WNW: This ones for you Kenny!

Last night was Kenny (our Cygnar Player) last night at the store. He is moving out of state, so last night we had a GRUDGE MATCH! I will get into that in a minute, but first I wanted to welcome 2 new players, with Pictures no less! Yea I finally remembered to take my camera.

Richard vs New Guy!

First up we have a gent who plays Skorne, and I completely blanked out on his name. Sorry dude. When I got to the store he was playing against Richard.  Richard is the older gent.

The other new player I believe is Carson (Could be wrong here) and he was playing against our new Trollblood player Russell. Now I will point out that apparently both these “new” players are new to our store only, they have been playing since Mk1. Russell in the Ginger by the way, just FYI.

Russ vs Carson! The Battle is Met!

Now on to me vs Kenny! It was a 25 point match, and we both tried to mix things up a bit. Kenny ran a pStryker list:

– Ironclad
– Lancer
– Squire
Min Stormlancers
Black 13th

I ran a test of my possible pButcher tourney list, which involves me Jack Marshalling!

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Min Kayazy
– Underboss
Koldun Lord
– Destroyer

Kenny awaits his fate!

There be our deployment. Well his really, you cannot see mine very well. Just keep in mind Butcher is behind the Kayazy.

We roll and I won, making him setup and go first. He deploys as you see, and then I deploy as you can see.

First turn has him running things up, clogging up the openings I have. I move things up, running the Kayazy, casting Iron Flesh on them with pButcher, running the Juggernaut up, and then activating the Widowmakers. I am able to draw a bead, barely, on the B13 member who can negate Stealth, but I cannot kill him (I miss with 3 shots, and only do 3 damage with the 1 shot I connect with at DICE -1!) The Lord and his Jack Buddy just move up and take a pot shot at Laddamore, missing and hitting the Lancer on my deviation. I don’t even scratch the things paint. He also had cast Arcane Shield on the Lancers, Blur on Laddamore, and Snipe on the B13.

End of Turn 1

On turn 2 he upkeeps his spells, and charges his Stormlancers and Laddamore into the Kayazy using Assault. Now I am not sure if the shots during the assault move happen after you move or before (Stealth would be a factor if they happen before!) but we let him shoot. His missed all his shots, and impact hits, but with Laddamore and one of the Lancers he actually HITS with the blasted regular attack! He thus kills 4 total Kayazy thanks to the damn autohitting POW 12s. His Black 13th kill 3 of the Widowmakers with the Mage Storm attack, and everything else just advances. This is where Kenny made a mistake. He forgot to allocate focus! He also feats on this turn, giving most of his army +5 ARM save for the 2 lead Stormlancers.

On my turn I drop Iron Flesh from the Kayazy, and give my Juggernaut 3 Focus, leaving Butcher with 3. I pass all my CMD Checks, have my Widowmaker shoot and miss, my Koldun Lord gives the Destroyer a focus, and it shoots and misses and deviates into nothing. My Kayazy activate, mini feat, and begin the shenanigans. One charges into the back of one of the NON Feat covered Stormlancers, the other stays in B2B with that same Stormlancer for the Gang Bonus, and my Underboss charges into the one that was freed up when the 1st guy left to tie it up. Thanks to the charge and Gang, I am able to one shot the Stormlance even at Dice -8 (I rolled HILARIOUSLY High). Now I have a shot to get Juggernaut into B2B with Laddamore, so I trample over my own Kayazy, missing it and NOT Taking my freeshot, and then trying to murder Laddamore. I miss a few times and do a grand total of….3 damage. Yea, 3 focus Warjack does 3 damage to her thanks to that bloody feat and the fact that I kept MISSING.

Butcher then charges the OTHER standing nonfeat protected Stormlancer and kills it in one blow, and then Iron Fleshes himself for protection.

Turn 3 has Kenny on the Ropes. He kills my last Widowmaker with the Black 13th, tries to kill my Koldun Lord and fails with them, and then forgets to give focus AGAIN. He arcs an Earthquake through a repositioned Lancer and missed Butcher, but deviates and hits the Ironclad. Laddamore then scratches the Ironclad’s paint.

On my turn I give the Juggernaut 3 full focus, and upkeep Ironflesh. I shake him off to stand him. I then have my Underboss charge Laddamore, killin her off her horse. I move my Koldun Lord and spray, missing Laddamore but hitting and killing the Stealth Removing guy of the B13 and the Lancer. I then have my Wardog charge Laddamore and kill her, and have Butcher just walk up and kill the Stormlancer although I have to buy a second hit. My Ironclad tramples and ties up his jacks, and barely hurts the damn Ironclad. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to charge Magestorm lady and ties her up.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4 is where it falls apart for Kenny. He gives the Lancer 3 focus and the Ironclad 3 focus. The Ironclad knocks my Juggernaut down with its tremor attack, and thus frees up the Lancer. The Ironclad then tries its best to crush my Juggernaut but doesnt do enough to take out any systems. The Black13th member who gives Prowl kills my dog (POOCHY NO!!!!) and Ryan tries to hurt my Destroyer and barely does anything. The Lancer then charges Butcher. And does 3 damage to him.

On my turn I give 3 focus to the Juggernaut and upkeep Iron Flesh, and then start having fun. I spray down hitting Stryker but missing with the Lord. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to get an extra attack, misses on the first swing and hits on the second crushing Ryan. Then Butcher activates, feats, and completely totals the Lancer in 2 hits. Juggernaut activates, stands by dropping its movement, and destroyers the Ironclad. This leaves poor Kenny with Stryker, a spent Squire (he had pulled the focus each turn starting on turn 2) and 1 member of the B13.

The final turn, turn 5. The B13 member left kills my Lord, deactivating my Destroyer. Stryker comes in with full focus and cripples my Axe and Cortex on my Juggernaut, but does not do enough to kill it after burning ALL his focus. My turn, I drop Iron Flesh from Butcher and keep all 6 Focus. My Juggernaut moves out of the way and tries to hit Stryker but fails. I then charge with the Butcher, having JUST enough distance to get Stryker at the edge of my reach due to the wreck. My first swing does 14 damage, leaving Stryker with 2 healther. Second swing I boost the hit and damage, and crush him.

Its the FINAL TURN!!!

This game was an absolute drag out knockdown fight. It was brutal, fun, but very draining. Afterwards, I got into a 15 point game against Richard, and he endep conceeding when he realized he had killed nothing on my side but a Manhunter and I had destroyed 2 of his 3 beasts with little effort. I did get a funny picture though during that match where it appears that my Kovnick (I was testing him as a Jack Marshal in this one) is having a discussion his pet Destroyer.

"I think we should go out for a nice drink after this, what do you think"

Overall it was a great night and I hope to see the two “new” guys in more often. One of them MAY end up working at the store so that would be awesome.

And Kenny?  You will be missed man! 


It’s done. Its decided!

I am going with Minions as my horde faction. Why you might ask?



I mean…just look at him. JUST LOOK. He is awesome. Now I am gonna wait till I get the Minions Book in December before I start planning, but I am going to start saving now. I got a good solid Khador group that can play at 35 or lower which works for me, so now my saving is going to be towards the mighty Minions!

Now the question is…Pigs or Gators?!

Thoughts on “DND Encounters”

While I have not started playing Season 3 I have in fact been reading about it, learning about it and planning ahead for it. My FLGS is a bit behind in Encounters sadly, but thats fine as we don’t really care.

However, I have come to a few realizations about Encounters, its design, and what I think about the system as a whole, as well as a few specifics towards Seasons 3.

Firstly, the encounter packages / modules are designed to showcase the new products. I get that. Darksun is designed to show off Darksun and apparently Season 3 is designed to promote the new Essentials line. My beef with this is the restrictiveness that people can feel when playing this. Darksun for example is designed to be this horrifc and painful thing, with fights that push you to the limit constantly. The first 5 battles in fact are to be played without an extended rest, pushing a party to its limits. In my groups case, they hit the end with half of them having zero surges left, and they got 1 back thanks to the skill test.

However season 3 is going to be more slow going from the sound of it, as its designed around the “newbie” set. In fact, they encourage people to make their own characters using that set! My group would not be keen on that, I can tell you right now, and I refuse to follow that restriction.

Next up is the time thing. Encounters is “designed” to be played 1 encounter an evening, which is about 2-3 hours depending on the group and time constraints. In our case, we get 2 hours. Which means of course that I have to start exactly at 8pm EST and end by 10pm EST due to store hours. The problem? What happens if the encounter takes too long? Do you declare it a loss? Do you move on? Do you start from that point next week which delays the whole “plan”?

Furthermore, Season 3 actually is designed to allow for Roleplay. This is good in general, but bad with the base design of Encounters! Now I either A) Have to squash Roleplaying or B) try to rush through the fights! Even if I had 3 hours to play an encounters session that could STILL not be enough. Hell, when I used to play regular DND for 8 hours in a sitting we would get maybe 2-3 battles. Thats 3-4 hours per battle, including roleplaying, exploring ect. Encounters is not really built for that.

So if Season 3 wants us to roleplay….what the hell am I as the DM supposed to do?! Make each encounter take 2 nights? 1 night of RP, one night of FIGHT? Thats not very satisfying. Half the fun is Fighting, and my group is pretty combat thirsty. I know if given the chance they WILL roleplay but… ARG. Its one of those things that drives me nuts.

Final problem with Encounters is the actual product. Spelling errors, typos, characters built in odd ways. In general, its pretty poor. Yea its free, but when fights are designed in the stat blocks one way and the map shows a completely different setup it makes running them harder.

Overall I like the idea behind Encoutners but its not just designed well enough to work. Maybe if they went back to the Delve idea where each week we got a new encounter to battle and people could keep their characters and earn points or something.

Like each time you fought with this character you earned a certain number of points, and then at certain levels you earned rewards, like coupons, discounts, special content, character perks and so on. You could even advance the characters a level every 5 weeks just like Encounters, to give everyone a power boost, and do a reset. It would be like a ladder.

Basically an arena fight every week. People can easily drop in an out, and the fights and arena’s can be changed to fit the theme of the fights.

But that makes too much sense don’t it?

WNW: Newbies Ho!

I think its finally working! We actually had 2 new people show up to Wednesday Night Warmachine at Phoenix Games last night, and I played against both!

First we had JR, a friend of mine who I knew back in High School! He has been playing our Monday Night DND Encounters (we run it Monday nights to keep from conflicting with Wednesday Night Drafts). He has been an avid 40k player and LOVeS to do Conversions and MOdifications. Our TO and most of our player’s don’t care about conversions as long as we know what it is, so he already messing with his battlebox. For example, Stryker is now impaling a Space Marine with his sword while he blows his brains out. He even has the exit wound modeled. Kinda creepy.

Anyway, it was the Khador Battlebox vs the Cygnar Box for my first game. It was hilarious. JR was of course learning and I was showing him the kind of things people can do in this game, including my 19′ Sorsha charge! For those who don’t know:

pSorsha casts Wind Rush first. Moves 6 inches. Then she casts Boundless Charge which gives her +2 Movement on a Charge. Then she declares a charge on her target. 6 + 3 + 2 = 11 inch charge, with 13 inch threat due to Reach. Add in the 6 you already moved due to Wind Rush and you have a 19in total distance you can get across the board. So on turn 3 I did that, got in range, and before my Charge Attack popped my feat and brought Stryker to 3 boxes!

Oh and as a side note: His Lancer was squaring off with my Juggernaut and thanks to his damn Shock Shield he fried my Juggernauts Cortex in one turn (Charge and got 2 of the cortex boxes and then hit with the shield to kill the last box!)

Then for the NEXT 3 TURNS we sat in base to base, trying to kill each other. On the 1st he popped his feat and brought Sorsha to 1 box! 1. Single. Box. Turn after that I could not hit him, turn after that he could not hit me, and finally on the 3rd round of beatings I got him and killed him. He had a blast.

He ended up facing Richard and Richard’s Battlebox of Circle, but I have no idea how that ended.

My next game was against a new Trollblood player who had traded some of his 40k stuff to Kenny (The Cygnar Player) for his Trollstuff. Kenny gave him a kind of…odd setup. Grim, Bushwhackers, Blizter, and then 2 Impalers and an Axer along with a Fell Caller. Not BAD but this guy wanted to roll up in Melee. I let him Proxy a caster of his choosing and per his wants, we played 15 total points. I brought my usual 15:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog

He decided to try pMadrak!

– Axer
– Impaler
– Impaler
Bushwhackers (Min)

Madrak and the Bushwhackers dealt with my Widowmakers within the first 2 turns. My Widowmakers were only able to kill 2 Pygs! Sadness.

His Axer got a charge off on my Juggernaut and was able to knock out the Juggernauts left arm (open fist) and movement. My Juggernaut then crushed the axer. Butcher was sitting with Iron Flesh and I didn’t want to drop it, so I actually USED the Butchers gun on an Impaler!

The win came after a flurry of ranged attacks from his 2 Impalers and Madrak on Butcher, dealing 12 total points to me. But he made once crucial mistake.

He left Madrak with 1 fury and in clear view of Butcher, and in charge range.

My turn has me feat, drop Iron Flesh, and charge. I bring Madrak to a tough roll in 2 swings….and HE MAKES A TOUGH ROLL! So I buy another attack, force another tough roll, and he fails that one.

All in all a fun game!

Both guys seemed to have fun and were actually excited about prospects of expanding. Hopefully when the 25 point tourney comes around on the 30th they will be there.

Warcaster Synchronization – By Iktah

(Another interesting post made by Iktah of the PP Forums. The original can be found here – http://privateerpressforums.com/showthread.php?38430-Warcaster-synchronization)

The basics of your game:

There are so many things that are unique to this game and it has so much color and depth, especially compared to other games in the same scale as this one. But one thing that is truly unique is warcasters and how well they have transfered them from the fluff to the actuall game. Warjacks, warlocks and warbeasts and the balance which exists between them and synergy are all there from the fluff and it is really synergy that capitalize this game. This game is all about finding and exploiting synergy in the faction’s unit rooster.

In my opinion the warcaster or a warlock is the point of origin, the controlling circuitry from which all thought and motion derives from during battle. This game is fascinating since it portraits the essence of the story which is Warmachine at tabletop level.

The excellence of Warmachine lies in the thought that the warcaster when going to battle, by his will delivers punishment to whatever stands in his way. By his hand and the iron constructs that is the warmachines of the iron kingdoms. He is the point of origin from which the plan of attack originates. He is a conduit of mental thought. how operates as a unit can be transferred to tabletop level from the fluff and that is one of the strengths of this game.

But sadly it is one that synergy that should exist between a warcaster can sometimes be misunderstood. Some people see the warcaster as a unit in the field with focus, spells, abilities and a feat. They also notice when reading the rules that a warcaster has the option of augmenting himself with focus or augment a warjack with it instead making it more accurate when trying to land hits on the enemy or dealing damage.

More or less they see him as a separate unit from his warjacks; most players do, so this is not a new guy syndrome. I think this mental picture of them being separate comes from the fact that they don’t share the same activation. Consider that when you boost to hit or to damage that extra D6 of accuracy or damage actually originated from your warcaster. Here we can actually see the focus and its point of origin.

Understanding the warcaster/warlock role:

Consider how much impact your warcaster actually has. The warcaster affects your choice of warjacks, units and solos. They all are chosen to maximize usage of warcaster spells, abilities or feats. Yet again the warcaster has become the point of origin. By saying this which is to most senior players common knowledge I hope to address one thing and one thing only. The mental picture that a warcaster and the warjack he/she controls should be used to augment his/her strengths and compensate for her weaknesses and should be used as a singular source of force directed at the enemy.

Lessons form Hordes:

A Warlock works in the exact opposite way than a Warcaster. I have heard so many players, especially in my local meta when explaining to new players just entering the hobby that Warmachine is a system which works in this way and Hordes works in a different way not similar to warmachine and I have a preference for this over that etc. I say that it is actually wrong to separate them in that way since a warlock works in the exact opposite way than a warcaster.

A warlock depends upon warbeasts in two ways the first being that the warbeasts is her source of Fury. If you look at the way Fury is generated a warlock leaches fury of of her warbeasts so they become in a way the source of her power. The source of Fury is a warlock’s warbeasts. The example shows that Focus/fury in warmachine wanders from caster to warjack and is then put into effect. In hordes it doesn’t originate from the warlock but the warbeast making them opposites of a one. Since the effect of Focus and Fury is to charge an effect (boosting, activating abilities, spells, animi)

The Focus/Fury systems in two simple ways:

Warcaster (origin) -> Warjack (conduit) -> Effect (boosting, activating abilities, armor increase etc)
Warbeast (origin) -> Warlock (conduit)-> Effect (boosting, spells, animi, abilities, transfers etc)

The Warcaster and the Steamjack:

Everything that requires focus of your warjacks has its origins in the warcaster. A boost to damage is the warcaster dealing an extra D6 to damage during models activation, a spell to increase warjacks strength is also damage originating from the warcaster. The simple game mechanics says that a warcaster should be used in conjunction with warjacks to increase his abilities to inflict damage or cast spells. A good example of a warjack extending the threat range of a caster is an arcnode. Arcnodes illustrate the synergy which exists between a warcaster and his warjacks perfectly.

The Warlock and the Warbeast:

A warlock thrives on the accumulated fury of her warbeasts using them in a lich like fashion. When the warcaster gives the warlock takes. In the same way warjacks should since they are the exact opposites, lich of the warcasters abilities and spells when fighting the enemy. I always consider my warjacks as an extension of my warcaster and the warjacks should aspire to work under the same conditions as the caster and complement not the list as a whole but the caster. When she is dealing damage to a target whatever it is to help her do it or actually engage it, the warjack should be used as a tool for the warcaster to accomplish her goals. They should depend on each other to achieve success. By synchronizing your warlock to the rest of your list you balance your list.

Putting it all into practice and following the method of attack:

The warlock or warcaster dictates the theme of attack and how is your force going to fight the enemy (method of attack) the theme of attack is a way to describe how your warcaster synergizes with the rest of the list. To put it simple: it is how your list is supposed to fight the enemy to augment the abilities of your caster.

The way that your warlock and her battlegroup, units and solos behave during battle is based upon the fighting style of your caster or warlock. A quick way of figuring it out what your casters theme of attack is is to ask: is my caster a frontline warcaster or a rear warcaster? How will it affect my strategy? What do I need to keep him/her safe?

– The warlock always dictates the theme of attack
– What do you do to keep him/her safe? What in yourc asters arsenal makes him/her durable?
– The warbeasts/warjacks/solos/units should add to the strength of caster and therefore adds to the theme
– By warbeast/warjack selection you can add to your strengths reducing weaknesses and add to complement the theme of attack
– The art of Complementing a loss of an element in your list is the theme of attack is factored to the success of your list since it is based upon ability to guard and complement the loss of units/solos/warbeasts etc

Understanding the balance between your warlock and his/her warbeast:

It is as said allot harder for Warmachine players to understand the synergy between a warcaster and a warjack since their rules work the other way around from hordes. And the nature of them working together in the field to achieve a theme of a attack is a hard idea to grasp.

But success comes from the perfect use of Warcaster/Warjack or Warlock/Warbeast synchronization to achieve a balance in your theme of attack, and the realization that a warcaster should aspire to be augment his warjacks and fight through them as a pair so you can play like you got a pair.

/Best Regards Iktah

Understanding The Basics of Yourself

(I did not write this. It was written by what appears to be a new forumite named Iktah on the PP Boards. The Original Post is HERE. I think this is a very interesting post and a very interesting take on how to build you first lists when learning to play)

I am sure that many players find it the most confusing to just pick a force that plays to your strengths as a player (especially if you are new to miniatures gaming as a a whole) To have a list that plays to your strengths is weary rewarding and when building an army list there are a few things to consider: first it is your personal play style.
If you look at me I am ruthless with evasive units and have a real knack for playing with them (been playing Tau in 40k for a while, and in almost every new game I pick up I tend to always lean more towards the evasive game rather than the assault)

I have been playing miniatures games for a while and I know my weaknessess as a player all to well but for a beginner it can be really hard to just sit down and analyse yourself so I thought of something to think about when constructing a list.
I know for a fact I tend to be on the downside when determining when to assassinate so I generally go for the attrition game since it is one of my strongpoint’s and to minimize my weakness for assassination.
This is opposed to one of the best opponents I have ever played. He is more geared towards assassination and he is an absolute genius when it comes to delivering the safest possible way to assassinate the enemy caster or warlock often with his own, and he plays with rear warlock/casters with high mobility and damage potential to suit his “sit back and wait for the killing blow” play style while remaining on the offensive.

What every new player should do is to at first look at what aspects of combat do appeal to you and ask a series question: How will I keep my forces unharmed so it can deal damage to my opponents force? How do I avoid the destruction of my fighting men/jacks/beasts? Head on relying on mass and armor or evasiveness for personal protection? Could it be speed that keeps you safe? If you ask yourself this question you can look at your unit rooster and ask if they fit your description of said attributer which you are looking for and what role they have in your general plan of attack.

One thing I always have in mind is that I don’t plan a list based on defense, I always plan for offensive actions since no force is good sitting there since it will in most cases lose you the initiative. I tend to use units in conjuncture with synergies towards my caster when he/she is on the attack or units that work well under his/her feat attacking or units that go well with my theme of attack so I don’t lose momentum.

Ask yourself this to be sure what your casters theme of attack might be: is my caster/warlock a frontline or rear caster/warlock? And how will it affect my strategy?

It is an important question to ask since the casters and warlocks are for the most part the deciding factor when it comes to how your force plays out on the tabletop, she/he decides what you might excel at and what you might not excel at and a caster that synergize with the rest of the army will be a bit more effective and will be discussed later so for now keep to: how will I attack? With what method will I attack (attrition, assassination, massive damage at one point etc)? And how will I avoid damage?

To sum things up ask yourself:

– How is your force going to fight the enemy? Head on Relying on speed and armor or sheer evasiveness? (method of attack?)
– What units in my faction fits the descriptions of being said attribute? (what units fits into my method of attack?)
– Is my caster a Frontline warcaster/warlock or a rear warcaster/warlock, and how will it affect my strategy? (what do I need to keep him/her safe?)

So let’s start with a 15pts Legion list. I ask myself these questions and I quickly decide that I want to fight mostly with sheer evasiveness and I want to inflict damage in two ways. The first beeing attrition and the final beeing a final deathblow and I want to be able to clear out or heavily damage targets and then engage them at a time of my choosing. After these decisions it is time to choose a warlock and some warbeasts.

What I have learned is that a warbeast or a warjack is not a separate unit, so use them to augment your warlock. It is easy to try to think that a warbeast or warjack is a separate unit or feel like they are since they don’t share the same activation when they are in fact an extension of the caster/warlock itself and should always be picked so that it can aid the warlock to accomplish specific battlefield goals.

If you look at a warlock like eLylyth she is an excellent medium to hit, highly evasive anti-unit/assassination warlock and so her warbeasts should help her to be just that. A Seraph helps her with the evasive part with slipstream, has a good ranged attack with a high rate of fire with equal range and synergies under her feat so they can work well with each other clearing out a unit of infantry or attacking an enemy warlock/caster. Since both the warlock and beast has eyeless sight and a high mobility they can operate in the same type of terrain, Lylyth has pathfinder and the Seraph has flight. So whatever Lylyth undertakes you can be damn sure that the seraph can always follow her lead and will not be hampered by Lylyth’s choice of action.

The same should apply with warjacks and how they should operate with their respective caster. (Lylyth + mvmnt + wpn range + feat range is a long threat range and is hard to really avoid, the seraph sports an almost impressive range with its attacks under her feat)

So choose warbeasts and warjacks that can undertake the same course of action as your caster and which can operate under the same conditions. I am not saying that you should only go for Warjacks and warbeasts that fill the role your caster does since it will hamper your choices of action to just the one/ or two.

Take our eLylyth list as an example. You now have your Warlock eLylyth and a warbeast the seraph but they don’t work well in a melee and you can always almost in every game hope to be beaten in melee with these two if they get caught in it (The Seraph can sometimes shine but it is no melee beast compared to the factions other choices) eLylyth has a good movement, this we know. She is not hindered by woods and has eyeless sight so she likes to keep close to forests and rough terrain for protection. She can easily hide inside of them using the forest as a screen towards the enemy and she should if possible be played to utilize that strength to the limits.
The seraph also benefit greatly from those conditions but when the enemy finally close and melee is inevitable you need a solid multipurpose killing melee machine with a high damage output towards what it attacks.

If you look at the Carnivean both the warlock and beast has eyeless sight and a high mobility they can operate in the same type of terrain, Lylyth has pathfinder and so does the carnivean. So whatever Lylyth undertakes you can be damn sure that the Carnivean can always follow her lead and will not be hampered by Lylyth’s choice of action and he is not left out when she pops her feat.
The carnivean also has a deadly spray and is ferocious in melee and has a long threat range with slipstream so assassination and troop clearing is not unknown to it and its battlefield role is not far from Lylyth but she does it from far far away, so they do the same thing but from completely different angle.

If you consider what I want to be able to do taking into account my theme of attack (This lists theme is: I want to fight with sheer evasiveness and I want to inflict damage in two ways, attrition and one final deathblow and I want to be able to clear out or heavily damage targets and then engage them at a time of my choosing).

If you look at those three models they all work excellent together and all three models benefit greatly from each other via spells, animi and her feat and as a plus they can do exactly what I want them to do. Shadow pack grants stealth to her battlegroup so they don’t really fear enemy firearms, slipstream will help keep all three models out of harms way and to add to charges or to maneuver a model in place to get a better shot, spiny growth adds to the armor of both the carnivean, Lylyth or the seraph, pin cushion synergize with all three models since an extra die discard the lowest will help them up the damage with their sprays and ranged attack against their targets.
What you have with those three models is potent combination well within the specific theme of attack and they play to my strengths as a player, so why should I treat them like they where there different units when they are tailored to suit all my battlefield needs as a whole and not as one? When they have so many battlefield tricks by the three of them listing just them all would be something for another write up. It would be redundant since most players by now get it: They work excellent with each other and fits the theme.

– I have also asked myself a series of sub questions when choosing this force and these should be applied to all factions: The first is how will my force manage to be as fearsome as it possibly can while maintaining the theme of attack without losing focus and how will the units/warjacks/warbeast manage under these conditions?
– By which rate will you attack the enemy, by attrition or a final deathblow dealing massive damage to multiple targets at the right time?

– How will my force manage to be as evasive or fearsome/heavily armored as it possibly can?
– By which rate will you attack the enemy? By attrition or a final devastating strike dealing massive damage to multiple targets at the right time?
– What is your plan of attack? What type of caster are you facing? The Frontline or Rear caster/warlock? How will it affect your game plan?
– How can you draw the enemy caster/warlock to engage your force into striking range of my assassins or warcaster/warlock?
– How will my caster/warlock be free of retaliatory strikes? How will I keep my units safe from retaliation as well?

Know yourself and your guys.. because if you can analyze your own list/tactics/approaches it’s quite easy to se the holes in your opponents plans..

//Best Regards Iktah