Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody!

In a few weeks I am going to be getting some cash that I pulled from my 401k, and part of it is going towards getting myself and my wife each an XMas Gift. I know what I want to get her, which is an HTC Evo Phone from Sprint (she wants that phone so bad) but for myself, I want to expand some Warmachine goodness.

Interestingly enough, this is the perfect time to start a new faction thanks in part to the Privateer Press Holiday Wishlist!

On said wishlist, there are bundles, which apparently gives you a full 35 point army along with a template set, faction token set, Privateer Press dice set, and Privateer Press tape measure. Thats alot of stuff! I got foam and a bag now so I have transport down.

The question becomes this however. Do I expand my existing Khador forces more, or do I dive into one of these bundles?!

If I was going to expand my Khador I would be wanting to get the following:

Full Winterguard (box + 2 blisters)
Winterguard UA
3x Winterguard WA (Rocketeers)
Kovnick Joe

Which runs a total of $147.91 at MSRP. Its cheaper then buying one of the bundles, but at the same time it only expands my current faction.

Conversly, I can get one of the bundle armies, and end up with a 35 point army to start with.

The ones I was looking at are the following:

Bundle Includes:

• Battle Box
• Banethralls (Full)
• Mechnithralls (Full)
• Skarlock
• Pistol Wraith (x2)
MSRP: $206.00

Bundle Includes:

• Battle Box
• Cyclopes Brute
• Paingivers (full)
• Nihilators
• Ceterati (Min)
MSRP: $207.00

I could also just get a startup of Crocs and the Minions Book. (The pigs are cool but I dont want to dive into em JUST yet)

Also, instead of getting ANY of these I could get a brick of Heroclix (generally about $100) or I could do the Khador + a Brick of Clix. Or I could just get a few things (like skip beast) or just get a new Battlebox and the WG Stuff.

Or…I may get a Brick of DC75 (the new Heroclix Set coming out) along with a battlebox. That might work best!

I have alot of options, but the question is this…which one do you guys think I should snatch up? Here is a poll so you guys can help me figure it out.


5 thoughts on “Help, I need somebody! Help, not just anybody!

  1. Marz

    Exanding the Motherland should always be your first choice, komrad. Beast 09 is just too sweet to pass up. But if you are REALLY hankering for a new faction, I like Cryx myself. It’s what I bought for my wife =)


  2. Despite my usual ‘stay focussed’ message I voted for Cryx. Expanding Khador is a good plan too and will change your play experience and make each caster you own viable.

    The reason I voted Cryx is that they were my second faction (after Khador). They offer a dramatically different experience. They are typically fast and tricksie. Everything Khador isn’t (at least not normally).

    They can also be very easy to paint!



  3. I agree with everything people have said so far. I still get more enjoyment out of expanding my Protectorate than filling in my smaller armies. Beast 09 will totally rock your Khadoran world and Strakhov would be a very refreshing change from Butcher. Each army has so many subsets and themes that you can stick to one faction and still get a wild amount of variety.


  4. I think Protagonist is right; expanding an existing faction can do wonders for your play experience without having to go out and take on a new Project. The lack of breadth in the bundles could be an issue (although the Trollblood one does have almost everything I’d personally want in a Trollblood army, and could be open to some fun alterations with an extra four blisters), and to be honest I’m not impressed with what the Skorne one has to offer (I think you really need a change of warlock for Skorne once you’re outside beasts-only duels and similar games).


  5. While the holiday bundles are good, they aren’t ideal, and present a very narrow view of a faction. I find that I enjoy my deeper factions more (Trolls, Menoth, Ret, Skorne) and my shallower factions less (Searforge, Pigs, Gators) based on how much I have. I can slightly vary just a few forces in almost any of my main lists and get a huge amount of variation. Either buying into a new faction or getting one of these holiday bundles I don’t think will be as much of a change of pace as will buying some stuff for you Khador. I’d also looking at perhaps a different caster (I’d recommend pVlad, Kharchev or Strahkov) as a big change of pace for your Khador collection. In particular, Beast-09 and Strahkov puts Khador in a whole new dynamic and light, and can vary your playstyle quite significantly.


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