Building a Gaming Table? I must be nuts…

Or AM I?! In reality, I am not nuts. In fact, here is a video PROVING my sanity!

So the game went pretty well, my forces were doing decently till Dan used Rock Hammer and Rift, targetting his Low DEF Stones, to blast my Winterguard apart. It was pretty smart as the Blast Damage could STILL kill them at ARM 13.

Then I made a mistake, and tried to kill Kromac and FAILED, leaving a hole for his Stalker to charge in to Irusk. Being that Dan has not played many 25 point games I was doing my best to help the man, and he even thought ahead after I pointed out the possible charge, thinking to use his Druids to drag Irusk from the Dog to negate the DEF bonus, and then walking Kromac around my front arc of my Spriggan so he could cast Wild Aggression on his Stalker. One charge, and his 2 base attacks killed Irusk. Hell his first attack did 14 of my 17 boxes 0_o

The table worked great, and me and Dan are thinking about doing custom made to order hand built tables in the future. If the prototype works out of course.

Can’t wait to play more on my table :D


3 thoughts on “Building a Gaming Table? I must be nuts…

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