Selling my HeroClix

I have decided to go ahead and sell off my HeroClix as I am not using them. Its going to be a LOT sale, meaning you pay for everything or nothing (no buying just 1 thing or something). I will ship anywhere, or if you are in Orlando I can bring em to ya. You pay shipping.

You get ALL the following Clix, plus a few maps (roughly 4), dice, markers, cases, and a PAC Card for Marvel Stuff. I have put the standard price for the SRs and Rares based on, just so you can see the value you are getting.

My Price for the ENTIRE BUNDLE (all figs listed, plus cases, dice, markers, pac card, and maps) is $60. Thats basically 40% off the cost of JUST the Rares and Super Rares.

Super Rares:

	Secret Invasion:
		Nick Fury - $12.99

		Cap and Bucky - $12.99
		Hulk - $17.99
		The Colonel - $1.49
		Quicksilver - $5.49
		Winter Soldier - $13.99

	Justice League:
		Shining Knight - $1.99
		Time Trapper - $6.49

		Nick Fury - $2.99


		Wiccan - $1.99
		Namor - $0.99
		Thin Man $0.47
		Namorita - $0.59
		Giant-Man - $1.99
		Grim Reaper X2 - $0.99 each
		Falcon - $0.59
		Starfox x2 - $0.59 each
		Yondu - $0.99
		Abomination - $1.99
		Union Jack - $0.99
		Bucky - $1.49

	Secret Invasion:
		Captain Marvel (Human, NOT Skrull) - $2.49
		Namor - $4.99
		Malice - $0.99

	Justice League:
		Hourman - $0.59
		Wonder Woman - $1.69
		Mr. Mxyzptlk - $0.84
		Batzarro - $0.99

	Arkham Asylum:
		Ventriloquist - $0.99

	Web of Spiderman:
		Cardiac - $0.59


		Red Skull x2
		Blazing Skull
		Ronin X2
		Quicksilver x2
		Vision x3
		Dragon Man
		Iron Widow x2
		Iron Lad
		Black Panther
		Living Laser

	Web of Spiderman:
		Warpath x2
		HAMMER Elite Operative
		Lt Marcus Stone
		Norman Osborn
		Ben Reilly
		Black Cat
		Mary Jane Watson

	Secret Invasion:
		Captain America
		Iron Man

	Justice League:
		Captain Boomerang x2
		King Shark

	Arkham Asylum:

		Iron Man
		Black Widow


		Moon Knight x3
		Luke Cage x2
		Wonder Man x2
		Gargoyle x3
		Shang-Chi x2
		US Agent x3
		Patriot x4
		Captain Britain x2
		Iron Man x2
		Sting Ray x2
		Captain America

	Secret Invasion:
		Mr Fantasic
		Human Torch
		Ms Marvel (Skrull Version)
		Invisible Woman
		Moloid x2
		Doombot 3095
		Doombot 5953
		Dr Doom
		Mass Master

	Web of Spiderman:
		Eddie Brock
		HAMMER Agent
		Molten Man
		Nurse x2
		Mugger x2
		Prowler x2
		Iron Man
		CODE: Blue Officer
		Peter Parker

	Justice League:
		Heat Wave
		Black Canary
		The Joker
		Dr Light
		Lex Luthor
	Arkham Asylum:
		Amanda Waller
		White Martian

	Brave and the Bold:
		The Atom and Hawkman

	Infinite Crisis:
		Liberty Belle

		Iron Man

	Warmachine (Comic Book Day Version)
	Gennady Gavrilov (Classics)

Just comment here or email me directly at bluedragonlord (AT) gmail (DOT) com.


News, Madness, and Wanting a DCUO Buddy Key

Hey guys, its me again (no, really? I have a blog and I am posting?!). Just figured I would give you all an update on how things are going, whats been going on, and all that sort of thing. Firstly, I have not been wargaming much. I know, MADNESS. Well in truth I just have not had the gumption to go do it. Everyone up at Phoenix has been playing HeroClix and 40k/Fantasy, and while I was originally interested in 40k, I got the shipment of stuff literally 8 weeks after I ordered it. I ended up selling the stuff because I needed the cash for a ever so fun $4000 total car repair. I have even considered selling off the Khador to help pay for this mess (but I am seriously hesitant to do so).

So yea, over the last couple of weeks I have had to deal with the massive costs of a car repair, work stress as usual, getting super sick (right before the car issues actually HAHA Universe hates me), and the lack of people to play against.

My friend Dan also lost his job recently, and so he doesn’t have the time to Wargame either (nor is he really interested). I just…cant bring myself to drive a half hour to a game store to play when there is really no one to play against. I dont want to keep spending money on HeroClix either as its much like Magic the Gathering or other CCGs. Its a fine game honestly, and I enjoy it, but its a money sink. I might try to ebay the stuff I have actually (the Hulk I have alone is about $30, so I can make a decent amount possibly off my Clix).

In other news: I posted some more of my Legend of Mana playthrough (4 whole episodes now whoo hoo) and I found and am reposting my original Companions of Xanth playthrough. I am also playing ALOT more video games, mostly single player. I guess you can say I have retreated from the world as I just have no interest in dealing with most people. My work is starting to make my anti social I fear…

The RIFT Headstart begins this Thursday, and while I spent $50 to preorder the game and I enjoy it I really don’t want to play it. I want to play a Superhero MMO. I have access to Champions Online (which is now Free to Play) but my issue there stems both from the visuals (way to freakin bright!) and the Gameplay which gets very repeatative very fast. I started to watch a few videos of DC Universe Online, which originally did not interest me (I have always been more of a Marvel guy) but after getting a few more looks at it I would at least like to try it. Anyone out there playing who has a Buddy Key they could give me? Just email be at bluedragonlord23 AT gmail DOT com if you do.

I realize that this is possibly a depressing post. But thats life. We have our ups and our downs if you think about it. The fact that my year began with all these issues makes me hope that the rest of the year is pretty chill, but I doubt it.

Oh, and I started messing around on a site called “Listal”. Its pretty cool!

You can find me there at this address:

Here is hoping I can give out some good news in the coming weeks, but I doubt any of it will be wargame related :P

New Reviews in the Works

I have a quaint obsession as it were: I love JRPGs. I grew up on them and I love playing them. However, at lot of the newer ones (FF13 for example) are losing their touch. I yearn for the days of things like FF6, Chrono Cross, Legend of Dragoon, Wild Arms and the like.

Recently I started playing Person 4 for the first time in a while. I had played it when I first picked it up about 6 months ago, but never finished it (I got caught up in WoW) but recently I have restarted my game and I am loving it. While playing it, I had the grand idea to start writing up reviews of these various games that I am playing so that other RPG players may find them and find the “good” games out of the bunch!

It will also help me practice writing and hopefully get some content up here.

So the first review will be of Persona 4 (once I am done, I am only at the halfway point, and I am 30 hours in) and after that it will be Tales of Legendia (I <3 the Tales series). From there I hope to bring other JRPG reviews to you all as I rekindle my love of the genre!

Oh and as far as wargaming goes: I haven't been playing because, well, I really have no one to play with. It also doesn't help that the order for my Chaos Space Marines from Wayland games has STILL not arrived, and all they keep doing is telling me to wait 2-3 more weeks because of the US is doing a bunch of customs stuff. I ordered in fucking December, and its been nearly 8 weeks since the ship date!

Oh, if you have any JRPGS you would like to suggest for me to pick up and review please let me know. I got a bit of a list at the moment:

Persona 4
Tales of Legendia
Persona 3 FES
Tales of Symphonia Dawn of a New World
Magna Carta Tears of Blood
Wild Arms 5
Final Fantasy 9
Radiata Stories
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Rogue Galaxy
Dark Cloud 2 – Dark Chronicle

I know ALOT of PS2 games, but the PS2 has a crapton of JRPGS on it.

Writing Exercise 1: Conflict, Action, Resolution

Prompt: Trapped in a taxi with someone who starts acting strange. The WANT is to be left alone, to be at peace, to be safe. The OBSTACLE is this weird person who is acting strange and maybe is dangerous

30 minute time limit, starting 8:40pm

Staring at his BlackBerry, Jason grumbled. The clock was ticking on being to work on time, and here he was in the back of a taxi trapped in traffic. He had tried to make the driver hurry, but that got him nowhere. In fact, 5 minutes ago the driver had picked up a second person, who was shabbily dressed and, as far as Jason was concerned, looked rather grimy.
“Excuse me driver? Can we take a different route?” Jason asked, slightly exasperated.
The shabbily dressed man, who had been silent after voicing his request to be taken to the airport, suddenly spoke. “Route? Route? Roto Router?!”
Jason stared at the man. The man stared directly at Jason, his expression blank. Jason simply raised an eyebrow and muttered “Okaayyyyy” and went back to his Blackberry.

Blast! thought Jason. I need to be at work in 10 minutes! The traffic was barely moving, horns blaring as people tried to ineffectually make others move. A noise from his BlackBerry caused Jason to glance down, where he saw an email detailing an emergency meeting to happen only 5 minutes after he was to be at work!
“Damnit!” he exclaimed.
“Damn? Damnation to the hellish disciples! The airport is where I will evade the hell-spawn and the terrorists! Oh yes!” The other man said. The driver turned in his seat and stared. The man was not done yet however. “Oh woe! Let the light of the Lagamorphi show us the way! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA”
Jason shied away from the man, moving as best as he could to the other side of the back seat. He looked around, and started to wonder just what was wrong with this man. The driver began to mutter about “Crazy americans” which caused another round of insane babbling.
“Lo and behold that the crazy american scum of this earth who are not part of the great plan!” The man began to drool at this point, and Jason began to wonder if he should just get out of the cab and walk. It would be quicker and probably safer. As he reached for the door handle however the other mans hand shot out and grabbed him.
“Just where are you going, o unbeliever?! YOU WHO HAS BEEN GRACED WITH THE GREAT PROPHETS PRESENCE?!” Jason smacked the hand away, his anger building.
“Look you psychopath! I need to get to work, the traffic is killing my chances of being on time, and your insane nonsense is not helping!”

The man cocked his head to the side, his expression now one of manic delight. “Work? Work? Why work my dear fool? The world will end soon! Perhaps…” the man said as he reached into his coat. “Perhaps your end is soon….”
Jason watched the man reach into his coat, and quickly brought his briefcase up in front of him with a yelp. After a few seconds he began to smell something instead of hearing something, and he lowered his briefcase to find that the man had simply taken out a pack of cigarettes and had lit one up. Jason eyed the man, who was looking out the window now, blowing smoke out into the gridlocked traffic.

After a few more tense minutes, with the man staring out the window and the driver ignoring the “crazy americans” in the back of his cab, Jason finally arrived at his destination. He quickly threw a $50 into the front for the driver and dashed out of the cab. As he left however, he heard some final words from the crazy man. “Jason my boy! Run all you want you shall never escape us!”

Finished 9:00pm

Well that was an interesting exercise…