Scourge Bringer – The Results

So last Saturday was the Scourge Bringer event. Owen from Far Far Away had come down to Florida with his family for a week of fun and frivolity! His wife had also graciously allowed him to hang out with Me and Dan on the 13th (last Saturday) so Owen had planned out a whole campaign for the three of us. Basically we would play 3 games (and ended up only going to 2 stores) that were connected by a story. First let me throw some links up to the various Fiction bits that Owen wrote:

The Scourge Bringer “Coming Soon” Video
Scourge Bringer Rules (These are being updated)
Blood Frenzy – pButcher Fiction
Dominance – Kromac Fiction
Dark Revival – pThagrosh Fiction

All created by Owen. The man did a hell of a job to set this up as a fun event. He also built us 3 tokens for the Scourge Bringer itself (which I have now)

Furthermore, Owen had made me a gift. Now he had not told me what it was at all, only that it was handmade. Well it turns out he built me a set of Terrain for my home. A few hills, forest templates (with moveable trees) and a few rocks that can double as props for holding minis on the hills! All very nice stuff, and we used it in the first match of our event. I also got a couple of walls as well. He also bought my wife a pure silver ornament for a christmas tree. Comically we dont have a tree as our apartment is a bit too small for one :P Well at least we have our first family ornament (and its really intricate too!)

Now that we got the background out of the way, lets do my patented Clayton FailBattleReport! :P I call it that cause I never get too indepth just kinda a broad overview hehe

Armies Played:

Clay: pButcher
– Kodiak
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
MoW Kovnick

Dan: Kromac
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Feral Warpwolf

Owen: pThagrosh
– Carniveran
– Shredder
– Teraph

Game 1: Smash and Grab (played at Phoenix Games in West Orlando)

This game had 2 primary victory conditions. Get the token and haul it to the “South” table edge, or kill all opposing Warlocks/Warcasters. Dan’s speed proved to be the deciding factor in this match, as he was the first to the marker on turn 1 thanks to a push power attack on his Feral, followed by having it Warp speed and running. I didn’t do a whole lot here honestly, as my low speed and cautiousness caused me to fall WAY behind. I also got the table edge farthest from the south edge, so while Dan and Owen fought their way to the edge, I got mired away from them. DAMN MY KHADOR SPEED! Dan ended up winning, after Kromac survived a charge from the Carnie (and being unable to transfer due to his Beasts being outside his CTRL Range, thats something) and then leaping to the Table Edge. Leap is OP in this kinda match as it avoids Freestrikes :P

Game 2: King of the Hill (played at The Amorous Armadillo Game Shoppe in East Orlando)

This game had 3 victory conditions, and honestly I think one of them was a bit unbalanced, but oh well! Starting on the 3rd turn, you got a point if your Warlock/Warcaster was on the Hill in the center of the board. If you got the 3 points by the end of your turn you won. You could also win by taking the marker to the South edge of the board, or killing all opposing Warcasters/Warlocks.

Owen won this by scenario. The problem here that I saw is that you always got the point, regardless of anything. Meaning the first person to go on Turn 3 who had a warlock/warcaster on the hill would win if you didn’t get them off the hill. In this case, Dan and Owen both got on the hill at the same time, and my slowness and cautiousness again was my undoing. Owen ended up winning by putting his Carniveran that he ressurected with his Feat right in front of Butcher, which stopped me from getting up on the hill to prevent his 3rd point.

Game 3: Earthquake (Mosh Pit) (played at Phoenix Games in West Orlando)

We went back to Phoenix Games for this final match, as Sci Fi was crowded due to a tournament. The final match was basically a Mosh Pit. And in this one, the only real ways to win were to kill everyone else, or to get them out the mosh pit and be the only guy to have a model in there after the end of Turn 3. I actually was much more aggressive in this one, and was doing quite well. Towards the end Dan had the marker but was left with Kromac only. I ended up crushing most of Owen’s beasts and left him with Thagrosh and the Feralgiest…

In fact, the turn right before the end had the following on the board:

Dan – Kromac
Owen – pThagrosh, Feralgiest
Clay – pButcher, Wardog, Juggernaut (unharmed), Kodiak (unharmed)

Yes thats right, I had almost my WHOLE ARMY untouched and ready to go.

And then Owen’s dice caught fire. He charged me with pThag’s and needing 12’s to hit (def 19 on pButch thanks to Iron Flesh and the Dog) he proceeded to WRECK me. He missed 1 attack, and was able on his next turn to cut himself for Fury to wreck Kromac (who had only 1 HP left)

So in the end, Owen won the event by having all 3 bits of the Scourge Bringer AND was the last man standing. The entire day though was an absolute blast and to be honest I thought Owen might have been a bit formal, but instead he fit RIGHT in with me and Dan and our strange sense of humor.

I will however have my Vengence. If me, Dan, and Owen have to set up some sort of Vassal Campaign or something I will!

The Scourge Bringer WILL BE MINE.


2 thoughts on “Scourge Bringer – The Results

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  2. Nice report Clay. A bit formal eh?! I’m Irish, we’re rarely formal.

    I agree with the winning condition on that scenario regarding the points. It rewards fast ‘casters. That said, using Thagrosh’s feat defensively is amazingly powerful.

    Thanks for being such gracious hosts. My dice were amazing in that penultimate turn. You were unlucky to be at the receiving end of them!



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