The New Improved Molik-Bullet!

Figured I would share this with the world! Thankfully these levels of insane can only happen at 50 points (and I intend to stop at 35 woot woot)

Here is a link to the thread in question – Molik Karn is killing ur doodz

The jist of this is as follows. At 50 points with the new Wrastler (Blackhide Heavy Beast) you can get Molik Karn into your enemies deployment zone on turn 1.

Here is the breakdown (by Cardboard of the Forums):

Used a 50pt list to do it, basically took every point. In effect, you need to start
W&S + Wrastler
Paingiver Task Master/whatever cheap model to thrown Karn at and kill. Henceforth referred to as a “spotter”

Now, you start 28″ apart. You begin with the Glad right behind Makeda, karn to the right, across from their ‘caster, with the gators next to him.

1. Marketh casts Leash on Karn
2. Paingivers enrage Karn
3. Spotter runs up to be 6″ in front of Karn (22″ left)
4. Wrastler throws Karn up at the Spotter, then casts his Animus on him
5. Shaman walks, Rushes Karn
6. eMak goes, RtW and EoD are cast. She then feats and charges straight down. Karn gets his leash move forward (19″ left)
7. The Glad then goes, Rushes himself, and slam eMak forward at least 3″
8. Karn then charges a Bloodrunner, sidesteps off it into enemy AD model, and then tags their DZ with his reach. (13″ charge, 2″ sidestep, 2″ sidestep, 2″ reach)

There you go. Why skorne can never get spd7 AD.

Honestly, this makes me almost want to stop playing. Alomst, but not quite.

The thread goes into more detail (including apparently a way to pull something like this with eGaspy!) but stuff like this makes me worried.

And people wonder why I don’t wanna play High point games!

Maybe I will stick to 15/25 for a while with Warmachine and instead grow some Malifaux 0_o


2 thoughts on “The New Improved Molik-Bullet!

  1. Moknim

    As someone who played many different games seriously for a long time – if you listen to the forums for any game, then every new spell (or model or ability or change to a current spell/model/ability) is the end of the world.

    Don’t stress – trust that things will be fixed if they are seriously broken (after all it is in PPress’ interest to fix them) and, most of all, have fun.


    1. Clayton

      Yea I am not worried that this can happen as it takes a 50 point list to do it (and I prefer 35 or lower) but the fact that it CAN happen bugs me. Its like…whats the point?


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