WNW and “Scourge Bringer”

So last night was another night of Warmachine Wednesday at Phoenix Games. I had some fun, but honestly I didn’t really enjoy myself a whole lot.

The first game I played was using the 35 point pIrusk list that had been suggested to me. I am not going to go into great detail about the match itself, but I did learn a few things.

1. I still cannot beat Legion.
2. Angelius are devils.
3. pIrusk needs alot of Infantry (Better then what I have too)

The big problem with this match was that my opponent was an uber competative guy, and was playing hardcore and rules lawyering. I actually got into a 5 minutes argument with the guy about Flight. You see, he is returning the game after a long hiatus and is not super familiar with Mk2 and the changes. He kept telling me that Flight makes him immune to freestrikes and I kept trying to tell him it no longer does. I had him read the card in fact and pointed out that it does not say that its immune to freestrikes but it CAN Ignore intervening models. He assumed that since it ignored the models they couldn’t hit it.

We got into a few other minor arguments as well but that one really stuck out in my mind. After the game was over he again went to the other legion player and tried to argue with HIM about the Flying thing. That legion player pointed out that it doesnt say it on the card and that Legion lost that in Mk2. He did not seemed thrilled about that change.

The second game was better, and I tried out the pVlad list at 35 that was in my last post. This one took forever and we had to call it at Midnight as I had to leave to get up for work in the morning. We called it a draw as we both had lost a total of 6 points. That game just went CRAZY Slow. I should have been running, and we played one of Baulders spells wrong (I didn’t realize that his forest spell was an upkeep and thus could only create 1 forest at any given time, so he ended up creating a constant wall to block my LOS to his stuff)

The pVlad list did MUCH better. S&P is a crazy awesome spell. I also <3 the Kodiak. I am wondering though if taking out the Destroyer and Wardog and putting in the Spriggan would have been better. I kinda liked being able to shoot with the Destroyer and not HAVe to feed it focus. But I digress

Now what I am really excited about is this coming November 13th we have…SCOURGE BRINGER! A 3 part 3 person campaign developed by Owen of Far Far Away involving Me (pButcher), Dan (Kromac), and Owen (pThagrosh). We are going to playing 3 15 point games, each at a different store in my area. Hopefully we get lots of pictures and things and everything goes well.

I am going to be running the following “themey” pButcher List

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak
– War Dog
Man-o-War Kovnick

Not the best no, but I got 3 Weapon Masters, access to pButchers silly feat, and Fury. I will WRECK things if I get in range. And with all the high ARM it should be hard to take me out (maybe).

Thankfully Owen is not bringing the stupid flying snake that is the Angelius :P


One thought on “WNW and “Scourge Bringer”

  1. Scourge Bringer is now in FL. My army also arrived intact as did your awesome surprise gift! That reminds me. I must write a blog post about it and schedule it to drop on the 14th!



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