Another Weekend, more Stuff

Another weekend has passed us by, and I am yet again trapped in the clutches of the dreaded WORKBEAST 09. This thing has MAT 15 and PS 25 vs my Sanity! It is a character beast you see, from the WORK Faction. I think we have all faced it from time to time. Its pretty brutal.

But during the weekend you are protected from WORKBEAST 09, and I think thats why I love it so.

This Saturday would be what I call a bust. I spent most of it just sitting in Phoenix Games, watching a TCGPlayer Qualifier MTG Tourney going on, and watching Dan paint. It was fine really, but kinda hot and boring. I did however get myself 4 Man o War Shocktroopers and a Kovnick from a friend of mine (using the Kovnick as the leader of the Shocktroopers), along with a Manhunter. So I have 25 points of Khador now. My friend is getting out of the game, so he gave me a solid price on the MoW. He also let me borrow Behemoth to decide if I like him. I am not sure yet as I have not had a chance to run him. He is offering it to me though for $25… and I got him I could run the following 35 point force with what I got:

– Juggernaut
– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Min MoW Shocktroopers

Not the best 35 point list by far, but Full Throttle could alleviate some of the issues.

So as I said, I watche Dan paint his 15 point Circle list. Here are some pics of what he crafted!

Scary Circle!
The Stalker is a Tall Man
Quick, hide from the Flashing Thing!
Rawr. Yea...Rawr.

Tonight I am also going to be running DND Encounters: Dark Sun. I got about 6-7 people who are claiming they are gonna show, I know for sure 4 will be there (Dan, Kenny, Aaron, and Jenn). The other 3 are iffy. We shall see. Hopefully JR and Trotsky will show up for sure.

Aaron and Jenn are very into DND Rping so I hope they understand that Encounters is designed to be RP lite, as it is more of a showcase of the way 4th Ed Combat works and the way Darksun works. I wont stifle RPing though of course.

Finally, I am thinking of getting of finally jumping into Malifaux as both me and Dan are curious. I own the Rulebook but I have not actually done anything with it. I am considering Sonia Crid’s crew with the Witch Hunters as it looks fun and Sonia is an interesting character. That and I have a thing for Redheads :3

Stay tuned for more wackiness to come in the future folks!


One thought on “Another Weekend, more Stuff

  1. Nice Circle picks. I picked up Power Rising for Malifaux last week. I’ve a Lady Justice Crew painted and a Sonnia Crid Crew still in the box. I must get back to it soon.



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