Twitter is my Friend (And Think Tank!)

So today I have been having a discussion of sorts with KhadorRed, KurtJanson, and Mael (of Warpainter) about what to do with my Khador now that I have all these new choices. Thanks to those fine minds, I now have an idea and intend to put the lists into practice tonight when I get to Wednesday Night Warmachine!

First up is a 25/35 point list that was Suggested by KurtJanson which involves pVlad:

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak
Shocktroopers (5)
(add Destroyer and WarDog to make it 35)

I think it looks solid. I get that its basically a brick where Vlad and his Jacks advance behind a wall of Man o War, and then surge foward during the feat turn. At least thats what it looks like to me! Adding in the Destroyer and Wardog to bring it to 35 makes it even worse. I can’t wait to try Signs and Portents!

The other list was created by Alex Smith of Khador Red Fame and is a 35 point list built around pIrusk. I can’t think of a way to bring this down to 25 simply due to pIrusk wanting plenty of troops.

– Kodiak
– Spriggan
– War dog
Min Kayazy
– Underboss
MoW Shocktroopers (5)

Thats about as straightfoward as it gets. Superiority on the Spriggan, Iron Flesh on the Kayazy, Battle Lust as needed and just go to town. Won’t work against things with lots of Pathfinder though as they can ignore his big Difficult Terrain spell (Whose name escapes me at the moment!)

At least one if not BOTH of these lists will be tried out tonight. Lets see if I can keep up my winning streak! :D


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