Phoenix Games Rocks! (And 2 Battle Reports!)

If you read nothing else in this long post, then all you really need to know is this: Phoenix Games in Orlando rocks. Plain and simple. Now you are probably wondering what brought me to this realization, this…decision. Well, its pretty simple really. Lets start with some history.

You see, as I have previously mentioned, Rhubarb Games is closing on the 28th, which is about a week away now. The people who play there are still not making any decisions about what to do and where to go after the store closes. They want to enjoy what time Rhubarb has left, and while I feel that is fine, I am also of the opinion that you need to plan ahead.

Now I found Phoenix Games by chance, when I was looking for a place to play HeroClix and try it out. When I found the site I discovered that they were holding Warmachine and Hordes night on Wednesday night, which is my usual games night (usually for Magic the Gathering), so last night I decided to head up there and see what it was like, after I called and spoke with their TO Matt.

It took me about 20 minutes to reach the store, which is about 10 minutes less then it normally takes me to get to Rhubarb. Already I have found a plus, shorter travel time! For me at least hehe. So I walk in and find a nice, clean, large, and well-lit store. In the front were tables for card gaming, and in fact a large number of Magic the Gathering Draft events were going on. As I walked to the back where the wargaming tables were I noticed a group of people playing the Warhammer Living Card Game, and another group doing HeroClix. I sat my stuff down, and glanced around a bit more, noticing the large projector setup which had been playing “The Goonies” (awesome by the way!) and I also noticed the HUGE wall of GW Stuff, along with an entire shelf of foam, and a wide selection of cases. They also had a nice stock of Board Games too. They even had a Searforge Battlebox! Thats old school right there!

A gentleman walked up to me after about 2 minutes, and introduced himself as Matt and asked if I was the guy who had called previously. We chatted for a bit, and then we threw down with a 15 point game. While we were setting up he pointed out the other primary Warmahordes player, named Kenny, who was a guy playing HeroClix. Imagine my surprise when I recognized him as someone I had seen at Rhubarb a few times, who played Cygnar!

I will do the battle reports after I finish talking about the actual store. Suffice to say both Matt and Kenny were a blast to play, and I ended up staying till 11:30 pm (I got there at 7:45pm) just chatting with the guys, throwing ideas out to help build their playerbase as well as giving em the info to the Press Ganger I know, Chris Cuevas (And Chris, if you read this, CALL THESE FOLKS MAN). They really want to expand on their Wargaming in general, both Warmahordes and 40k / Fantasy. Matt told me that he hasn’t found who the PG was in Orlando, hence my giving him Chris’s info (at least what I had, which was the Forum Name! :P) and was trying to do alot of setting things up for the store. Kinda feel sorry for the guy, he is trying to run all the miniatures stuff and a few of the card game leagues 0_0

All in all the atmosphere, friendlyness, and general just feeling in the store was completely positive. Matt and Kenny both work there, but it was also their Night off so they were just guys hanging out and having fun.

So lets talk about the actual games. First up, I faced Matt and his Legion, 15 point game. He ran the following:

– Carniveran
– Nephiliam Soldier
– Shredder

and I used my usual pButcher list (For reference)

– Destoryer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog

We played on a very terrain light board, which was fine, as we both just wanted to throw down and go for the throat. My Widowmakers did a single point of damage to the Soldier early on via Sniper, and my Destoryer actually did 11 to Thagrosh when he had no transfer targets. Which was pretty funny. This of course caused him to pop another Shredder into play (flippin ability!)

In the end, he got his Carnie into melee with the Destoryer, and took it down. I ended up charging the Carnie with Butcher, and killing it (but due to poor rolls on my feat turn, it took ALL my focus), and then the Juggernaut, who was stuck in melee with both Shredders (who did 4 points to it) trampled over them into Thagrosh, and missed with a snake eyes roll on trying to hit the guy.

Thagrosh took the free strike, charged Butcher, and destroyed him.

Matt was awesome to play against. We ended up turning our game into a demo game for some people who seemed very interested in the system, and they started looking at the product line and stuff at the store. So maybe me and him started something.

Next up, I faced Kenny and his Cygnar!

He ran the following uber shooty list:

– Hunter
– Hunter
– Squire
Gunmage Captain Adept
Black 13th

I used the same list as before, as its all I got eheheh. Now, I have faced Cygnar once, it was in a 4 way game, and it was against pCaine and I ended up shooting pCaine with Grim Angus and winning. This was a much different battle.

I spent the first turn moving up, and he took a couple of shots with his hunters at my jacks, and having forgotten to allocate, he did nearly nothing to them even with AP. The Black 13th got a Mage Storm off, killing 2 of my Widowmakers. In reality he was trying to just get the cloud in play to block LOS, but it did something better eheheh. Next turn found my 2 remaining Widowmakers killing his GMCA. My Juggernaut kept advancing, and here is where the game got funny. He threw EVERYTHING into killing my Juggernaut. And I mean everything. Multiple Brutal Shots, Caine at one point dumped ALL his Focus into it, and it took him 3 turns to bring my Juggernaut down. It was HILARIOUS. And the whole time this was going on my Destoryer kept taking pot shots at eCaine, and missing (Needing a 13 to hit I had to boost those rolls.) During this time my 2 Widowmakers take a shot and one of them hits eCaine (10 to hit!) and does enough damage to bring eCaine to 9 boxes. eCaine had enough and took my Widowmakers down himself (took a few tries thanks to Camo!)

Turn 4 comes around, and I take my pot shot at eCaine with the Destoryer.

I boost to hit…need a 13.

My dice come up…. 6 6 5.

We stared. And then we both started laughing. eCaines armor? 13…DICE +1 Damage!

I roll damage, boosting it… Dice come up 6 4 5.

eCaine is splattered… BY MY DESTORYER!

In this game, Butcher did nothing but dole out focus. Hell I never even FEATED.

In both games, my opponents were awesome, and friendly. I cannot wait to go back up there and face them again, and maybe some other people. If I am lucky, some of the guys from Rhubarb will read this, and decide to check this place out as a replacement gaming location.

Till next time folks!


2 thoughts on “Phoenix Games Rocks! (And 2 Battle Reports!)

  1. Chris

    Hi Clay. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been to Phoenix games a few times and spoke to the owner and manager(s). Glad to see that Kenneth is still playing his Cygnars.

    As far as getting warmachine going at Phoenix, the best thing you can do would be to go there every wednesday (or whichever) night and bring your stuff to play/demo with. If you keep on showing up, religiously, things will eventually get going. I can probably meet up with you at least 2x a month, and get a bunch of demo/games.

    Talk to you then!


    1. I should be up there at least 3 Wednesdays a month! Also you want to talk to Matt or Kenny as both are employed up there and are the guys who handle the Miniatures stuff, including 40k / Fantasy


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