WNW – Kaya vs Butcher, and the North and South team up?!

Another Wednesday night passes, and with it, another night of Warmachine. Last night was interesting. While no one new showed up but a store employee (boo! I know you are out there!) The man Richard, who plays Cryx, showed up with a 25 point Circle army!

He challenged me, and we threw down. He ran the following:

– Argus
– Argus
– Feral Warpwolf
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Woldwyrd

and I ran my pButcher death list (thats what I call it!)

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
Kayazy Assassins Min
– Underboss

This game was interesting. I knew he was playing a new faction, and is still learning how to play Warmahordes (he gets kinda annoyed with the things the models can do, he calls them “cheesy” and “broken”), so I left myself open several times and gave him chances to kill me.

First two turns has me running my forces up as he stays hidden behind a house. Turn 2 has me taking a few pot shots with my Widowmakers at his Argus, but all but 1 is out of range. That one puts 4 damage on the Argus. He then comes out to play. First he wants to try to charge me when he can’t see me so I gotta point out he can’t. So he walks out his Feral and warps armor.

He ends up getting his Pureblood out and sprays my Kayazy, but they are sitting at DEF 17 thanks to Iron Flesh, and he forgets that he can use the animus of the Pureblood to ignore Iron Flesh. By doing this, he leaves space near Kaya for my Kayazy to get in. This happens on my turn 4. I activate Butcher first, walk up, feat, and then cast Fury on the Kayazy (having not upkept Iron Flesh) I then activate the Kayazy, mini feat, and get 2 in melee with Kaya, 1 in melee with an Argus who happens to also be in melee with one of the two who are playing with Kaya, and then the rest get up in his Pureblood and Woldwyrd’s grill. I manage to kill his Pureblood, damage his Feral thru transfers from Kaya (a damage roll of 19 after ARM followed by another 18 after ARM will do that). He ended up using everything he had to kill off my Kayazy and he did about 8 damage to Butcher via a spell and shots from the Wyrd on his next turn. He only had a Feral left but had used it to kill a Kayazy. On my next turn I got my Juggernaut into melee with Kaya via a trample, and then forced her to transfer damage out to the Feral, killing it.

On his turn, he shot me again this time with Kaya, bringing Butchers defense down thanks to her spell, and brought Butcher to 8 boxes left.

On my turn, which would be the last, I loaded up my Juggernaut with 3 Focus, and then cast Full Throttle, taking the free shot from the Wyrd. I survived with 3 boxes left, and the now autoboosted rolls of the Juggernaut ate Kaya.

After that the four of us who were there played a team game. Dan and Richard using their Circle at 15 points each vs Me and Kenny. We went with Mangled Metal / T&C and I could only field 10 points so Kenny took my other 5. I forget what everyone was running beyond what I was doing (Basically the khador Battlebox but with Butch instead of Sorsha)

Flipping game took forever, and I was the first one killed. However during the game I chatted with the new Menoth player and a friend of his, and now his friend wants to get a Skorne battlebox. So it was worth it. Apparently my team lost. I had to leave after I was taken out. Dan ended up getting the winning blow thanks to help from Richard so everything worked out.

Overall a fun night! Hopefully some of the new people will show up next week.


Help me Choose!

So next week is yet another payday, and after doing some budgeting I discovered that I will have some extra cash. This of course means I want to get something.

But what?!

I have a variety of options, and I wanted to ask you good folks, my readers, what you think I should spend my lovely disposable income on. I will use a poll, and I will explain prior to the poll my choices and why I could use said item.

1) Beast-09 – Why would I need this? Do I need to explain it? Right now I only have 2 jacks: A Destroyer and a Juggernaut. Solid choices yes, but Beast would supplement them and give me a 3rd choice. Plus, I could add him to my current Butcher 25 point list and end up at 35, or switch out the Destroyer and fill the point totals with more infantry. A solid option, and a dangerous one to boot.

1a) Another Jack in General like the Kodiak, Spriggin (You suggest something in the comments)

2) Portable Warfare Transport + 2 Foam Trays – I have my little homemade box and foam trays but I have discovered I am QUICKLY outgrowing them. I am finding it harder and harder to cart everything around, and picking up an actual army transport would not be a bad idea. I would not need to get a full loadout of course, but I could nab the Portable Warfare Transport (I could do Local Pickup, hence why choosing this one) and some trays to go in it.

3) WHFB Island of Blood – The most expensive choice. This is for getting into a new game completely, and honestly is probably not my best choice. But…SKAVEN! Also I may be splitting the cost with my friend Dan, where he would take the High Elves and I would get the Skaven. So it could possibly equal out to the same cost.

4) Cryx Battlebox – What? Cryx? Battlebox?! WHAT?! Here is why. I currently have a long term goal of becoming a Press Ganger. To do this, I need 2 Battleboxes for the same faction, painted and ready to play. With the new plastic boxes I could very easily get going on that. Furthermore, I really like the playstyle of Cryx and I am starting to dig the look after seeing some nicely painted figs (Hi Seraphsong!). This would get me on the road to PGhood (considering I already HAVE a Khador Box).

These are the 4 (technically 5) options in front of me, but only 1 will be chosen! But the question really becomes which one?

What do you all think? Please take a second and vote on the poll, and then leave your comments if you wish!

Portable Warfare Sergeant Bag Review (via War Painter)

The reason I am reblogging this? Because I think this is a great review of a product that I personally endorse. It helps of course that I know the guy who runs this company personally (he used to run the LGS I went to before he shut it down).

I got home to not one, but two amazing packages today! The first of which was my PG Order holding my next super secret project (like I needed another one!) as well as the rest of what I need for my 35 point Canadian Bacon force. The second package however, was something that I've sorely needed for a long time. A decent army transport from Portable Warfare! I elected to go with Portable Warfare … Read More

via War Painter

Excitement for WNW (Thats Wendesday Night Warmachine to YOU folks!)

Last night I ran my DND Encounters game, and low and behold one of my players, a current 40k player, sits down at the table with the Plastic Cygnar battlebox! He then tells me he was waiting for these as he likes to do customizing and converting (and already has plans for most of the stuff in the box)

This of course got me excited. Another player? Awesome sauce!

But it got better!

I walked over to chat with my friend Matt (the filthy LoE Player :P) and met his Girlfriend Megan, who it turned out was going to be coming up with her little 15 point Cryx army to face, well, me!

Then I glance over and see a guy buying a Menoth Battlebox (plastic one) and discover that ANOTHER person had gotten the Khador one!

So that brings us up the following players at the store now:

Clayton – Khador
Dan – Circle
Matt – Legion
Richard – Cryx / Circle
Kenny (Leaving in a few weeks :( ) – Cygnar / Trolls

New Players

Megan – Cryx
JR – Cygnar
Kenneth – Khador
New Guy (didn’t get his name!) – Menoth

Plus the store owner / manager Jeff plays Menoth and might start showing up, and another guy who showed up last night claims to have almost every faction but Khador and may show up as well.

Thats a HUGE jump from before.

I am super happy and excited. Looks like my going up every week without fail might have actually been doing something!

In other news?

My gaming addiction / ADHD rears its head. You may have read my post called “My Love / Hate Relationship with Mini Wargaming and how it all started with a 40k starter box involving Dark Eldar…

Well in truth 40k lost my interest, however a game that has ALWAYS been on the edge of my thoughts has been Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I can’t help it, I love the armies, the fluff, the way the minis look when painted, everything. However, I have never really bought into the game.

But now I want to. Why? Different style of gameplay, different feel. Everything. I finally think, after a year+ of Warmachine, that I am ready to try WHFB. However, I am not going to do this quickly. Rather, I want to try my hand at SLOWLY Building a force or army. The Island of Blood Starter SOUNDED like a good idea…right up until I found out that it does NOT include any of the stats for the actual units! You have to own the army books for each. Even with this Reference Sheet (In Spanish I might add!) you don’t really get the full rules for the models available.

So I want to get a smallish force of Skaven to start painting and building. The way I am THINKING to go about this is to start with the Codex, and then maybe a box of Clanrats?

Anyone out there got any ideas?

Oh and before you ask about Malifaux? No one really plays around here. Most of the guys who were interested in it got into WHFB or 40k instead. Bigger playgroups for both those games in my area.

EDIT – Found the Island of Blood Reference Sheet in English –

Dipping Minis (Or How I learned how NOT to do it!)

This weekend I started painting my Khador. I have not made much progress as I was trying to also Dip the minis. I am mainly going for a decent tabletop quality force, and thus far…I am learning how NOT to do it :P

Firstly lets go over HOW I am dipping, and then I can explain what NOT to do.

Basically I borrowed my dads cordless power drill, and I am gluing the base of the mini to a piece of cardboard that has a nail run through it. Then, I use that nail like a drill bit. Dip the mini all the way in, let it sit for a couple of seconds, then remove it. Let it drip the excess off, and then stick the whole thing in a bucket and spin it via the drill.

This works out quite well…once I got the hang of it (for the most part)

Mistake 1 – Gluing the mini directly to nailhead. It does not work at all for Warmachine at least. The issue here is weight. I had my Juggernaut go flying off during the spin, which ruined him even AFTER I tried to shake him.

Mistake 2 – Touching the mini without gloves. Yea, I forgot to get gloves thinking everything would work out just dandy (DOH!) Thus I got the dip (Minwax Polyshades which is a Polyurethane Varnish) all over my hands. And, being an idiot (despite being WARNED) I forgot to get WD40. Yes, you want to get WD40 that stuff will remove the Varnish. Course your hands get oily but hey at least the varnish gets removed!

Mistake 3 – Not letting the excess drip off. Sounds weird right? Well I dipped my Destroyer after figuring out the “glue to cardboard with nail through it trick” and instead of letting the dip set, I just took it straight into the bucket and spun it. Thus the dip didn’t really darken anything. Just made the mini shiny.

Mistake 4 – Flat Area’s will STILL hold the dip so make sure you wick it off somehow. I found THIS one out after doing a Kayazy assassin as a test for what I THOUGHT would be my FINAL test. I got him in, let him drip the excess, and then spun the rest off. However, the back of his cloak and the internal spot on his cloak held TOO MUCH dip even AFTER Spinning, and thus has a big ol brown stain. Thankfully THAT is fixable easily. Unlike my Juggernaut, who is being stripped in Simple Green as we speak.

So what is my verdict thus far on dipping?

Well, it looks good on the FRONT of my mini regardless of the shine, and it DOES do like a wash (mixed with protecting the mini). However, I feel that actually dipping the mini and then shaking is the wrong way to go.

Next test? Treating the dip like a wash and brushing it on. I feel that this will give me more control and work a bit better. Here is hoping I can figure this out (I got how to wash pretty quick, but this is really messin with me!)

Of course I am going to be doing this outside, and I will STILL be mounting the minis to bits of cardboard with nails in em to protect my hands. Or I could just get some cheap gloves.

One or the other. Or I could just wash the damn things.

Maybe I will just pay someone to paint my crap. The only problem with that of course is that I cannot PLAY with it while it is being painted!

I hate painting >.<

The Paint Thickens!

I have my Khador. We know I do, I talk about them frequently (some may say too much?) but right now my entire army is spraypainted a pale blue color.

This bothers me. I have to say that I am not a fan of unpainted minis, but at the same time I hate painting! An interesting quandry you may say! Well, if you all remember I have actually painted an entire army before.

What? You did?

Thats right, I did! You may not believe me, but these images may change your mind.

The Blackstone Kriel

Yup, that was a 35 point Troll Brick that I did back when I was playing originally, before I…tried to quit. So while I may not know all those fancy techniques like drybrushing or highlighting, I at least know how to paint the base coat and do a wash. Which honestly, is all I want (Tabletop basic quality FTW)

I don’t think I will ever be as good as some of the better painters out there (such as GdayBloke, Owen of FarFarAway, Kerry of Warpainter, ect)

Now the reason I spraypainted my Khador was for speed purposes. I wanted a pale almost snow blue color for them, so I got that part done. But now I gotta do the details, the units, the metals, ect. I was originally going to wait till my friend Dan painted my guys, but I am sick of waiting (And painted models play better amirite? :O)

Furthmore, I think that painted models will help build more interest then just metal ones.

Here is a list of the paints I am going to be picking up this Saturday!

Paint Colors:
Flesh Tone
Leather Tone
GW Dwarf Bronze
GW Boltgun Metal

Minwax Dip, Testors Dullcoat

My main reason for wanting to paint them now? The big event happening in November, where Owen himself will be coming here to the states! We have a 3 part Campaign planned that will be between Me, Owen and Dan. You may have seen Owen’s posts about “Scourge Bringer”? Well thats the event. We each will be packing 15 point armies, and the goal here for me is to have at least that 15 point group painted by November 13th.

The 15 points that I am packing?

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer (painted)
– Wardog

Here is hoping that I can make my Khador look halfway decent!

WNW – Abomination!

Last night was another night of Warmachine. I am really enjoying the fact that I can actually play every week and that the store runs their night on a schedule that fits mine. Its awesome.

I got 1 game in last night at 25 points. It lasted a good 2 hours, and was against Matt and his Legion, this time led by Absylonia.

I ran the following:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– Wardog
Min Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss

I was up against a beast heavy Absylonia list.

– Carniveran
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Nephilim Soldier
Totem Hunter

I say that and went blah. Here we go again. Honestly the game turn into a slugfest, with mistakes made on both sides. For example, we didn’t notice that the Totem Hunter had stealth, and I completely missed the fact that my Kayazy lost the +2 DEF in melee after the Underboss died. I also completely forgot to move my Manhunter turn 1 *DOH!*

The game ended after I had killed everything on his side BUT Abby, and had a Destroyer, Juggernaut, 1 Kayazy, 1 Widowmaker, and Butcher left. He had taken out my Axe arm on my Juggernaut who was in melee with Abby.

He was at full fury thanks to reeving, so he used a fury to grant Abby wings after upkeeping Carnivore for free, and chanced the Freestrike from the Juggernaut to charge Butcher.

It takes all but his last Fury, but he kills pButcher. It was EPIC.

Dan played another game as well, against Richard and his Cryx. Dan actually was using Druids along with his usual list, and thus was playing at 25 points (22 actually). I didn’t really get a good look at Richard’s list other then it was very similar to what I played against. Dan won, after rifting the crap outta Nightmare and boosting the damage rolls on Deneghra, and killing his own Feral to get more fury.

Last night made me realize how much fun you can have with infantry, and whetted my appetite to try something a little less front line and more control.

I want to try pIrusk.

Specifically, I had thought up a nasty looking 25 point list that uses pIrusk. What do you all think?

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Max Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss
Max Winterguard Infantry
– 3 Winterguard Rocketeers
– Winterguard Standard and Officer
Kovnick Jozef Grigorovich

Tons of infantry plus targets for both Iron Flesh and Battle Lust. And my feat will not be wasted, and with one Jack I don’t have to be choosey about who gets Superiority, and can load it with Focus. And lets not forget Inhospitable Ground! 14 inch wide Difficult Terrain for anyone but my dudes?