Extensively paraphrased Wrath poster spoilers (By CaptSpud)

On the forums there is talk about the new expansion for Warmachine, called Wrath.  Apparently there is going to be some sort of contest as well involving this that was accidentaly posted early, although access has been revoked.  However, Capt Spud of Lost Hemisphere managed to translate the stuff, and posted a VERY Paraphrased spoiler.  If you don’t want to see this stuff then LOOK AWAY!






Ok if you are still here that means you want to see this.  Now, its posted on The General Forums of the PP Boards, so you can read it there. Remember, this is CaptSpud’s doing, and not my own. I just wanted to spread it about because I think its AWESOME.  I am going to put my notes in Italic and Parenthesis on these.

Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet

Connie doesn’t like fighting, but somebody’s gotta do it, and she’s the faithiest and fightiest, so I guess it’s gonna be her! Morrow gave her a really cool spear, and she hits people with it, especially those gosh-darned zombies!  (I think this is the Cygnar caster.  Given Morrow and all that)

Lord Exhumator Scaverous

When Toruk’s posse wants to know something only a dead dude knows, they have the Lord Exhumator ask him. Scaverous is a Necromantic CSI. He keeps ghost cronies around him that he yanks from people he beats up. He’s really ensconced in death, and feeds on chaos to make his magic stronger.  (Cryxian.  Totally Cryxian, and creepy to boot!)

Thyra, Flame of Sorrow

Thyra is the cool kid all the other crazy Menite widow chicks want to be like. Her husband got offed during Voyle’s last little temper tantrum, and she really hates those stupid swans now. She’s so angry that even shadows from hell don’t give her no jibba-jabba!  (Hiya Menoth how are you!  I think she is gonna burn heretics gooood)

Kommander Harkevich, The Iron Wolf

Harkevich is an oldie but a goodie. He’s really good with Warjacks, and uses them to scare the crap out of his opponents. He knows a couple tricks to make them work harder than they were designed to, focusing their fire on one unlucky SOB at a time.  (Don’t care what he does, he is gonna be my next caster.  He is called the flipping IRON WOLF!  Khadorian obviously)

Lord Arcanist Ossyan

House Vyre were some bad, bad boys, so Iosian society gave them an extended time-out. The Retribution aren’t as choosy, though, so they’re happy to let Ossyan tag along and try to redeem his house’s name. He uses weird gadgets and… stuff.  (Another strange Elf.  Retribution caster)

Captain Damiano

Captain Damiano is a Stealhead Warcaster, and knows that to get the utmost out of a soldier, that soldier has GOTS TA GET PAID! He’s really good at shouting at people, making them dance around, and then catapulting them at the bad guys. There’s nothing he can’t conquer, but don’t be bouncin’ no checks, dig?  (I have a feeling this is an Ode to Devilsquid.  A real Steelhead Merc caster, finally)

So thanks to Capt Spud for the Hilarious and interesting peek at the Wrath stuff!


14 thoughts on “Extensively paraphrased Wrath poster spoilers (By CaptSpud)

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    1. gdaybloke

      You do realise that they alternate, right? By the time we get Wrath, Hordes will have had 6 months of continuous releases. Then it’s WM’s turn. Then it’ll be H’s turn again. Back and forth…


      1. gdaybloke

        Just irks me when I hear “Hordes is 2nd all the time”… well, by default, since WM came first, Hordes follows… but it’s not like it’s any indication that Hordes is a 2nd-class citizen around PP’ss office or anything, it’s just the natural turning of the wheel.


    1. Furthermore, each faction forum has a thread about their particular caster which includes the name. So its not like the info aint out there. And this does not invalidate the contest cause you still gotta translate the blurb, just not the name.


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