WNW: This ones for you Kenny!

Last night was Kenny (our Cygnar Player) last night at the store. He is moving out of state, so last night we had a GRUDGE MATCH! I will get into that in a minute, but first I wanted to welcome 2 new players, with Pictures no less! Yea I finally remembered to take my camera.

Richard vs New Guy!

First up we have a gent who plays Skorne, and I completely blanked out on his name. Sorry dude. When I got to the store he was playing against Richard.  Richard is the older gent.

The other new player I believe is Carson (Could be wrong here) and he was playing against our new Trollblood player Russell. Now I will point out that apparently both these “new” players are new to our store only, they have been playing since Mk1. Russell in the Ginger by the way, just FYI.

Russ vs Carson! The Battle is Met!

Now on to me vs Kenny! It was a 25 point match, and we both tried to mix things up a bit. Kenny ran a pStryker list:

– Ironclad
– Lancer
– Squire
Min Stormlancers
Black 13th

I ran a test of my possible pButcher tourney list, which involves me Jack Marshalling!

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Min Kayazy
– Underboss
Koldun Lord
– Destroyer

Kenny awaits his fate!

There be our deployment. Well his really, you cannot see mine very well. Just keep in mind Butcher is behind the Kayazy.

We roll and I won, making him setup and go first. He deploys as you see, and then I deploy as you can see.

First turn has him running things up, clogging up the openings I have. I move things up, running the Kayazy, casting Iron Flesh on them with pButcher, running the Juggernaut up, and then activating the Widowmakers. I am able to draw a bead, barely, on the B13 member who can negate Stealth, but I cannot kill him (I miss with 3 shots, and only do 3 damage with the 1 shot I connect with at DICE -1!) The Lord and his Jack Buddy just move up and take a pot shot at Laddamore, missing and hitting the Lancer on my deviation. I don’t even scratch the things paint. He also had cast Arcane Shield on the Lancers, Blur on Laddamore, and Snipe on the B13.

End of Turn 1

On turn 2 he upkeeps his spells, and charges his Stormlancers and Laddamore into the Kayazy using Assault. Now I am not sure if the shots during the assault move happen after you move or before (Stealth would be a factor if they happen before!) but we let him shoot. His missed all his shots, and impact hits, but with Laddamore and one of the Lancers he actually HITS with the blasted regular attack! He thus kills 4 total Kayazy thanks to the damn autohitting POW 12s. His Black 13th kill 3 of the Widowmakers with the Mage Storm attack, and everything else just advances. This is where Kenny made a mistake. He forgot to allocate focus! He also feats on this turn, giving most of his army +5 ARM save for the 2 lead Stormlancers.

On my turn I drop Iron Flesh from the Kayazy, and give my Juggernaut 3 Focus, leaving Butcher with 3. I pass all my CMD Checks, have my Widowmaker shoot and miss, my Koldun Lord gives the Destroyer a focus, and it shoots and misses and deviates into nothing. My Kayazy activate, mini feat, and begin the shenanigans. One charges into the back of one of the NON Feat covered Stormlancers, the other stays in B2B with that same Stormlancer for the Gang Bonus, and my Underboss charges into the one that was freed up when the 1st guy left to tie it up. Thanks to the charge and Gang, I am able to one shot the Stormlance even at Dice -8 (I rolled HILARIOUSLY High). Now I have a shot to get Juggernaut into B2B with Laddamore, so I trample over my own Kayazy, missing it and NOT Taking my freeshot, and then trying to murder Laddamore. I miss a few times and do a grand total of….3 damage. Yea, 3 focus Warjack does 3 damage to her thanks to that bloody feat and the fact that I kept MISSING.

Butcher then charges the OTHER standing nonfeat protected Stormlancer and kills it in one blow, and then Iron Fleshes himself for protection.

Turn 3 has Kenny on the Ropes. He kills my last Widowmaker with the Black 13th, tries to kill my Koldun Lord and fails with them, and then forgets to give focus AGAIN. He arcs an Earthquake through a repositioned Lancer and missed Butcher, but deviates and hits the Ironclad. Laddamore then scratches the Ironclad’s paint.

On my turn I give the Juggernaut 3 full focus, and upkeep Ironflesh. I shake him off to stand him. I then have my Underboss charge Laddamore, killin her off her horse. I move my Koldun Lord and spray, missing Laddamore but hitting and killing the Stealth Removing guy of the B13 and the Lancer. I then have my Wardog charge Laddamore and kill her, and have Butcher just walk up and kill the Stormlancer although I have to buy a second hit. My Ironclad tramples and ties up his jacks, and barely hurts the damn Ironclad. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to charge Magestorm lady and ties her up.

End of Turn 3

Turn 4 is where it falls apart for Kenny. He gives the Lancer 3 focus and the Ironclad 3 focus. The Ironclad knocks my Juggernaut down with its tremor attack, and thus frees up the Lancer. The Ironclad then tries its best to crush my Juggernaut but doesnt do enough to take out any systems. The Black13th member who gives Prowl kills my dog (POOCHY NO!!!!) and Ryan tries to hurt my Destroyer and barely does anything. The Lancer then charges Butcher. And does 3 damage to him.

On my turn I give 3 focus to the Juggernaut and upkeep Iron Flesh, and then start having fun. I spray down hitting Stryker but missing with the Lord. My Destroyer uses its free fake focus to get an extra attack, misses on the first swing and hits on the second crushing Ryan. Then Butcher activates, feats, and completely totals the Lancer in 2 hits. Juggernaut activates, stands by dropping its movement, and destroyers the Ironclad. This leaves poor Kenny with Stryker, a spent Squire (he had pulled the focus each turn starting on turn 2) and 1 member of the B13.

The final turn, turn 5. The B13 member left kills my Lord, deactivating my Destroyer. Stryker comes in with full focus and cripples my Axe and Cortex on my Juggernaut, but does not do enough to kill it after burning ALL his focus. My turn, I drop Iron Flesh from Butcher and keep all 6 Focus. My Juggernaut moves out of the way and tries to hit Stryker but fails. I then charge with the Butcher, having JUST enough distance to get Stryker at the edge of my reach due to the wreck. My first swing does 14 damage, leaving Stryker with 2 healther. Second swing I boost the hit and damage, and crush him.

Its the FINAL TURN!!!

This game was an absolute drag out knockdown fight. It was brutal, fun, but very draining. Afterwards, I got into a 15 point game against Richard, and he endep conceeding when he realized he had killed nothing on my side but a Manhunter and I had destroyed 2 of his 3 beasts with little effort. I did get a funny picture though during that match where it appears that my Kovnick (I was testing him as a Jack Marshal in this one) is having a discussion his pet Destroyer.

"I think we should go out for a nice drink after this, what do you think"

Overall it was a great night and I hope to see the two “new” guys in more often. One of them MAY end up working at the store so that would be awesome.

And Kenny?  You will be missed man! 


One thought on “WNW: This ones for you Kenny!

  1. Yup you played the stealth vs assault thing right. Assault ranged attacks are made from the point where movement ends so you can use that get a little extra range on weapons with assault or negate stealth like your friend did.


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