WNW – Abomination!

Last night was another night of Warmachine. I am really enjoying the fact that I can actually play every week and that the store runs their night on a schedule that fits mine. Its awesome.

I got 1 game in last night at 25 points. It lasted a good 2 hours, and was against Matt and his Legion, this time led by Absylonia.

I ran the following:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– Wardog
Min Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss

I was up against a beast heavy Absylonia list.

– Carniveran
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Nephilim Soldier
Totem Hunter

I say that and went blah. Here we go again. Honestly the game turn into a slugfest, with mistakes made on both sides. For example, we didn’t notice that the Totem Hunter had stealth, and I completely missed the fact that my Kayazy lost the +2 DEF in melee after the Underboss died. I also completely forgot to move my Manhunter turn 1 *DOH!*

The game ended after I had killed everything on his side BUT Abby, and had a Destroyer, Juggernaut, 1 Kayazy, 1 Widowmaker, and Butcher left. He had taken out my Axe arm on my Juggernaut who was in melee with Abby.

He was at full fury thanks to reeving, so he used a fury to grant Abby wings after upkeeping Carnivore for free, and chanced the Freestrike from the Juggernaut to charge Butcher.

It takes all but his last Fury, but he kills pButcher. It was EPIC.

Dan played another game as well, against Richard and his Cryx. Dan actually was using Druids along with his usual list, and thus was playing at 25 points (22 actually). I didn’t really get a good look at Richard’s list other then it was very similar to what I played against. Dan won, after rifting the crap outta Nightmare and boosting the damage rolls on Deneghra, and killing his own Feral to get more fury.

Last night made me realize how much fun you can have with infantry, and whetted my appetite to try something a little less front line and more control.

I want to try pIrusk.

Specifically, I had thought up a nasty looking 25 point list that uses pIrusk. What do you all think?

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Max Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss
Max Winterguard Infantry
– 3 Winterguard Rocketeers
– Winterguard Standard and Officer
Kovnick Jozef Grigorovich

Tons of infantry plus targets for both Iron Flesh and Battle Lust. And my feat will not be wasted, and with one Jack I don’t have to be choosey about who gets Superiority, and can load it with Focus. And lets not forget Inhospitable Ground! 14 inch wide Difficult Terrain for anyone but my dudes?


5 thoughts on “WNW – Abomination!

  1. Protagonist

    In a word, no.

    In more words, the problem with ST’s is that it slows your army to a crawl, either moving 4″s per turn (less if they are Iron Fleshed) or exposing a significant portion of your lines.

    See, you have to decide what your leading with. In my first list, I’m leading with the Winterguard who are escorting the Great Bears, jack and caster as well as dealing with other infantry threats/targets of opportunity. They get Iron Flesh, the Great Bears get Fury, and everyones happy.

    In the second list, although the Kayazy have Iron Flesh, it’s the Pikemen who are leading, abusing Shield Wall for all they can. You can always keep Iron Flesh on the Pikemen until the Kayazy get dug in, but I have a feeling you might need that extra focus on the dig in turn.

    In a theoretical list with pIrusk, Beast, STs and Kayazy, the STs are the odd ones out. As a leading force they are just too slow (3″ with Iron Flesh) and not reliable enough. As a punching force the Kayazy will get shot to pieces and then you’ve essentially thrown them away.

    I suppose you could run Pikemen with Stormtroopers as kind of a “wall of iron” list, but then your seriously running the risk of having your small amount of models outmanuevered by a faster army and having pIrusk be assassinated (say by a MHA or some circle beast).

    ST’s just don’t really work with pIrusk. Demo Corps, on the other hand, work fantastically. Check it out:

    25+6 points, 19 models

    Kommandant Irusk +6 points
    * Beast 09 11 points

    Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich 2 points
    5 Man-O-War Demolition Corps 9 points
    6 Winter Guard Infantry 4 points
    * Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2 points
    * 3 Winter Guard Rocketeers 3 points

    Smaller Winterguard kit (other option is 1 rocketeer and 4 more winterguard, personal preference) protects the Demoliton Corps as they go out and /destroy/ stuff with battle lust on them. Iron Flesh on the Winterguard, and everyones happy. Plus, since the Demo Corps are second line troops, they can run and don’t slow the army down a significant deal. Plus the large amounts of Winterguard you have will help keeping people all out of your grill.

    But when fielding Demo Corps, you have to look at them and honestly evaluate, “Would I be better with Great Bears?” I find that question hard to answer yes. The Great Bears even have more attacks when you factor in Backswing. o.O


  2. Protagonist

    IMO both Kayazy and Winterguard infantry in the same list at 25 points is unfeasable. Doesn’t have enough punch to get through heavy armor, and dies to a couple of AOEs. Try something like:

    25+6 points, 22 models

    Kommandant Irusk +6 points
    * Beast 09 11 points

    Great Bears of Gallowswood 5 points
    Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich 2 points
    10 Winter Guard Infantry 6 points
    * Winter Guard Officer & Standard 2 points
    * 2 Winter Guard Rocketeers 2 points
    Winter Guard Mortar Crew 3 points

    A better Jack (Beast-09 is by far the best Superiority target in the faction), the full deathstar, some solid heavy hitters (Great Bears) backing it all up.

    I’d also consider running:

    25+6 points, 21 models

    Kommandant Irusk +6 points
    * Beast 09 11 points
    * War Dog 1 point

    Great Bears of Gallowswood 5 points
    6 Iron Fang Pikemen 5 points
    * Iron Fang Officer & Standard 2 points
    6 Kayazy Assassins 5 points
    * Kayazy Underboss 2 points

    Iron Flesh goes on the Kayazy, Battle Lust on the Iron Fangs or Great Bears, and then spend the rest of your focus blasting/shooting away. Inhospitable Ground + Shield Wall’d battle lusted Iron Fangs is just gross.

    Also, at 25 points, be prepared to protect your Superioritied jack like its your firstborn child. Against some lists, when that thing dies, you just lose.


    1. Clayton

      Could you work the second list to use MoW ST’s instead of IFP? Would it work out as well?

      Only reason I ask is because I already have MoW ST’s hehe.


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