Wargaming Resolutions 2011: My Intentions are Clear

Beyond my normal resolutions for the year (Lose weight, do better with my diet) I have some specific ones for Wargaming.


Yea I went there.

I know I have not been blogging much this past month, but in truth that is due to the holidays, as well as a few things I had to do that made me…unhappy. Most notably of which was surrending my 2 Guinea Pigs to an animal shelter as I no longer had the time to really take care of them the way I needed to (if they got sick, I could not spend the time needed to get them better for example).

Regardless, I took a dive back in December, and ordered from Wayland Games a Chaos Space Marines Battleforce, a Chaos Lord in Terminator, and the Codex. But wait! I can hear you say. YOU DONT WANT TO PLAY 40K you want to play Warmachine!

This is true. But I have alot of Khador right now, and not really any of it painted (unless you count the already painted Kodiak). Furthermore, I want to really give 40k a shot now that I have proven to myself that I CAN do these sort of games.

I am starting small, a 750 point force (the battleforce and HQ is that) and my FLGS is running an Escalation League starting around the 21st. They are doing it a bit weird though (250, 400, 600) point levels or something like that, but I intend to participate.

So for 40k my resolutions are as follows:
1. Create my OWN Chapter. I am working on this. So far I have dubbed them “The Night Terrors” and the idea behind them is that they are led by Lord Erebos, The Boogeyman. They work similar to the Night Lords, but without the natural benefits of being able to see in the dark.

2. Paint them. Yes thats right, I am going to paint them.


As far as Warmachine stuff goes I wanted to comment on the Khador Battle Wagon.

Seriously PP? I get a primitive tank? Drawn by HORSES?! In all honestly I am not a fan of it, in look or in theory. Its a tank. Yay tank? I dont play Warmachine for Tanks or Vehicles. I play it for Jacks, and damnit I wanted a big ass super jack.

Instead I get a horse drawn tank.

I do not intend to buy it, even if its the best thing ever and the only way to deal with other War Engines. In fact, if it becomes such that I must have one JUST to deal with other War Engines then I wont bother with the game until something changes.

However, I do have some Warmachine Resolutions:

1. Paint them.

2. Play more

Nothing much with them, other then painting them and playing. However, with the Khador, I am trying to figure out if I should strip them and start over, or if I should just deal with them as I have them and get them done. I am not sure honestly.

In EITHER Case (40k, or Warmachine) I am not going to expand my forces UNTIL the current stuff is painted. Period, plain and simple. This will help me save money for one, and two, force me to paint them.

Wish me luck folks. I am going to need it.


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