DIY Warmahordes Storage Project!

It has come to my attention that I need a way to store my minis. Yea, thats right, I need a method to store them. Now of course there are plenty of existing options, such as:

Sabol ArmyTransport
The Offical Warmachine and Hordes Cases (Cant find a link!)
KR Cases

However, those are expensive. But what if I could do it myself? Just a little elbow grease, and some time, and bam I got myself some storage? Well, a wonderful article that I had forgotten about a while back, written by Mike Geig of discuss how to make your own foam trays using some materials found in fabric stores. Well, oddly enough, I happen to have a Jo-Ann’s Fabrics near my home, and what do ya know? There is also an office depot nearby as well! HUH.

This might prove…beneficial!

So I have decided to do my own Miniatures case, complete with my own foam trays and chronicle my experience making em here. Maybe I will inspire a few of you to give it a shot!

First up, I need to discuss carrying options. I got a few options as I see it:

1. Cardboard Box – El Cheapo way, but doesn’t look good. Good way to start maybe?
2. Bankers Box – Similar to a standard cardboard box only fancier. Prolly not gonna do this.
3. Iris Handy File Tote with Organizer Top – I have actually used one of these as my first mini case, before I got my Sabol Case that I ended up selling (DOH!) It worked REALLY well, and I may just got with one again. The top part holds dice and stuff very well in fact.

So which do you think I should go with, or do you have any other suggestions?


2 thoughts on “DIY Warmahordes Storage Project!

    1. Clayton

      Hey man your idea inspired me. I am loving the DIY system of creating trays and cases. You should check out my post after this one. I actually took pictures and made a video showing what I did to create a tray AND case :D


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