Upcoming Releases – 08/13/10

So for fun, I have decided that on Friday’s I am going to go over what I think of the “Upcoming Releases” and how awesome they are. So lets go over em right now!

Hakaar the Destroyer:

Now, I am talking about him first not JUST cause I am going to be picking up Skorne (oh, did I forget to mention that? My bad!) But I am going to talk about him first because I think he looks just totally badass. In fact, his mini is one of the reasons I started looking at Skorne at all. He just screams “TOTAL BADASS”. From what I hear, rules wise, he is pretty damn awesome.


Druid Wilder:

So this apparently is the Warlock attachement that Circle gets. Interesting if you ask me. The model is pretty nice, but my friend Dan thinks she has “Cougar Makeup” on her face. Don’t ask me, he is a bit of a nut.

More Circle stuff is coming up, like this!

This is one of the better Hordes book covers as far as I am concerned. Suspected release date? November! Hope you Circle folks can keep your pants on! I know I can! Cause I am not a filthy tree hugger.

And now, the final release of the week:

Cassius the Oathkeeper and Wurmwood, Tree of Fate

So, I just mentioned being a filthy tree hugger. But is that better or worse then being a tree that hugs humans? I dunno. All I do know is that this model is enough to make me consider Circle down the road (Already a 3rd faction. Damn awesome minis >.<)

Yes, that is a serious consideration. I would totally build a Circle army around this lock. COMPLETELY DO IT.

So tune in next Friday when I give my thoughts on the releases for next week.


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