25 Points of Khador Goodness

Here is my issue with Khador: Too much good stuff! What do you mean, you might be asking me. Khador suxxors or some such nonsense (from those fools who are not a part of the mighty Motherland!)

Well I realized that with the release of the new character Warjack Kits (or announcement, however you wanna call it) I want to run Torch. And here is why:

3 Melee attacks (Yea thats right, that SP6 Flamethrower can be used in melee due to Virtuoso and Gunfighter)

Sustained attack on his saw (awesome)

Immune to Fire and Corrosion

As tough as any Khador Jack we already have.

And a few other things I am probably forgetting. But he is 10 point, which means of course that I have to change my 25 point plans. But I think I have come up with something that will work. So lets talk about it and why I choose the models I did.

– Juggernaut
– Torch
– Wardog
Min Battle Mechaniks
Min Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss

This is 25 points on the nose! So why am I taking these particular options? Lets break it down shall we?

pButcher – I love this caster, and I have decided to stick with him for now.
Juggernaut – Excellent cheap jack, despite that in nearly every game I have played his axe gets knocked out >.<
Torch – I think that under Butcher (Feat / Full Throttle) he will be a powerhouse
Wardog – After playing with this guy, I couldn’t imagine not having him
Widowmakers – Despite my Widowmakers never killing anything, the mere threat of them makes people annoyed
Min Mechaniks – I figure, I might as well keep my jacks running smooth, and maybe with these guys I can keep the Juggernauts axe going!
Min Kayazy Assassins with Underboss – One of the best Tarpits I can see for Khador, and no slouches in melee. These guys can get up to DEF 19 vs Melee via Iron Flesh. Sure, a deviated AOE can knock them out, but that is assuming it deviates onto them. Being Immune to Free Strikes and the Mini Feat from the Underboss is just cake as well.

So there you have it. I think this 25 point list will be the perfect thing to grow up with, and be tough as nails to boot!


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