Icee, Hotdog, and my ticket. Awesomesauce! We saved enough that we went to Steak and Shake afterwards hehe.

Saturday rolls around, and I had volunteered to run the DND Game Day event at Phoenix Games. Yea, I am a nice guy. While there, I spoke to the manager Jeff, who convinced me (via offering store credit) to run DND Encounters on Monday Nights (they have a Wed Night group). Monday Night is adult night, so its 18+ only, which is cool with me. While at the game shop, me and Dan did our usual 15 point battle. The lists at the same as they always are (Kromac vs pButcher) so lets just dive into the fight.

First couple of turns we both slowly advance. Then he sends his Stalker into my Widowmakers with Berserk and Wild Agression on it. It shreds them, and then because he had also cast the Animus on it, it walked towards my battlegroup. My Destoryer took a few shots at the Feral during the advance but barely did anything.

I ended up using Full Throttle to get my Juggernaut into range of his Feral but was just shy of the half inch melee range. This did mean however that his Feral couldn’t charge! Hooray! His Feral proceeded to just take out the Cortex on my Juggernaut though, which made me sad. He also got his Stalker in position for a charge.

I feated, cast Full Throttle, and gave 2 focus to my Destoryer, and upkept Fury on my Juggernaut. I wanted the Feral dead, and I couldn’t allocate focus to my Juggernaut so I had to find other ways to boost it. It used both its attacks and killed the Feral. I had Butcher charge the Stalker, hoping that on my feat I could get some sexy damage rolls to cripple the beast. Alas I did not. I was prepared though to take a few hits.

Dan takes his turn, and does not beast out. However, he does get Kromac into melee with Butcher, and goes all in. Feats, everything, and leaves Butcher at 9. Stalker was healed as well, just enough to get its aspects back up. We then go to explain that Dan should not boost damage with his fury (since he is rolling straight dice) and instead just buy attacks with the Sword. It takes everything the Stalker has, and on the 3rd attack he leaves Butcher with 1 box…and he has one attack he can buy left. He buys it, hits Butchers DEF 16, and thats game.

Afterwards, I ran my DND Game, and the guys who I played with had a blast. We didn’t finish the event, and I discovered very quickly that the premade adventurers that they want me to use for DND Encounters, when inspected, suck. Seriously. The ones that came with the Game Day adventure were not much better. My personal favorite thing was the Ardant who didnt list how many Power Points it had, so we had no idea how many Augments it should have been able to use (levle 4 ardent). Also the Warlock (a CASTER) had mostly front line MELEE Attacks! REALLY WOTC? Is that how you do things? Screw that. Originally I was gonna let the guys playing on Monday night (starting the 30th) to make their own dudes, but what I am gonna do is take the 6 pregens that I have, and rebuild them this coming weekend to make them more…normal. Thankfully the Darksun stuff is out so when I resub to the DND Insider system I can get the updates and make some awesome stuff.

After the DND Event, we went up to board game night with the Mensa Folks. It was fun, we played Quiddler, and Dan got a bit tipsy so I drove us home in his car. His car is very touchy man, the gas likes to ZOOM.

Sunday I spent the day playing some Dragon Age Origins, cleaning my Guinea Pigs cage (yes, I own 2 Guinea Pigs who live in a mansion!), and cleaning up around the house. I also built my carrying case from my last post!

Now for some fun news!

Come November, Owen of the blog Far Far Away is coming with his family here to Orlando Florida, to visit the Kingdom of the Rat (aka Disney for those who do not live here). And on Saturday, November 13th, he is getting together with me with the blessing of his wife to spend the day running around to the different game stores here in Orlando, playing a game at each store! Its gonna be awesome, and I am totally stoked for it. He is even coming up with Campaign rules for the day to make things more interesting, and Dan is going to participate as well!

Also tonight I am heading up to Phoenix Games to play against Dan at least once, and possibly face a few of the others up at the game store in Warmachine fun! And I am driving so Dan can have some beer (its Adult night, so they give people a free drink, beer included)

New Transport Option on the Block!

The man who runs/ran the store I used to play at, Rhubarb Games gave us players who played there a treat last night. He unveiled, for preorder, his new line of Troop Transport and Foam options! I felt, that this applys to all game lines including Warmachine/Hordes that I could talk about it a bit here, because I for one am excited. I am all about supporting local businesses, and nothing is more local then a guy I know personally starting up a new business.

So lets start by giving you all the name! These new transports are called very simply Portable Warfare. Thats a pretty hot name if you ask me, and they also have their own line of foam called Blü foam (with the umlauts!)

I have yet to see these in person, but they look like a solid choice for gamers everywhere. So lets see…for troop carrying options now you have the following, from cheapest to most expensive (going based on EMPTY pricing)

Reaper Case (Out of Stock in most Places) – $22 to $28 dollars
Army Transport – $34.99
Portable Warfare Case – $37.95
KR Multicase – $38.99
Battlefoam Bags – From $45 up to $175 empty (Variety!)

So a variety of options, not counting the always popular DIY option (which is the route I am going right now)

So if you guys need a case, you should check out Portable Warfare!