Weekend in Review – 8/23/10

Another weekend in review post! Man I do alot of these, but then again I tend to do alot on the weekends. Lets dive right into it with Friday night (And yes, this post will have Warmachine stuff in it, so don’t worry!)

Friday night me and Dan decide to go see a movie, but we are both fairly broke, so we decide to check out the local “dollar theater”. Its actually $1.75 for a ticket but one cannot be too picky at those prices. We show up and go see Knight and Day. That movie was…boring. However we were happy with the experience on the sole count that the total cost of our trip, including our drinks and food was about $2-$3 less then a single ticket at a NORMAL Theater. Around here, our tickets are $10.50 for a normal theater. I spent $6 total, getting a large Icee, Hotdog, and my ticket. Awesomesauce! We saved enough that we went to Steak and Shake afterwards hehe.

Saturday rolls around, and I had volunteered to run the DND Game Day event at Phoenix Games. Yea, I am a nice guy. While there, I spoke to the manager Jeff, who convinced me (via offering store credit) to run DND Encounters on Monday Nights (they have a Wed Night group). Monday Night is adult night, so its 18+ only, which is cool with me. While at the game shop, me and Dan did our usual 15 point battle. The lists at the same as they always are (Kromac vs pButcher) so lets just dive into the fight.

First couple of turns we both slowly advance. Then he sends his Stalker into my Widowmakers with Berserk and Wild Agression on it. It shreds them, and then because he had also cast the Animus on it, it walked towards my battlegroup. My Destoryer took a few shots at the Feral during the advance but barely did anything.

I ended up using Full Throttle to get my Juggernaut into range of his Feral but was just shy of the half inch melee range. This did mean however that his Feral couldn’t charge! Hooray! His Feral proceeded to just take out the Cortex on my Juggernaut though, which made me sad. He also got his Stalker in position for a charge.

I feated, cast Full Throttle, and gave 2 focus to my Destoryer, and upkept Fury on my Juggernaut. I wanted the Feral dead, and I couldn’t allocate focus to my Juggernaut so I had to find other ways to boost it. It used both its attacks and killed the Feral. I had Butcher charge the Stalker, hoping that on my feat I could get some sexy damage rolls to cripple the beast. Alas I did not. I was prepared though to take a few hits.

Dan takes his turn, and does not beast out. However, he does get Kromac into melee with Butcher, and goes all in. Feats, everything, and leaves Butcher at 9. Stalker was healed as well, just enough to get its aspects back up. We then go to explain that Dan should not boost damage with his fury (since he is rolling straight dice) and instead just buy attacks with the Sword. It takes everything the Stalker has, and on the 3rd attack he leaves Butcher with 1 box…and he has one attack he can buy left. He buys it, hits Butchers DEF 16, and thats game.

Afterwards, I ran my DND Game, and the guys who I played with had a blast. We didn’t finish the event, and I discovered very quickly that the premade adventurers that they want me to use for DND Encounters, when inspected, suck. Seriously. The ones that came with the Game Day adventure were not much better. My personal favorite thing was the Ardant who didnt list how many Power Points it had, so we had no idea how many Augments it should have been able to use (levle 4 ardent). Also the Warlock (a CASTER) had mostly front line MELEE Attacks! REALLY WOTC? Is that how you do things? Screw that. Originally I was gonna let the guys playing on Monday night (starting the 30th) to make their own dudes, but what I am gonna do is take the 6 pregens that I have, and rebuild them this coming weekend to make them more…normal. Thankfully the Darksun stuff is out so when I resub to the DND Insider system I can get the updates and make some awesome stuff.

After the DND Event, we went up to board game night with the Mensa Folks. It was fun, we played Quiddler, and Dan got a bit tipsy so I drove us home in his car. His car is very touchy man, the gas likes to ZOOM.

Sunday I spent the day playing some Dragon Age Origins, cleaning my Guinea Pigs cage (yes, I own 2 Guinea Pigs who live in a mansion!), and cleaning up around the house. I also built my carrying case from my last post!

Now for some fun news!

Come November, Owen of the blog Far Far Away is coming with his family here to Orlando Florida, to visit the Kingdom of the Rat (aka Disney for those who do not live here). And on Saturday, November 13th, he is getting together with me with the blessing of his wife to spend the day running around to the different game stores here in Orlando, playing a game at each store! Its gonna be awesome, and I am totally stoked for it. He is even coming up with Campaign rules for the day to make things more interesting, and Dan is going to participate as well!

Also tonight I am heading up to Phoenix Games to play against Dan at least once, and possibly face a few of the others up at the game store in Warmachine fun! And I am driving so Dan can have some beer (its Adult night, so they give people a free drink, beer included)


5 thoughts on “Weekend in Review – 8/23/10

      1. First draft of the campaign fluff –

        Orsus Zoktavir did not consider himself as having a single place he considered home. He spent most of his time in or near battle. That was his home; the sound of slaughter and the smell of ionised air. That was what he longed for. The only place he had ever come close to sensing those homely and familiar things was in the black towered city of Khardov. The choking fumes from its mines and the unmistakable dark aura of the Orgoth were comforting to him.

        It was there two weeks ago that he met Great Prince Aeniv Rolonovik. Orsus did not usually have any time for nobility. Their incessant pleasantries, lofty notions of Empire and misplaced ideas of duty were of no interest to him, but Aeniv was different. He was as dedicated, albeit in a very different way, to battle and slaughter as Orsus. In the Orgoth Keep of Khardov Aeniv had mastered the manufacture of the dreaded Fell Blades, the weapons that drove the Doom Reavers to feats of glorious carnage. It was in the Keep amongst those moaning weapons that the Great Prince told the story that set Orsus on the path he was now following.

        The northerly wind began to scream louder as the Vescheneg Headlands reared up from the horizon. That was where he would find it, the Scourge Bringer, a mystical axe so uncontrollable the Orgoth had sought to destroy it. All they could manage was to divide the weapon and scatter the pieces. In the four hundred years since the Orgoth quit Western Immoren the axe had slowly manages to pull its pieces closer and closer together. Aeniv believed the weapon now lay in three pieces somewhere in the Veschenegs. With his recent exposure to the Fell Blades Orsus was certain he could find and reunite this most reviled of relics. Wielding it in one hand and Lola in the other his unchecked fury would wreak havoc amongst Khador’s enemies. It wasn’t through duty; it wasn’t to protect his home; Orsus was driven to bring destruction to all those who stood against him.


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