Kreoss meets the Butcher, and a painted Destroyer?

Yesterday was a bad day at work. It was busy, hellish, and I got yelled at more times in that single day then I did all last week (I work in a Customer Service position, so I get yelled at alot). So after talking to my pal Dan, who was having a rough day as well, we decided to run up to Rhubarb since it was Warmachine night and see about playing a few guys. We both figured that we should play at the store while it was there before having to deal with finding a new place to play.

We get up there, and we hang around for a bit before each of us getting into a game. My friend Dan got to play our local Press Ganger Chris Cueavas, and I was playing a new player by the name of Dillon. On Saturday I had actually talked to him while I played Dan, as he was playing Warhammer Fantasy and seemed interested in Warmachine. Lo and Behold the boy had gotten himself some Menoth, and was playing. He lost to a circle player by the name of Tom, and then we played.

He ran the following:

High Exemplar Kreoss
– Revenger
– Repenter
– Crusader
Min Zealots

Basically he had the battlebox with some extra Zealots. In truth I think the Temple Flameguard would have been a better choice but thems the breaks.

I of course brought my pButcher list. For reference that is:

The Butcher of Khardov
– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog

This game was a slugfest that broke down on my feat turn. On the first 2 turns we both slowly moved up. On turn 2 he left a gaping hole for my Destroyer to shoot through, and I nailed Kreoss for about 6 damage on a boosted Bombard shot. He was amazed at the damage it dealt.

Turn 3 is where things got interesting. He feated, knocking down Butcher, the Destroyer, and the Juggernaut. He then charged Juggs with his Crusader, and barely scratched it. He threw a couple of bombs at my War Dog, realizing how dangerous that dog is, but did nothing.

My next turn I stood everyone up with Shake Off (cept the Juggernaut, he was in melee with 2 Zealots and the Crusader), and then activated Butcher and feated. The Butcher himself charged the Crusader, bringing it down to only have 3 boxes left after I spent my focus. The Destoryer was in melee with the Revenger, so he just walked up and took a swing and missed. The Juggernaut went and crushed the 2 Zealots he was stuck with but could not get the Crusader (missing a Zealot bites) My Widowmakers again proved how useless they are by missing every shot but 1, and that was against a Zealot! In fact, they did better hitting my flipping Juggernaut and Destroyer (I did 1 to each, barely hurt em).

My Widowmakers hate me you see. 8 total shots that game, and I did more damage to myself with em then the enemy >.<

After my turn, he went. He then took a free strike on the Revenger to get it into Melee with the Butcher, and he had loaded it with Focus. He had also given the Repenter 2 focus so it could burn me THROUGH my Juggernaut. His Revenger did a about 9 damage to Butcher, and then the Flame Thrower fired, and with a boost did another 8 damage, leaving me at 3 HP. Phew it was a close one. I also got to use my dogs Counter Charge on the Revenger, and did a bit of damage but not enough to slow it down.

Then he tried to kill Butcher with an Immolation (the single target Fire spell that Kreoss has) and missed. I gave him the option of which of his 2 jacks that were in melee with to hit, and he picked the Crusader.

Bad idea. He rolled MAX damage on the hit, and the Crusader only had 3 boxes left. It was burned up…leaving a straight line between the Butcher and Kreoss.

On my turn, I kept all 6 focus, knowing I would need the ARM boost for what I was about to do. I then charged Kreoss, taking a free strike from the Revenger. At ARM 24 he was at dice minus 11, but the Free strike bonus could negate that. He rolls, and connects with the hit…and deals NOTHING.

Whats funny though is on my charge I flipping MISS. I only needed a 5 to hit and I roll 3. So I burn a focus, buy an attack, and boost the damage when it hits, crushing Kreoss into the ground.

I then walk over to Dan’s game, and he wins, beating a Vayl list that was apparently Vayl, a Shepard, Carniveran, and Scythean. They were playing Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw. Dan was running his Kromac, Stalker, and Feral combo.

All in all a great evening, and Dan decided he wanted to paint my Khador.

Here is what he has done to my Destoryer thus far. And yes, its baby blue looking. I rather like the shade! And check out the flames in the Bombard. Thats hotness right there.


6 thoughts on “Kreoss meets the Butcher, and a painted Destroyer?

  1. I was just looking at your model, I know you want to go as easy as possible. I think so far it looks great. The last thing I would do is wash it with a extra watered down black or brown wash. That “should” make all the details pop, and keeping it light “should” keep the lighter colors showing on top. I am no painter but it sounds good to me. If you do try it out post some pictures I would like to see it done.


  2. Frankenstein was right about fire, especially PoM fire. You got lucky there, dude. And the model is looking good. Is that grey-blue color going to be the scheme for the entire army?


  3. seraphsong

    Not going to lie, I’m surprised that the fire from being hit by the Repenter didn’t kill the Butcher. I feel like more than half of my losses to Menoth are me being gibbed by fire.


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