The “Orlando Warmahordes Club” Initiative!

If you have seen my previous post, I am trying to figure out how to build interest in the game and the store. It was then that I realized that there are roughly 5 stores in the “Metro Orlando” area, and that increasing awareness for ALL of them could grow the larger community as a whole!

Thus began my idea, last night as I went to bed.

A while back I had the crazy idea of doing a “Wargaming Community” site, but it occured to me that the logistics of that would drive me nuts. Trying to keep up with Warhammer, 40k, Warmahordes, Flames of War, ect, would make me go insane. So this time I am doing something smaller (albeit not by much!)

Thus was born my new Google Group – Orlando Warmahordes!

Of the 5 game stores, 4 of them have forums, and I have posted on them regarding this. Hopefully the TOs of those stores will get in touch with me like I have requested so I can get them to send me info.

2 of the stores are WAY out of my way however, so those I unfortunately cannot visit (those being Paladin Tech and Games, and Coliseum of Comics Kissimee) as they are both an hour+ drive away from me.

So here is hoping this goes somewhere and its not all for naught.


One thought on “The “Orlando Warmahordes Club” Initiative!

  1. How about a league/campaign where it is played in each store for, say 4 weeks, and then there is a final event in one of the stores? The next Shattered Grounds would give a chance to try something out.



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