Wednesday Night Warmahordes!

Last night was another Wednesday night, which means Warmachine night up at Phoenix games! Sadly, since the community is so small only me and Dan were up there to play. Kenny was there, but he was working so he was not able to participate.

Me and Dan played 2 games, one Scenario, and one Caster kill. I won the scenario match, by Scenario no less, and he won the caster kill.

The scenario game was Break the Line, where you had to hold 2 squares of territory on your side of the table, and 1 of your opponents, without being contested. You could win starting on turn 3 and had to be holding the locations at the end of your opponents turn.

Turn 4 is where I won. My Wardog, who has a command score, could hold an objective, so in a last ditch effort to win (since Dan was hiding in the bushes where I could not reach!) I ran my Dog into one of his territories far away from him where he could not reach, then ran my Destoryer into another one (of mine), and then my Juggernaut into one of my other ones. So I had one unit in each location of mine, and one in one of his. He had to kill me on this turn or he would lose.

So, he only has his Stalker and Kromac left, having lost his Feral in an attempt to kill my Widowmakers (only to be left hanging with a Juggernaut right next to the Feral, and I critted with my Ice Axe!). So he casts Wild Aggression on the Stalker, feats, goes Beast Mode, and charges all in.

Butcher is wide open, with Iron Flesh up and 3 Focus, leaving myself at DEF 17/ARM 21. He hits consistently, and slowly builds up damage. Finally, Kromac is totally spent, and his Stalker has one single attack left, and Butcher is sitting at 7 HP. He needs an 11 to hit…

Rolls 6 6 5! Kenny looks at me and smirks, saying “How does it feel to get nailed with that roll?”

He needs to roll 10 damage to kill me, as I am sitting at 7 and its Dice -3.

He rolls…. 6 and 3.

Leaving the almighty Butcher at 1hp! Win by Scenario!

The second game was a bit more straightforward. I actually decided to try something else out, knowing that Dan always goes for my Widowmakers (he hates leaving them alone because they roll Dice -4 on his caster, and can reliably hit Kromac), so on the first turn after I moved them, I had Butcher Iron Flesh THEM, putting them at Def 17. This game was a slugfest. He got up in my grill fairly fast with his Stalker, but only managed to take down 2 of my Widowmakers, who passed their CMD Check. I got a few shots on his Caster, and did a fair bit of damage (some of which was transferred)

His Feral got a charge off on my Juggernaut, and took out my Cortex in 2 hits, and then did some spread out damage, leaving my weapons with 1 box each. I ended up having to use Full Throttle and my Feat to actually get boosts on the Juggernaut (thank god) and then on my feat turn I charged the Feral with pButcher. I did 21 damage in a single swing, and had I done 25, I would have killed the Feral right there. Alas, I did not :( The Juggernaut had to finish it off, which left me stuck in where I was.

Now at this point Dan was trying to figure out how to kill me, so I decided to help him. You see, I play this game for fun. Win or lose, as long as I am having a good time I could care less! Dan doesn’t have the same experience as me, having for the most part ONLY played against me, and has played maybe about 13 games. I have played about 35ish games, using 2 different factions, and have won a fair share of em (and I am used to playing Dan) so I gave him some tips.

First I advised him to move Kromac up behind the building, but on the corner so he could see his Stalker. Then I suggested he cast Wild Aggression on it. I pointed out that if he charged his Stalker into melee with Butcher and my Juggernaut, I would HAVe to deal with it, because otherwise I would take freestrikes. I then said even if I killed the Stalker he still had Kromac and his feat.

He does as I suggested, and then I explain to him that boosting damage on when its dice -3 may not be the best idea. By taking my advice, he brings Butcher down to 7 boxes.

I then take my turn, and spend it trying to kill the Stalker, and I make a fatal error. One of my Widowmakers was standing behind Butcher, in a spot that would prevent someone from reaching me from behind. I moved it, and this proved to be my undoing. I was also NOT able to kill the damn Stalker.

Dan takes his turn, and ends up jumping RIGHT where that Widowmaker was, enabling him to reach my Wardog, and due to reach, engaged him preventing a Countercharge. He then killed my dog in 1 swing, bringing Butcher down to DEF 17 (I had Iron Flesh up). He then proceeds to buy and boost attacks, and brings Butcher down in 4 swings (may have been only 3, I forget!)

During our time playing a few folks came over and expressed a real interest in the game, one of them asking me how the mechanics worked and really getting into it. Apparently he used to play Mechwarrior, and I explained that this game is not collectable in the same way Mechwarrior is and was. Later on I found them talking with Kenny over in the product section and they seemed genuinley interested, and Kenny told me they were interested in Cygnar, Cryx, and Menoth. Also, another guy who I will be playing DND With on Mondays is apparently interested in Khador.

Oh yea, the plan is working! People soon will be playing Warmachine. I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES!

I did get a few pictures of the store, and one of our second battle showing the turn before my death, and I will get them up when I get home later.


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