Yes thats right, MOAR KHADOR! Sorry for the LOLSpeak, but I felt it was nessecary for the effect.

Last night I did my DND Encounters event that I do every monday night, and earned some more store credit (yays!) I hit $30 so I decided to use it and buy a box of Kayazy Assassins, and then I spent $10 and bought the Underboss. So now I have even MORE Infantry to use with my Khador!

On a sad note however, we discovered that the game store got reported for selling/giving booze to minors, which is untrue. You see, Phoenix Games had been running “Adult Night” on Monday Nights, were after 6pm you had to be 18+ to be in the store, and they gave 2 free drinks. If you were 21+ you could get 2 free booze drinks or regular, but under 21 could just get soda’s and things. They were very strict about this, requiring those who were 21 to provide ID which was copied into their system, and they checked it and gave out armbands based on age. So they kept STRICT watch on this stuff.

Because of this, I only have time to do 1 encounter a night now as they will close earlier.

Ah well.

So anyway! Back to Warmahordes talk!

Now I have the following things for my Khador Army:



Kayazy Assassins (Min Unit)
– Underboss UA for Assassins
Man-o-War Shocktroopers (4 models, so Min Unit unless I use the Kovnick as their Leader)

Man-o-War Kovnick (I use him as a 5th Shocktrooper generally)

So I have a pretty good bunch of stuff, all of it solid. I can almost field 35 points. In fact, to do that I would just need a Manhunter:

The Butcher of Khardov
* Destroyer
* Juggernaut
* War dog
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Using the Kovnick as a final MoW, or I could just use the Kovnick as a Kovnick and end up at the same point total.

My question is this: What should I start saving my Store Credit for now? What would you all suggest I get to expand my army further? Warjacks? Another Caster (I was looking at pIrusk)? More Infantry? Solos?


7 thoughts on “MOAR KHADOR!

  1. TonyZahn

    I’d say go for another Warjack. As everyone’s mentioned, Beast-09 is fantastic. I never bought the Spriggan, but everyone loves him in MK2.

    Besides, jacks are a lot more fun to paint that infantry :)


  2. Protagonist

    You have a good base of things, but are lacking some of the key units in Khador. The Kayazy are awesome with a caster with Iron Flesh, so I’d upgrade them to a full unit pronto. I’d also buy the last Man-O-War Shocktrooper, as you might run into a crazed TO who won’t let you proxy the Kovnik.

    If I were you (which I’m not, just being clear ;)) I would look for the following things to add:

    Winterguard + UA + 3WA + Kovnik Joe
    Beast 09
    Great Bears
    Winterguard Mortar
    Widowmaker Marksman
    Gorman Di Wulfe
    e/pEiryss (it’s worth it to own both)

    Probably in that order. Winterguard are just stupid effective with bob and weave (joe) and iron flesh (butcher/sorscha). Sprays, CRAs, unkillable practically, cheap. They make it possible to field a force of nothing but heavies and heavy infantry and still have enough bodies to jam.

    Beast 09 is the best jack Khador has. Period. Fast, accurate, deadly, reach, thresher, done. After Beast-09, the Spriggan is the best Warjack since sliced bread, and eButcher and the Great Bears are just so awesome it hurts (your opponent). eButcher is only last because he’s another caster and you should fill out your units/jacks before you pick up another caster. Otherwise I think a giant raging behemoth who is literally capable of chewing through 20-30 models in a single activation with a giant axe of doom is right up your alley.

    Everything after that is down the queue, but those 5 things should be your next buys.


    1. Clayton

      I was thinking of Beast. I know everyone LOVES the WG (and I do too!) but they are just…so many dudes. 0_o I have enough trouble painting as it is. In fact if I got beast I could drop the Destroyer in my 35 point and not worry about a Manhunter and just add Beast.

      Thanks for the thoughts Protagonist!


      1. Protagonist

        Oh God the Winterguard are so good it hurts. But at least you don’t play Trolls. Kriel Warriors are essentially an autoinclude in some lists, and thats 15 models, but with medium bases and tartan. So much painting …. so much pain!


        1. Clayton

          I used to play Trolls back in Mk1 (but sold em) so yea I know all about those guys. Never used em in Mk1 though thankfully :P The thought of all those models terrified me.


  3. Looks like a pretty solid start. If it were me I would get another warjack to round things out, either a Kodiak or a Spriggan. If more infantry is what you want I’d look at Winterguard Infantry with all their bells and whistles and Kovnik Joe. Iron Fang Pikemen or the Great Bears are also solid options. If you like pButcher you’ll probably love eButcher.


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