Warmachine Wednesday! 35 Point Throwdown!

Last night was another fun night at Phoenix Games and I got to play my first 35 point game, against Kenny and his Cygnar. Now, I only did this cause I wanted to try out the Behemoth again. I had tried him in a few smaller games (mangled metal) and was kinda not happy with him, so I figured I would give him one more shot in a large point game.

I ran the following, which I know is not optimal. But hey its what I had.

– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
Min Man o War Shocktroopers

Kenny was once again running eCaine. I vaugly remember the following:

– Hunter
– Squire
Journeyman Warcaster
– Hunter
Gun Mages
– Hunter
Black 13th

There may have been a GMCA I don’t remember. There were ALOT of guns. I didn’t take notes or pictures however, I do have a few highlights!

I go first, and had put my Widowmakers on the right hand side facing his Gun Mages. He puts Eiryss right in front of the AD’ed…. So as my first activation for the turn I walk the Widowmakers up. Now he said Eiryss had DEF 18 which would mean I would need an 11 to hit. So I take my 3 shots (the 4th Widowmaker was not in range) and the 3rd shot hits her. I ask her Armor, and I am told its 12. Hey look, dice minus 2! I shoot, and deal 9, minus 2 is 7. Killing her on the first turn with my first activation.

Things sorta snowballed downhill from there.

The game lasted till my 3rd turn. At that point I had both my Destroyer and Behemoth in Bombard range of Caine. So I gave Behemoth 2 to his Subcortex, and 1 to my Destroyer. I used the other 3 to cast Full Throttle and move. I had my Juggernaut charge a Hunter and really cripple it. I had my Widowmakers move through a forest and pop the 2 remaining Black 13th (the first having died to a deviated bombard shot from the Behemoth) and then I take my 3 Bombard shots. Caine had been hit earlier by a deviated one so some damage was on him already.

Destroyer goes first, hits, and does I think 11 damage. eCaine is now sitting at 1 HP!

Behemoth goes. First shot misses and deviates off into LALA Land. Second shot howeveR? Direct hit. eCaine is pasted again.

By Bombards.

From RAT 4 models.


Kenny was staring at the board, laughing his head off. He took an all shooty list and got OUT GUNNED By a Butcher list. That says something to my luck with Dicerolls.

Now lets talk about Big B and my feelings about him. I have run him in a few games, one big the others small and here is what I think.

I don’t like him. WHAT you may be saying? Why?! He is AP and 4 attacks and and and… ect ect. You know what? He is 13 flipping points. Yes he won that game for me. But if I didn’t have him I could have run the entire Winterguard Deathstar (Full WG, UA, 3 Rocketeers, Joe) for the exact same cost. That is MUCH more devestating in any sense of the word! I mean, thats 15 spray attacks! 3 AOEs! DEF 19! Much worse to deal with (although the B13 could hurt them a bit)

Furthermore, Behemoth is a target. He hits the table, everyone wants to kill him, so unless I spend points on Mechaniks, I am gonna lose him eventually. The only reason I got to use him was because the bit of damage that Kenny did barely scratched the big guy. But if you concentrate fire on him you can cripple him fairly quickly. ARM 21 dont mean much against AP and things.

Also his point cost is insane! I could have fit a ton more dudes instead of him and been just as good, if not better.

So I am going to return Behemoth to the man who let me borrow him to try him. I really just don’t need or want the big guy at the moment.

Instead of buying him I am going to buy into Malifaux. Thats right, Malifaux. Me, Dan, Kenny, and Matt are all interested in the game, its small scale, its story/scenario driven gameplay, and the minis.

I am going for this crew:

My friend Dan is thinking of this one:

Kenny, he wants more guns! Mainly apparently because he can use the minis as B13 replacements.

And finally Matt is thinking of this girly:

Hilariously that means that me and Kenny, without knowing, picked the groups who hunt Dan and Matts! Kenny vs Matt, Dan vs Me. Its gonna have to happen.

Finally, in the Tier Fight Event over at Lost Hemisphere I am standing at the top, which makes me laugh.


2 thoughts on “Warmachine Wednesday! 35 Point Throwdown!

    1. Clayton

      I know I am such a rebel, using a RAT 4 model to great effect and happily. Hell I was tempted to add a SECOND Destroyer to make my list 35 :P I could take my current 25 point plan, and add a Destroyer and be at 34. Or I could add another Juggernaut and be at 32 and have 3 points left…for YURI! :O


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