Excitement for WNW (Thats Wendesday Night Warmachine to YOU folks!)

Last night I ran my DND Encounters game, and low and behold one of my players, a current 40k player, sits down at the table with the Plastic Cygnar battlebox! He then tells me he was waiting for these as he likes to do customizing and converting (and already has plans for most of the stuff in the box)

This of course got me excited. Another player? Awesome sauce!

But it got better!

I walked over to chat with my friend Matt (the filthy LoE Player :P) and met his Girlfriend Megan, who it turned out was going to be coming up with her little 15 point Cryx army to face, well, me!

Then I glance over and see a guy buying a Menoth Battlebox (plastic one) and discover that ANOTHER person had gotten the Khador one!

So that brings us up the following players at the store now:

Clayton – Khador
Dan – Circle
Matt – Legion
Richard – Cryx / Circle
Kenny (Leaving in a few weeks :( ) – Cygnar / Trolls

New Players

Megan – Cryx
JR – Cygnar
Kenneth – Khador
New Guy (didn’t get his name!) – Menoth

Plus the store owner / manager Jeff plays Menoth and might start showing up, and another guy who showed up last night claims to have almost every faction but Khador and may show up as well.

Thats a HUGE jump from before.

I am super happy and excited. Looks like my going up every week without fail might have actually been doing something!

In other news?

My gaming addiction / ADHD rears its head. You may have read my post called “My Love / Hate Relationship with Mini Wargaming and how it all started with a 40k starter box involving Dark Eldar…

Well in truth 40k lost my interest, however a game that has ALWAYS been on the edge of my thoughts has been Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I can’t help it, I love the armies, the fluff, the way the minis look when painted, everything. However, I have never really bought into the game.

But now I want to. Why? Different style of gameplay, different feel. Everything. I finally think, after a year+ of Warmachine, that I am ready to try WHFB. However, I am not going to do this quickly. Rather, I want to try my hand at SLOWLY Building a force or army. The Island of Blood Starter SOUNDED like a good idea…right up until I found out that it does NOT include any of the stats for the actual units! You have to own the army books for each. Even with this Reference Sheet (In Spanish I might add!) you don’t really get the full rules for the models available.

So I want to get a smallish force of Skaven to start painting and building. The way I am THINKING to go about this is to start with the Codex, and then maybe a box of Clanrats?

Anyone out there got any ideas?

Oh and before you ask about Malifaux? No one really plays around here. Most of the guys who were interested in it got into WHFB or 40k instead. Bigger playgroups for both those games in my area.

EDIT – Found the Island of Blood Reference Sheet in English –


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