Help me Choose!

So next week is yet another payday, and after doing some budgeting I discovered that I will have some extra cash. This of course means I want to get something.

But what?!

I have a variety of options, and I wanted to ask you good folks, my readers, what you think I should spend my lovely disposable income on. I will use a poll, and I will explain prior to the poll my choices and why I could use said item.

1) Beast-09 – Why would I need this? Do I need to explain it? Right now I only have 2 jacks: A Destroyer and a Juggernaut. Solid choices yes, but Beast would supplement them and give me a 3rd choice. Plus, I could add him to my current Butcher 25 point list and end up at 35, or switch out the Destroyer and fill the point totals with more infantry. A solid option, and a dangerous one to boot.

1a) Another Jack in General like the Kodiak, Spriggin (You suggest something in the comments)

2) Portable Warfare Transport + 2 Foam Trays – I have my little homemade box and foam trays but I have discovered I am QUICKLY outgrowing them. I am finding it harder and harder to cart everything around, and picking up an actual army transport would not be a bad idea. I would not need to get a full loadout of course, but I could nab the Portable Warfare Transport (I could do Local Pickup, hence why choosing this one) and some trays to go in it.

3) WHFB Island of Blood – The most expensive choice. This is for getting into a new game completely, and honestly is probably not my best choice. But…SKAVEN! Also I may be splitting the cost with my friend Dan, where he would take the High Elves and I would get the Skaven. So it could possibly equal out to the same cost.

4) Cryx Battlebox – What? Cryx? Battlebox?! WHAT?! Here is why. I currently have a long term goal of becoming a Press Ganger. To do this, I need 2 Battleboxes for the same faction, painted and ready to play. With the new plastic boxes I could very easily get going on that. Furthermore, I really like the playstyle of Cryx and I am starting to dig the look after seeing some nicely painted figs (Hi Seraphsong!). This would get me on the road to PGhood (considering I already HAVE a Khador Box).

These are the 4 (technically 5) options in front of me, but only 1 will be chosen! But the question really becomes which one?

What do you all think? Please take a second and vote on the poll, and then leave your comments if you wish!


10 thoughts on “Help me Choose!

  1. a

    Are you sure you mean 2 starter boxes from the same set? I read “different” on the website which is what you seem to imply by going with Cryx instead of Khador.


  2. M

    Go for Beast-09 or the Cryx set. Beast is…well…a beast and will get fielded with a lot of your lists (very flexible so a great buy). Also he is pretty quintessentially Khador – big axe meets face.

    So the question is whether you want to expand your current force or start a new one. I can’t answer that for you.


  3. If it were me I would go for Beast-09, it’s invaluable for Khador.

    If you’re looking for army transportation on the cheap you can get a yard of high density foam from Joann’s or similar fabric stores for under $10. They have any thickness you would want and you get a ton for dirt cheap.

    Every time GW comes out with a new starter box I look at all the minis in there and think it looks super cool. I got out of Fantasy and 40k a few years ago but from what I’ve heard from people who still play fantasy you need to spend a LOT of money to get your army to the point where it is even fun. People also seem pretty down on Fantasy as of the newest rule set, but I don’t know if that’s valid criticism or resistance to change. If playing GW games is fun for you then go for it, but I’d caution you to see if you could get a demo game somewhere before investing.


  4. Jake

    I was definitely eyeing the Kodiak option (I just love that ‘jack for some unknown reason) until I got down to the last choice. As a fairly new Cryx player myself, I had to do what I could to get you to join in on the necrotite, soul stealing, arc noding fun.

    For Toruk! :)


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