Building Interest in the Game

Building Interest in the Game

This is a more extended version of my thread on the offical forums, which can be found here!

Phoenix Games has only been around for a year, and is a combination of card store and Wargaming store. Both sections of the store are well integrated AND well represented. In truth, its like a Wal Mart game store, with a bit of everything from Board games, to RPGS, to Wargaming, to Card gaming. Obviously, the Card Gaming brings in the most money, but they have a small but slowly growing Wargaming group.

The problem? The growth is in Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. Right now, there are 5 total people who play at this store for Warmahordes.

My friend Dan
Richard (an employee)
Matt (an employee and the TO, but not a Ganger)
Kenny (an employee)

So out of 5 people, 3 work at the store and generally 1 to 2 of them are working when Wednesday night comes around. So a few times I have had to play just Dan, which is fine but gets stale. We are both getting used to each others style and its becoming repeative. Last week thankfully I got to play Kenny and then so did Dan, as Kenny was not working. Yesterday I did not go as I had made plans to do something else.

As of right now, Matt is the organizer for the miniatures games (all of em) as well as several card game leagues. He loves gaming, but is starting to get stretched thin. My original idea was to become a Ganger so I could help out but honestly, I am not sure I could make the time to do the organization. So for now, I am just trying to come up with ideas on how to drum up interest in the game and get more people at the store.

The reason I am posting this here? So I can get you guys, the men and woman of the IABN to give me some ideas and input on what I can do to get more people interested!

Throw ideas at me!


4 thoughts on “Building Interest in the Game

  1. Michael Plummer

    Slow. Grow. League.

    I built a community from the level of myself with two battleboxes up to 11 players with 15 pt. armies ready to build up to 35 over three months in a period of three weeks. Create an email list and get people to sign up. Play demos, and be friendly. You can do this.



    1. Clayton

      I dont even know what a Slow Grow League is exactly. I hear alot of people talk about it but have no honest idea what it is, how to do one, anything.


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