Weekend Review: HeroClix, Warmachine, and MR PILGRIM

Oh man this weekend was a long, awesome, full of pie and rockin weekend. Lets start on Friday night. After work, I texted my friend Dan and we decided to go check out Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Let me say this, straight up. That movie was fucking amazing. If you have any interest in video games, comics, and that sort of culture then you NEED to see this movie. Its a magical fun romp through a world that is like our own in some ways, and not in others. Suffice to say this movie needs more love. LOVE IT FOLKS.

Saturday morning comes around, and me and my friend Dan, along with my wife Jan (yea, I am surrounded by ‘an’s!) get up early and go on the hunt for the HTC Evo. Good god that phone is impossible to find! My wife, after 2 weeks of trying to get this phone gives up and we end up, after waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes outside of a Best BUy, and then going to ANOTHER Best Buy, getting the HTC Hero, which is basically a 3G version of the Evo. Still a fine phone.

We drop Jan off at home, and then me and Dan decide to go on the hunt for an Acostic Guitar for him. He has a nice electric (a Peevey, good stuff) but he wants to learn on an Acostic, as its a bit easier to work with. After going to a few places and getting our souls removed by the Florida heat (seriously, 100+ degree weather, its soul crushing) we decide to go to our respective homes and take a nice shower and rest for a bit.

Afterwards, we head over to Rhubarb Games to get a game of Warma-Hordes in. The place sadly was empty, save for the owner Chris, and 3 other people playing a 35 point game, Khador vs Circle. Comically enough we would end up playing next to them, and I was on the same side of the table as the other Khador player, and Dan was on the side of the Circle player. Hilarious.

So it was our usual 15 point lists (you can find em in my previous posts guys), and I won again, but this time I dont really count it because I realized I read something wrong.

Specifically I read the way the Countercharge on the Wardog worked, and because of that Dan did something else instead of going in for the kill on Butch. He ended up blocking my shot at Kromac with both his beasts, after casting Rift (which deviated and left a small lane for charging). When he did that, I first tried to slam his Feral over Kromac with my Destoryer but missed, so I feated, and charged the Feral with Butcher, which still had reach on the Stalker. I killed both beasts with 2 Focus to spare after the charge (man I love that!) and then I ran my dog into melee with Kromac to prevent a charge. I knew Kromac could jump over the dog and engage Butcher, but I figured I had a solid chance to survive if Dan’s dice failed him.

And dear god did they ever fail him! Kromac, with his feat unused, burned thru 14 fury and did a grand total of 4 damage to Butcher, and thats AFTER he killed the dog. Butcher, camping 2 FOC was at ARM 20, but even then it was just…wow. One roll after another of miss, miss, hit no damage, hit 1 damage, miss miss, ect. It was insane. He should have killed me right there.

So when my turn came, Butcher ate Kromac in 2 swings.

Now, while Dan was thinking on one of his turns, I went to check out all the discounted Merch that Rhubarb had. They had one shelf that was 50% off stuff, which included a bunch of MonPoc stuff, and a few other things, including a starter for the World of Warcraft mini game. I ended up nabbing that for $12, and we went home to try it out.

Now, let me say this: The regular MSRP for the WoW Minis Starter is $25. You get the following for that price.

4 Miniatures (2 Horde, 2 Alliance), prepainted plastic
6 “U-Base” bases
1 Map
3 each Horde Dice and Alliance Dice
Action Cards (2 each for each character)

Seems like a pretty solid deal at the regular MSRP right? You would think I would have gotten a pretty sweet deal? WRONG!

Let me start by saying that the minis themselves are not bad. They are pretty good for prepainted plastics. However, when you start trying to play them game with em it breaks down, and its because of how they setup the game. Instead of working like HeroClix, where the bases are the clix and its already setup, you have to attach the Minis to the “U-Bases”, but they don’t really attach so much as sit on em. Furthermore, the clicking action of said “U-Bases” doesn’t work easily, and its very easy to rip the mini off the base when trying to click it.

Also, the D10’s that came with the game look like someone chewed them up. I kid you not. Its disgusting.

So quality wise, it was crap. Gameplay wise however the game is pretty easy to get the hang of. Dan ended up easily beating me with the power of the Horde. Mechanically the game works off a “beat a target number of 4 on a D10” which is REALLY easy to do. You basically roll XD10 based on the skill you are using, and everything a 4 or higher is a success. On an attack this means a point of damage. Then the defender rolls a D10 for each point of defense skill and each 4 or higher is a block. Its not a bad system but favors the attacker heavily (especially when the attacker rolls 6D10 and the defender can only roll 1D10 on the defense). We never bothered with playing the “advanced” game which involved the action cards because, frankly, we could not stand the way the minis and the clicking worked.

We bid farewell, and then on Sunday I spent my day cleaning my pets cage like I always do, and I ended up going and picking up a HeroClix Classics Iron Man Armor Wars Starter kit, which had 6 Figs, Rules, a Map, 2D6, and character cards. Right away I could tell that the HeroClix game would work better mechanically as the damn clicking was easier to use! The dice were also better quality and actually looked pretty nice, and the rules seemed easy to follow. I will have to try out HeroClix one of these days.

To end my Sunday, me, the wifey, and Dan all went to see “The Other Guys” and I rather enjoyed it. It kinda dragged on towards the end but it was a decent B movie in my opinion.

Wow this post got long. I do have one more thing to talk about though. I found a new game store to play at! With Rhubarb closing those of us who played there have to find a new home. It seems to me however that a few of the “oldbies” don’t want to talk about this eventually until AFTER the store closes, which I think is stupid. You need to plan ahead for this sort of thing. The funny thing is though, I found the store in question when I was looking for a place to try out HeroClix.

Its called Phoenix Games, and they have just started holding Warmachine stuff at their store, on Wednesday nights. This is particularly awesome as Wednesday night is the best night during the week for me to game. The bad part? It clashes with my Magic the Gathering nights… Which means I have to choose each week what game I am going to play.

Sadly, I think MTG might lose out these coming weeks to Warmachine, as I have been doing the MTG Night every week for the last 11 weeks or so, and I could use a change. I also don’t think any of the players will miss me much as they seem to dread playing against me (most of em anyway, the older players don’t mind). I guess they don’t like Infinite combos eh?

So that was my weekend. Crazy eh?


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