Look at the Grass! Its so…REAL!

Recently (Today actually), I noticed a post on Lost Hemisphere about the new Malifaux expansion. While that caught my eye, what REALLY got me interested was the new terrain called TerrainClips, which is apparently a modular terrain systme being made by a company called WorldWorks.

From what I can tell, this is going to be a cardstock terrain system where you use Clips to create different types of terrain. So far I have seen the following options, all with a $50 price tag:

Beware the Alleyways!

This one is designed to be a gothic streetscape. Could be good for Warhammer Fantasy’s cities, as well as maybe a few of the Iron Kingdoms cities. It is of course designed with Malifaux in mind, as Malifaux from what I understand needs a large base of Terrain to work. It looks pretty slick, and I am wondering how many configurations it can pull off. Per Tabletop Gaming News, it comes with the following pieces, and when put together creates a 2.75′ X 2′ gaming area. Thats not a full 4′ x 4′ needed for Warmachine, and its kinda small for Warhammer, so if you wanted to use either of those games you would need to get a second set or one of the others.

Contents of Malifaux Streets:
18 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Street Tiles

•10 – Straight Aways
•2 – Bridge Tiles
•2 – Pools
•2 – Alley Transitions
•2 – Blank Tiles
•6 – Turns
•2 – X-Intersections
•4 – T-Intersections
•2 – Dead Ends
•4 – Open Square

36 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Street Tiles

•26 – Sidewalk
•12 – Straights
•18 – Alley
•4 – Alley Transitions
•8 – Turns
•4 – Corners
•24 – Double-Sided 6’X2′ Wall Sections
•24 – Double-Sided 3’X2′ Wall Sections
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature Friendly Functional Ladders
•20 – Hand Rail Sections

Have a drink!Just looking at this image, I am not sure exactly how its supposed to go with anything. Is it an interior setup? Is it exterior? How do you use it? Once again, very gothic and dark, so Fantasy, Warmachine, and Malifaux (its intended use). This one creates a much smaller playing area, at 2′ x 1.5′. So I guess you could take the streets and clip them to the Buildings and end up at roughly 4.75′ x 3.5′ which is about what a normal Warmachine games needs. Not bad, just kinda…pricey to me.

Contents of the Buildings of Malifaux:
8 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Floor Tiles

•8 – Aged Wood
•8 – Carved Stone

16 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Floor Tiles

•16 – Aged Wood
•16 – Carved Stone

24 – Double-Sided 6’X2′ Wall Sections

24 – Double-Sided 3’X2′ Wall Sections

70 – Double-Sided Roofing Components

•26 – Exterior Trusses
•26 – Interior Trusses
•44 – Blue Tile Roofing
•44 – Red Clay Roofing
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature-Friendly Functional Ladders
•34 – Hand Rail Sections
•36 – Modular Balcony Sections

Pretty good amount of stuff. I could see how you could combine multiple sets. Now for the final set, the Sewers of Malifaux.

Creepy is the word I would use to describe this. It definitely looks like a sewer to me, but at the same time I am not sure how you would combine this one with the other sets. I think this would be more of a stand alone set, unless you built the streets or something on TOP of this one (which apparently can be done, so there ya go). It would really fit maybe a theme game, Cryx invading through the stinky sewers to get at delicious living flesh. Total playing area for this set? 2.5′ x 2′. Once again, you would need 2 sets to get a full playing area.

Contents of the Sewers of Malifaux set:

16 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Sewer Tiles

•16 – Straight Aways
•1 – Bridge Tile
•4 – Transitions
•2 – Collecting Pools
•1 – Blank Tile
•6 – Turns
•1 – X-Intersection
•1 – T-Intersection

32 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Sewer Tiles

•24 – Straight
•8 – Drains
•4 – T’s
•16 – Blank
•8 – Turns
•4 – X’s
•24 – Double-Sided 3″X2″ Wall Sections
•24 – Double-Sided 6″X2″ Wall Sections
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature-Friendly Functional Ladders
•34 – Hand Rail Sections
•36 – Modular Balcony Sections

Now all these new terrain options are great and dandy, but this got me thinking. What OTHER Options could be out there? I wanted to find out, seeing has how I may have to start playing at home for a while…

First stop was the site of the guys who created the TerrainClips, WorldWorks Games, and much to my surprise, they create PDF Terrain. What do you mean, PDF Terrain, I asked myself. So I dug in. Turns out, they sell you terrain PDFs that you print out yourself, usually on Cardstock, and then assemble into places for you to play. The good thing is once you buy the PDF you can print as many copies of the terrain as you want! This is pretty handy if you ask me.

The Trees are alive, with the Sound of Arrows!

I mean check this out. A Cardstock forest, complete with waterfalls and things. They have all sorts of options, from fantasy, sci fi, modern, and more. Towns, forests, deserts, ect. Plenty of differet options for terrain and at cheap prices, and reusable, you buy one set and never have to buy it again. That is value if you ask me. Most of the sets seem to be about $20 in price so its not a hard sell.

So Card stock stuff is fine and all, but what if you want more! How bout some modular actual terrain like those in a game store! I found a place that sells stuff at a resonable rate, and they look good and once again, are modular in a sense. TerranScapes is a company that seeks to make affordable modular terrain for those of us who wish for it. I would post a picture, but you can find plenty on the site, and its very much like a standard tabletop you would find. What interests me the most however are the tableclothes. If you don’t want to buy the modular boards, you can just buy a green or black tablecloth made of felt from these guys, and then buy some of the hills, trees, and houses and build your own board. While not as fancy as a modular board setup (And you could get REALLY creative with those boards, already got ideas myself) it gets the job done.

There you are folks! A Variety of terrain options, new to old, that satisfy every gamers budget and likes. I hope this has helped you all find new things to look into.

Happy gaming!

EDIT – I found yet another Terrain making company, this one based out of Germany although a few stores stock the stuff here in the US.  They are Ziterdes


5 thoughts on “Look at the Grass! Its so…REAL!

  1. Makes me think of a combination of roleplaying settings and the Heroquest board game. Could make for some interesting homebrews, but I would prefer to design my own scenery…


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