WNW – Kaya vs Butcher, and the North and South team up?!

Another Wednesday night passes, and with it, another night of Warmachine. Last night was interesting. While no one new showed up but a store employee (boo! I know you are out there!) The man Richard, who plays Cryx, showed up with a 25 point Circle army!

He challenged me, and we threw down. He ran the following:

– Argus
– Argus
– Feral Warpwolf
– Pureblood Warpwolf
– Woldwyrd

and I ran my pButcher death list (thats what I call it!)

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
Kayazy Assassins Min
– Underboss

This game was interesting. I knew he was playing a new faction, and is still learning how to play Warmahordes (he gets kinda annoyed with the things the models can do, he calls them “cheesy” and “broken”), so I left myself open several times and gave him chances to kill me.

First two turns has me running my forces up as he stays hidden behind a house. Turn 2 has me taking a few pot shots with my Widowmakers at his Argus, but all but 1 is out of range. That one puts 4 damage on the Argus. He then comes out to play. First he wants to try to charge me when he can’t see me so I gotta point out he can’t. So he walks out his Feral and warps armor.

He ends up getting his Pureblood out and sprays my Kayazy, but they are sitting at DEF 17 thanks to Iron Flesh, and he forgets that he can use the animus of the Pureblood to ignore Iron Flesh. By doing this, he leaves space near Kaya for my Kayazy to get in. This happens on my turn 4. I activate Butcher first, walk up, feat, and then cast Fury on the Kayazy (having not upkept Iron Flesh) I then activate the Kayazy, mini feat, and get 2 in melee with Kaya, 1 in melee with an Argus who happens to also be in melee with one of the two who are playing with Kaya, and then the rest get up in his Pureblood and Woldwyrd’s grill. I manage to kill his Pureblood, damage his Feral thru transfers from Kaya (a damage roll of 19 after ARM followed by another 18 after ARM will do that). He ended up using everything he had to kill off my Kayazy and he did about 8 damage to Butcher via a spell and shots from the Wyrd on his next turn. He only had a Feral left but had used it to kill a Kayazy. On my next turn I got my Juggernaut into melee with Kaya via a trample, and then forced her to transfer damage out to the Feral, killing it.

On his turn, he shot me again this time with Kaya, bringing Butchers defense down thanks to her spell, and brought Butcher to 8 boxes left.

On my turn, which would be the last, I loaded up my Juggernaut with 3 Focus, and then cast Full Throttle, taking the free shot from the Wyrd. I survived with 3 boxes left, and the now autoboosted rolls of the Juggernaut ate Kaya.

After that the four of us who were there played a team game. Dan and Richard using their Circle at 15 points each vs Me and Kenny. We went with Mangled Metal / T&C and I could only field 10 points so Kenny took my other 5. I forget what everyone was running beyond what I was doing (Basically the khador Battlebox but with Butch instead of Sorsha)

Flipping game took forever, and I was the first one killed. However during the game I chatted with the new Menoth player and a friend of his, and now his friend wants to get a Skorne battlebox. So it was worth it. Apparently my team lost. I had to leave after I was taken out. Dan ended up getting the winning blow thanks to help from Richard so everything worked out.

Overall a fun night! Hopefully some of the new people will show up next week.


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