Planning Ahead: A Second Faction

I have determined that I truly love Warma-Hordes. Why do you ask? Because I cannot stop thinking about it. Even after I quit for those past 6 months, I kept thinking about it, plotting, planning, thinking. I do it while I am at work, browsing the offical boards and The Iron Agenda Network, devouring every scrap of info that I can find.

And it has come to my attention that I want a second faction. Yes, already. You may think me crazy, but here me out.

I have ADHD, or Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder. Basically it is very hard for me to focus on any one thing unless it interests me, and even then eventually, in general, my interest will wane and I will move on to something else. Honestly, I am surprised that Warma-Hordes has kept my interest for over a year now. I think its because I have finally found a game that can keep me coming back, over and over (much like Magic the Gathering does) in that it provides me with a constant variety of options.

However, I am also finding that I really like more then just the Motherland. yea, thats right, I said it…I like more then just Khador.

So I have decided that I want to plan ahead and get a second faction, just a 15 point force for em, so I can have 2 different offerings or options. Lets go over what I like and get you guys, the readers, to give me some feedback on what I should do.

Factions I Like:

Mercs – I still have a thing for mercs. But I would end up playing Pirates because I like the theme they have.

Thornfall Alliance – They are giant pigs of doom! DOOM! Only thing here is I would want to see ALL the minion stuff before committing.

Skorne – Yea thats right. The Skorne. After reading their fluff in the original hordes primal book, and they seeing how their models actually look and play, I have a bit of a thing for them. In all honesty this would be the easiest to pick up since there is a Battlebox available for them.

PoM – Menoth has always interested me, fluff wise and playstyle. Its a very synergistic style of play, with alot riding on the support units. The casters are also all cool.

So, those are the 4 factions I have a thing for beyond my now beloved Khador. Skorn and PoM would be the 2 easiest to pick up honestly, because I could just pick up a Battlebox and go to town. Thornfall and Mercs would be the more costly option.

What do you all think? Should I go with Skorne to get some Hordes action? Or should I stick to the power of Focus and play with PoM? Or perhaps I should branch out to Mercs and Thornfall?

I am curious as to your thoughts and opinions.


5 thoughts on “Planning Ahead: A Second Faction

  1. I was gonna slag you about ‘faction spread’, but then I play four factions! I think a Hordes faction is the way to go. Skorne have great options and a lot of play styles (depending on ‘caster). They are probably the hardest faction to paint (with a lot of armour detail), but you can always get Dan to paint them :-).



  2. seraphsong

    Pick up a Hordes Faction.

    You already have a Warmachine faction, and if the goal is to sate you ADHD, and give yourself a varied experience, then Hordes is the way to go.

    Skorne are an awesome faction, and a lot of fun to play. The Battle Box is fine, but since it is a second faction, I would suggest deciding on a small force that you personally like, and going with that.

    That said, the Minions are awesome too, and Lord Carver is a great model. Doc Arkadius’ art is amazing. I’d probably go pigs, but that’s because I already sold Skorne once, to save space moving.

    Of course, you could just wait for Gators….

    On a side note, you should go to WMW.


    1. Well what I want to do is start with a 15 point “Mangled Metal / Tooth & Claw” force for the second faction.

      Dunno much about Skorne casters yet to be honest, but I do know I like the beasts (Cyclops are just cool as are giant Elephant creatures)

      As for WMW: I cannot afford the time off from work for that. Hence why I asked on the forums about Cons in Orlando. Apparently Cuevas is working on something though. Its a secret of course ;)


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